Thursday, December 2, 2010

Call 75 : JUMP WAVE

Hello Son, 

Published the Silent Thot #14 this morning at 7am. :D

You wanna know what happened?

For some reason, Mom couldn't retrieve one of your photos from her i-album. The one that You did the JUMP WAVE at the Kuantan Beach. The photo was in the i-album on the computer, but Mom couldn't get it out. 

Possibly the memory of the computer is already maxed-up.

Thankfully, Mom remembered that Dad has backed-up all your photos on to his lap top. 

She would have to start deleting the photos on the i-album since there are now duplicates and taking up unnecessary storage space. Dad has been telling her to do just that, but she chose to procrastinate. 

It would take time to do that la...

She decided today ... 

Today, She would do just that right after posting the ST entry. 

Yeah, the time has come for her to clear her desktop.

Anyway, Mom had prepared the ST entry on Wednesday night. 

Since that photo could not be retrieved, 

Mom had picked a watercolor painting of a seaside image 

and had uploaded that above the words:

"Today, You will be with me in paradise." 
(Luke 23:43).

This morning, Justine's alarm went at 6am. 

By the way, Jus has got a whole day of Physics papers today. Paper 1 and 2 in the morning, and Paper 3 in the afternoon.

For some reason, Mom still felt the "itch" to wanna add your JUMP WAVE photo in the ST entry. Her instincts told her to upload that JUMP WAVE photo. 

Since she could not retrieve it from the i-album, she went into your Facebook and searched for it. Found it, dragged it to the desk top. Tried to upload it and managed to.

Unfortunately, that photo has been shrunk to a smaller size and when uploaded on to the ST blog, it was way too small. Tried enlarging it, and ended up making the image a clear BLUR instead. 

So, when Dad got up, Mom asked him to get the photo out of his backed-up file. 

Mom insisted she wanted that photo.

Half an hour passed, and Dad was still looking ...

Mom said, "You wanna see some magic?"

Dad kinda nodded, as he bent over his laptop.

And Mom called out, "Daniel, help Dad find your photo."

Minutes ticked by and Mom waited impatiently for the "FOUND IT, FOUND IT!"  which never quite came.

You mother was puzzled, to be honest.

Normally the find is instant ... unless of course if it's not in the laptop. Then again, that couldn't be - it's a back-up file.

Finally Dad said, "It's not here ..."


Isn't back-up supposed to be some kind of assurance that your photos are in safe-keeping?

Apparently not. 

Dad did find your Beach photo-file which, upon checking, barely contained 10 photos whilst the original folder has more than 200.

It's a good thing we checked before your mother started deleting from the computer, to allow for more space.
So, Mom had no choice but to start transferring some other photos out whist deleting others. After reducing the number of photos to about 2,000, she was able to retrieve your JUMP WAVE photo. 

Happily, she changed the blur facebook copy, uploaded the clear one, and published the ST post again.

Hmmm ...

There must be a reason why Mom insisted on posting that photo. She had earlier decided to post a watercolor painting image instead for that part of the entry when she could not retrieve your photo. 

However, this morning, just before posting, something was just nagging, yes nagging her, to check the JUMP WAVE photo.

Thankfully she did.

Had she posted the watercolor image, we would never have known that your photos are not securely backed-up, and eventually, Mom would have deleted the photos on her i-album thinking they are all duplicates ... 

What a horrifying thought!

Thank goodness the error in backing-up is detected.

You must have known Mom would soon be deleting those photos on her computer, and today whispered to your mother to use the JUMP WAVE photo. That way, she and Dad would discover the error.

The Silent Thot blog is powerful, huh. :D

For the ST entry last Thursday ... 

It took a caterpillar to bring Mom the message of THE SON

She would never have picked that article had it not been for the caterpillar who had put that word SON in her head first. 

That was really amazing. 

She still cannot get over it. 

See Call 67 : THE SON.

Have to get ready to pick up Justine for lunch. She will be finishing her Paper 2 in half an hour. 

Talk to You in a bit, Son. :D 

Thank You for alerting Mom today about the back-up error. 

We sure can count on You, Son. :D

Love You. <3