Monday, December 20, 2010


Hello Son,                                                (Monday, December 20)

Dad and Mom went to the Viva Center on Monday morning. Your mother had to finalize her draft newsletter for January 2011. 

Hmmm ...

This time last year, newsletters were the last thing on her mind. 

Yes, this time last year, we were enjoying precious moments with You ...

Mom remembers with a dull ache in her heart, the nights when we would lay on your bed, all four of us, with the ceiling lights off, just watching the twinkling coloured lights on the Christmas tree. 

Dad had transferred the Christmas tree from the living room to your room then since we were hardly in the living room area. The lights were so magical, remember? 

Anyway ...

We had lunch at a cafe in SS2. 

It was lunch hour, and the congestion at that area was just crazy. Yet, amazingly, as Dad was driving into the lane of the cafe, a van that was parked right in front of the shop beside the cafe, drove off.

Just as we were approaching ...

Oh Wow ...

Had we been ten seconds earlier, we would have passed it, and the car behind us would have drove in. There was a trail of vehicles behind our car. Ten seconds later and the car in front of us would have taken that space. 

It was just perfect timing.

As always. 

Dad said, Daniel asked the man to leave.

Did You, Son? Did You ask the man to drive out just as we were approaching? How You always manage to get the timing so immaculately perfect, amazes Mom. 

Thanks for that, Son. :D

We went home after lunch.

At about 3pm, we left the house to buy your flowers. 

We were going to your Garden on Tuesday tomorrow. 

Your 11th month with Jesus. 

Eleven months ...

That's like the longest time you've been away from us. Mom couldn't help but wonder what sort of message You'd be giving us tomorrow?  

Every month when we visit your Garden, sometimes a day or two before your 21st, we would experience unexplained, but wonderfully awesome, events, that can only be classified as inciDANS. 

Or coinciDANSes.

Anyway, we were driving out of the condo area, 

when Mom turned on the radio.

The DJ was on ...
Talk talk talk ...
Right after that, the song FROM A DISTANCE came on. 
Woah, talk about perfect timing. 

That song at that moment, really made us think of You watching us from up there with God. :D Especially when we were on our way to get your flowers, our thoughts were so centered on You. The song was perfect for that moment.

The view must be awesome from up there, huh.

From a distance, the world looks blue and green

And the snow-capped mountains white

From a distance, the ocean meets the stream

And the eagle takes to flight

by Bette Midler

The time was 3:18 pm.

It started to rain. 


Mom said to Dad, 

Daniel must be playing with water up there. 

Dad laughed. 

Or maybe he's watering the earth. 

Dad grinned.

Or perhaps You were having a water-play activity with the other child-angels ... :D

Hmmm, who's to know for sure ...

Should Mom be surprised that the rain ceased just when we reached town, so that she didn't need to use an umbrella  although it was a good 50 walking-steps away from where Dad stopped her to the flower shop.

Nah, she wasn't surprised. 

Not at all.

These days, she would be surprised if the rain hadn't stop. :D

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