Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hello Son,                                              (Monday, December 27)        

Today is Aunty Diana's birthday. :D

We went to the park in the morning about 10:30 am.

Just the 5 of us : Aunty Carol, Aunty Diana, Justine, Mom and Kish. Dad was having a breakfast appointment with a friend, so he didn't go with us.

At the park, Aunty Carol and Jus went jogging around the track, with Kish panting behind them. Aunty Diana and Mom preferred to watch them while enjoying the swings.

We were there for about an hour. 

Plenty of memories were evoked during that short time. One of which was when You lost Dad's thumb-drive at the park. 


You came home on your bicycle one day and with a sad face, You told Dad You dropped his thumb-drive at the park. Seeing your red teary eyes, Mom quickly suggested we drive to the park immediately to look for it. 

Dad drove us there.

Upon stepping out of the car, You started chanting in a sing-song manner, "St Christopher, help - me - find ..." and made us all laugh and giggle as we tried to look for it. 

We were supposed to walk around the field following the jogging track, but Mom hurt her foot (for a reason) and we had to take a short cut across the park. It was there, at the short cut, that You stumbled upon the thumb-drive on the grass. St Christopher did help You find, even though strictly speaking, he's not the Saint of lost things. :D Not sure why we always call on him though, whenever we need our misplaced items found.

Your expression was priceless, as You jumped for joy. You were sweeping the grass with your foot as You were walking, when You found it.

Imagine, the park area is as large as 2 football fields. Yet, we found the lost thumb-drive easily. :D Someone up there was definitely looking after You. :D

By the way, Aunty Diana reminded that her fiance's name is uh, Christopher ...

Go figure ... :D

Anyway ...

Aunty Diana said she wanted to go to JoJo for pan mee (flour noodles). It's her birthday. Her wish is our command. We went back to the house to drop Kish and to pick up Dad.

It was about noon time. 

We drove there. Of course the area around the restaurant was filled with parked vehicles. At one glance, anyone would just mutter, "Aiyoh, no parking..."

However, no one said anything (negative) in the car. As Dad was driving along the restaurant lane, would You believe it but a car which was parked in front of the restaurant, was reversing out of its lot, leaving it empty for us. 

Oh, what perfect timing ... :D

We got out of the car. Justine saw the packed restaurant and commented, "Very packed ..."

We walked in anyway, and guess what ...

There was one long table waiting for us, right in the middle of the eatery. 

Oh my ...

We sat down. Gave our orders. Enjoyed our lunch.

Aunty D was like, "There's no sambal like this in Tawau."  :D

Haha ...

We soon finished our lunch. As we were walking to the car, Mom spotted something that made her gasp.

OMG ...

It can't be ...

Oh no ...

Was that a parking ticket she saw sticking out of Aunty Carol's car wiper?

A parking ticket???

Aww Son, what happened there???

Justine saw it and said, "He was having lunch with us la, Mom. There was an empty seat opposite me, remember?"

Aunty D was like, "Yeah, yeah, he was with us la, INSIDE the restaurant. Of course he wants to be with us ..."

Hearing that, Mom just had to smile ... :D

Words were not necessary. 

We drove to Central Market. 

Aunty Diana said she wanted to eat CRABS for dinner tonight. We were supposed to get some crabs from Central Market, but unfortunately, the tank was empty. Not one single crab could be seen.

Oh dear ... Aunty D was so looking forward to having crabs tonight. She's heard so much about our crab-dinners and she's missed them all. :D

We were at the supermarket when a man walked up to Justine and said, "Have You ever thought of being a model?"

That was probably the high-light of her day. :D

So totally unexpected that remark ...

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