Monday, December 13, 2010

Call 86 : SKY SHOW

Hello Son,                                    (Sunday, December 12)

Today is a lazy Sunday. 

It was about 10:30am when we went down to the pool. Dad wanted to take a swim before going out for his lunch appointment. 

Normally, when we go down for our swim, it would be early in the morning, at 7:30am. Dad and Mom have never gone down to the pool as late as 10:30 before.

For some reason, today would be the exception.

You'll see why later ... :D

Dad made a cuppa coffee, brought it along with some nuts to munch. The pool side was quiet. There was nobody there. We had the whole place to ourselves. Now nice.

We were browsing through the Sunday Times and enjoying a relaxing moment on our deck chairs by the pool. 

After he was done with the papers, Dad went to do his laps. 

This morning, Mom didn't feel like swimming. It was late already and she didn't want to swim when the sun was out. She decided to chill out on the deck chair.

She reclined it down to almost a horizontal position. Lying on the deck chair, almost on a flat angle, made her think of You on your stretcher-bed in Lourdes. As Mom lay down, she stared into the open space before her. 

It was a beautiful day. 

The contrasting white clouds were just so startling against the oh-so-blue sky. She watched silently as the clouds seem to drift by lazily ... 

Hmmm, the clouds were probably as lazy as her ...

There was a large, thick cotton cloud that got her attention. 

As she observed the cloud drifting slowly by, she found herself wondering if You were on it, with Sebastian the cat, and lazying up there as well. Were You watching us? What were You doing right this moment? 

Before long, your mother found herself whispering softly, 

"Daniel, are You up there? Are You on that big cloud? Can You see us? Are You watching us? Hi Son? How are You, Son? We miss You so much, Son ..." etc.

If only she could see some kind of sign. She stared hard at the cloud and wondered if it would change its shape.

It didn't.

Could You turn the cloud into a D, maybe?

No, guess not. 

It didn't look like it was going to change into anything.

Hmmm ... nothing was happening. 

Not one darn thing. No Zzz-aPPP. 

No Sign. No Connection. 

The cloud refused to turn into a D. 


The sky was just very peaceful and blue.  Mom looked at the other clouds to see if she could find a D cloud.

Nope, there wasn't even one that was close to a D.

At one point, she turned to glance at Dad. 

Dad looked like he was doing a marathon, swimming back and forth. He would take a while. Mom raised her arm to her eyes, to shield them from the brightness of the day. Raising her knees up as well, she made herself comfortable, as she closed her eyes and tried to take a nap. Memories of your pool days with your sister slowly began to fill her mind.

It was barely 5 minutes, or 10 at the most, when she began to hear voices approaching the poolside. 

Oh darn ... She shouldn't be lying down like that when people were approaching. It wasn't very nice. Reluctantly, she pushed herself up, annoyed that her rest and personal haven had been interrupted.

As she sat up, she couldn't help but blinked hard as her eyes instantly caught sight of the l o n g trail of white that flashed right across the sky.  

Her first thought ... 

O - M - G!

She tried to snap a photo with her mobile but couldn't. Quickly she called Justine. As she was on the phone with your sister, a 2nd trail was seen gushing across the sky. It really was "gushing" at a fast speed too.

Two trails! 

Oh Wow!!!

Look at that plane go. Dad got out from the pool at that moment, and pointed to the sky, thinking Mom didn't see the trails.

Of course, she saw them. Are You kidding? You couldn't miss them!

As we were gazing at the trails with our mouths opened, a 3rd one appeared!

Oh boy - it was incredible. :D

There were white lines all over the sky. All these happened within a few minutes. Two to three minutes perhaps. 
As we were admiring the trails in the sky, Aunty Carol happened to pass by the pool area. She was at the gym earlier and had finished her one round of yoga stretches. Kish was bouncing beside her. If You picture Kish running in slow motion, it would be like watching Baywatch. :D

Aunty Carol came to sit with us. Mom was rubbing Kish's belly. Kish had turned over, inviting your mother to play with her. :D


Just then, a helicopter flew noisily nearby. 

So near that Aunty Carol commented, whether helicopters are allowed to fly that close to buildings (the condo)?

Yup, the chopper was rather close ...

Like we had to pay attention to it.

Mom only realised why later ... at the point of writing this entry. She didn't see the connection at first.

This Sunday morning, just before we went down to the pool, Dad was flying your helicopter. :D

Yes, seriously. Your helicopter. 

