Sunday, December 5, 2010

Call 78 : ONLY WORDS

Hello Son,                                 (continue from Call 77) (Saturday, December 4)

Right after the song ...

The next one that came on was WORDS.

Aww, one of Mom's favourite dinosaur songs. 

Don't ever let me find You gone, 

Cause that would bring a tear to me ...

Yeah, it would, Son ... it really would if that ever happens.

You could probably hear all the WORDS that were going on in the car, huh. All the non-stop excited chatter chatter chatter about the upcoming wedding.

Alright alright ... 

Mom's just looking for excuses to post the video here. :D

Go borrow a mike from God, Son, and let's sing this together ... 

See if You can pluck the tune on the guitar. :D

Smile an everlasting smile
a smile can bring you near to me
Don't ever let me find you gone 
cause that would bring a tear to me

This world has lost its glory
let's start a brand new story now, my love
Right now, there'll be no other time 
and I can show you how, my love


Talk in everlasting words
and dedicate them all to me
And I will give you all my life
I'm here if you should call to me

You think that I don't even mean 
a single word I say
It's only words, and words are all I have
to take your heart away

Bee Gees

We went to the first hotel ...

Cold looking, very corporate environment ... 

We left the place after having a quick lunch at the coffee house. Grandma ordered Hainanese Chicken Rice and Mom, Curry Chicken Rice. 

We felt Dad's version is much much much better. 

Don't You?

Anyway, after that hotel, Grandma drove to a petrol station. She said she was low on gas. Mom glanced at the fuel gauge and noticed that the indicator was pointing to below the "E" mark. 

Mom smiled as she was instantly reminded of two of your "E" incidences.

Remember your E story?

The first incident was when we were in the car one day. 

You were in lower Primary then. Dad had mentioned that we needed to pump petrol. You sprang up from the back and peered at the fuel indicator which was pointed at the "E" mark, and said quite innocently, 

"It's Enough, Dad ... The petrol's Enough ..." :D


You made us laugh in the car, Son ...
On hindsight, and thinking about that moment now, how endearing is the E word ...

It's only WORDS ... and WORDS are all I have, 

to take your heart away ...

The second incident ... 

... was that time when You rushed to Mom one day in the house and complained that Justine had said a bad word to You. 

You both were in pre-school then. 

Mom had asked, "Which bad word?"

You said quickly and eagerly, "The E word."

"E word?" Mom had repeated. 

"You mean, the F word ..." Mom had corrected, a bit horrified that your sister had picked up this word, possibly from kindergarten.

"No No No ... the E word!!!" You had insisted impatiently.

Your mother didn't have a clue what bad word is that, and asked curiously, "What's the E word?"

You said, "Justine called me EEEEEE -- diot!"

Hahaha ...

How cute is that - the E word???

Honestly Daniel ...

It's only WORDS, and WORDS are all I have, 

to take your heart away ...

True to the song WORDS, You did talk in "everlasting words" ...

Sigh ...

Anyway ... here's the interesting thing that happened. 

Almost dangerous actually.

Good thing You were there on to make sure everything would be okay. :D

As Mom was saying, we were low on gas. 

Grandma drove to a petrol station. 

She honked and an attendant came running. Grandma handed her credit card and told him the amount. He took the card, keyed in the amount on the petrol-thingy, whatever You call it, and stuck the pump into the tank. The tank, by the way, was on the passenger's side.

The attendant then disappeared off to the station's mini-shop for a while.

He came back with a receipt and the card, and handed both to Grandma, on her side of the window. He then gave a nod and went off.

Grandma started the engine. 

We were busy talking talking talking. Yup - still. We were about to move, when a car drove in to the station, at the opposite direction, and stopped right in front of our car. The driver wound down his window and signalled not to move. We both saw him. He drove his vehicle right beside us. Grandma brought her window down.

The man apparently was her friend from church. 

He said, "Hey, the gas pump is till in your tank!!!"


Holy mackerel!!!

Grandma was about to drive off!!!

OMG, can You imagine what would have happened if she did???

That was a close call.


Wait a minute ...

Hmm ... 

A close CALL???


Like Blog-CALL call???

Then, You must have given the man a close-call to drive in, and to stop right in front of our car, right - at - that - moment.

Grandma started honking again, and the attendant came rushing over. He saw the problem, gave a apologetic nod and removed the pump from the tank.

When we left, Grandma was like, "Lucky thing he (her friend) came along, bla bla bla ..."

After all the - lucky he was there to tell us, that @#$%& boy, how can he forget to put the pump back etc - after ALL that Phew! Lucky thing and Thank God ...

Yes, after all that ...

Mom turned on the radio as we drove to the next place. 

The time was 2:19pm. 

Would You believe it but the song :



came on, right after the present song that was playing (can't remember which one now, wasn't paying attention to that one - no connection).

Oh My ... 





You say it best when You say nothing at all ...

What, that's You ...

So You ...

Ronan Keating

"It's amazing how You can speak right to my heart

Without saying a word You can light up the dark

Try as I may I could never explain

What I hear when You don't say a thing ..."

(continue on Call 79)