Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hello Son,                                               (Sunday, December 5)

The search for the perfect wedding reception continues.

Mom only had 2 places in mind. 

The first one, Grandma had already checked out. 

She liked it, but Mom wanted her to see the second venue, which Mom thought is more appropriate for our purpose. 

So today, we were supposed to check out the second venue. 

Being a Sunday, Aunty Carol was not working. 

She came along. 

Dad was back from the Viva conference at the highland resort at 1:30pm. 

Although he was a bit tired, he would have to come along too, as Mom didn't know the way there.

We left the house at about 3:30pm. 

Justine stayed at home to with her books for company. 

Her exams are still on. 

Grandma drove, with Aunty Carol in the front. 

They picked Dad and Mom up from our block. 

We hopped in. 

Right after the, "Hi, have You guys eaten?" 

Mom's ears pricked up. 

She had detected a nice song playing in the background. 

She glanced at the radio station.


Her station.

The time was 3:37 pm. 

Awww ... Another one of Mom's dinosaur-favourite.

What an appropriate song to put us all in the wedding mood... :D


It's late in the evening

She's wondering what clothes to wear

She puts on her make up 

And brushes her long blond hair

And then she asks me

Do I look alright?

And I said, Yes

You look wonderful tonight

We go to a party

Everyone turns to see

This beautiful lady

is walking around with me

And then she asks me

Do You feel alright?

And I said, Yes

I feel wonderful tonight

I feel wonderful because I see

the love light in your eyes

And the wonder of it all

Is that You just don't realize 

How much I love You

It's time to go home now

I've got an aching head

So I give her the car keys

She helps me to bed

And then I tell her

As I turn out the light

I said, my darling

You were wonderful tonight

Oh, my darling

You were wonderful tonight

Eric Clapton

Ooh, what a perfect song ...

Mom just knew You would be with us today, searching for the perfect wedding reception venue for Aunty Diana. :D

When we hit the highway, there was a massive, massive jam.

Vehicles on the road were practically crawling ... 

Slower than the slowest snail. 

Aunty Carol suggested that we go back, and that Gandma and Mom could always check the place out and continue with our reception-search tomorrow (Monday).

Dad said, why don't we call up the place and see if it's free for booking on Jan 30th? (Jan 29th is the reception in Ipoh)

Mom said, If the place is not free, then it's a big sign that we're not supposed to do it there. Of course right ... 

She was using reverse psychology there. 

You notice?

Indirectly, she was telling Grandma that, if the place is available on the day that we wanted, then it's a sign for us to hold the reception there. :D The search can then stop and end right there. Otherwise, there is like, no ending. There's the tendency to always "check one more."


She kinda had a feeling that the venue would be free ...

Aunty Carol started checking the telephone numbers of the place with her smart phone that has internet connection.

After getting a few numbers, Dad made the calls.

The third attempt linked us to the right place. 

We heard Dad asking, 

"Is your place free on Jan 30th for a wedding dinner?"

Suspense in the car ...

Even Mom was uncertain of the reply ... 

Having thought she kinda had a feeling it would be free, just moments ago ... when the time came for her to know for sure, the suspense just freaked her out.

Then Dad repeated, 

"It's free on that date? 30th Jan?"

Grandma was all kan cheong

"Say we're coming now, we're coming now ..."

Mom was like, Yesss!

Dad informed that we were on our way. :D

During the journey ...

Aunty Diana was sending text messages to Mom. Like one after another. The anxiety is understandable. The groom's side was waiting for our confirmation on the KL reception, for the invitation card. 

We were delaying them. 

Not very nice of us. Besides, what kind of impression are we giving to the groom's parents? They haven't even met us and we were likely to be getting on their nerves already. :D

Mom was busy replying to all her messages, 

assuring her that everything will be okay.

Her last text message (at 3:59pm) being, 

"Don't wori. Dans will find a way ... 

It will be awesome la."

We arrived at the place about 4:30 pm.

To cut a long-winded story shorter ...

Grandma walked into the intended reception-venue 

and liked it immediately. :D

Ahah! Mom knew it!

Quickly she sent a text message to your anxious 

Aunty in Tawau.

Aunty Diana replied straight back,

"Hey, can't bliv we found a plc ... 

n all happened the min u sms dans name 

and said he will find a way. isn't that weird?"

Mom smiled as she read the message. 

Yes, yes ... it definitely is. 


Totally - weird.

But a good kind of weird. :D

Thanks Son. :D  

You really are God's little helper, aren't You, watching over your family ... :D You really do know what's going on, don't You? 

Why, Angels must have a TO DO LIST too. 

God probably said in the morning, Daniel, now here's what I want You to do today. Bring your family to this place. Your aunty will have her wedding there. :D 

Will tell You how Mom discovered this place another day. 

Yup, even that has a story ... :D

Be good. Say Hi to Jesus and Mama Mary. :D