Grandma had bought You a remote control chopper for Christmas last year. It can ascend, descend, go forward, backward, turn left and right, but You never had the chance to fly it. It was difficult to try to fly it in the room so You were not keen to even open the box to check the model chopper out. You wanted to wait till You were well enough to go down to the pool side and open space to fly it.

That box, with the gift ribbon and teddy tied to it, has been sitting on top of your green chest of drawers since last Christmas, almost a year, and today ... TODAY, for some reason, Dad brought it out. Opening the box, he removed the chopper and attempted to fly it in the house. 

Isn't it strange that Dad opened your Christmas present this morning, tested your chopper for a bit before going to the pool? Did You whisper to him to do so? :D

In fact, when Dad first tried to fly it, it had flown to your portrait, believe it or not! 

Dad said he only knew how to control it to go up and down. He couldn't control the direction. Justine explained to Mom later that the propeller is spoiled. Aunty Carol had tried to fly it at one time and it crashed apparently. So, the chopper can only go up and down, but cannot be directed to fly frontwards or backwards.

As Dad was testing the model helicopter, he found that it could only go up and down, but could not move forward. So it's true what Justine said, the propeller is spoiled. 

At one point, Mom saw the model helicopter ascending and hovering in the air at one spot, and then suddenly it just took off and flew to the direction of your portrait! It could have taken any direction, but it chose to fly to You. 

The funny thing is, it flew to your portrait, but it didn't crash against your portrait. It somehow knew how to stop and hover NEAR your portrait, just inches away, until Dad quickly went to get it. 

OMG ...

That was some kind of show. :D

Dad was so surprised. He insisted he was not controlling the direction. He was like totally exclaiming excitedly, 

"Hey, the helicopter is flying to Dans!"

Dad said later on Monday night via text message (he's in Penang), about the chopper inciDAN:

"Dans must have said, It's mine Dad..."

Dad says he thinks You want to show off a bigger model at the pool this morning.:D 

Hehe. Were You? 

His text message read : "Dans says, You guys should see the helicopters in Heaven." :D

Aww Son, that was some kind of sky show this morning. 

What with the 3 white trails in the sky before the helicopter? They appeared only a few moments after Mom spoke to You. That was so incredible. One trail after another.

Isn't it strange that we had decided to go down to the pool at that time this Sunday morning? 

Had we stuck to the usual time of 7:30 - 8am, we would have missed all the sky entertainment. Also, had we gone to the pool later, and saw all the trails before Mom communicated with You, there would have been no Zzzz-aPPP Connection.

It was amazing.

Another thing about the helicopter ...

The last time a chopper flew by at close range to your family was when we visited your Flower Garden. This was on your 9th month (October 21, 2010). 

If You remember, we were singing the song THERE YOU'LL BE when a noisy chopper flew over us, causing us to look up into the sky.

Everywhere I am, There You'll be.

Then, when we left your garden that morning, Mom had turned on the radio and the first line that came on, were the words :

I be-lieeeeeeve in Angels ...
(I Have A Dream by ABBA)


Seeing the helicopter this morning, the message that fills your mother's heart, mind and soul are :

Everywhere we are, there you'll be ... <3

And the 3 trails? 

Hmmm, possibly one trail's for Dad, one's for Mom and one's for Justine. <3

By Faith Hill

Here are some photos that Justine took from our condo.

This is the first trail to appear across the sky.

The second trail appears moments later.

Such a perfect straight line.

The straight line is the 3rd trail.

Look at the V sign across the sky. V for ... VICTORY?
Hmm, You must be telling Dad, "My helicopter is bigger, Dad. 
My model planes are more awesome ..." :D

The chopper was leaving when this photo was taken.

If Mom didn't know any better, she would have thought You were playing with your model planes from that fat, puffy cloud with your angel-friends, when the 3 trails of white appeared in the sky. :D

It was a heart-warming moment for us, Son, when we witnessed the sky entertainment. It was as though You had called us to go down to the pool for a sky show. :D We stayed about 2 hours at the pool, and left about 12:30pm. We would have stayed longer but Dad had to meet a friend for lunch.

You know, even though we are not together, our souls are very much connected. Stay in connection, Son. :D Thank You Jesus for the connection. God has certainly made a way for us, didn't He? Please tell God Mom says Thank You for making this stay-in-connection-with-my-son possible. Don't forget! :D

The Bond Between A Mother And Son Lasts Forever.


Dad bought a book with that exact title for your mother a few months after You followed Jesus home.

How true. Every word. <3

We miss You very, very much. <3