Friday, December 24, 2010

Call 99 : FIRST MAID

Hello Son,                                 (continue from Call 98) (Friday, Dec 24)

Today is your birthday. :D

First thing in the morning, on Christmas Eve, You made your presence felt. :D

Mom was writing on the blog and telling You about the CHRISTMAS CARD inciDAN (Call 94) ... 

How Grandma has been trying to find our old maid Valli, who left us some 16 years ago, and out of the blues, Valli sent a Christmas card with her telephone number ...

In that Call 94, Mom had said to You, "to thank the someone up there" for whispering to Valli to get in touch with Grandma.

In fact, as Mom was writing that line down, she had felt kinda uneasy, to the point of feeling guilty, because that would be the first time, she did not connect an unusual inciDAN to You. 

She had written "Thanks Son" at first ... 

... but as she read back, she decided to delete the line because Grandma had said, several times that night at the restaurant that,

"Someone up there really knows what's going on ..."

So your mother was thinking ...

Yup, thinking ...

A dangerous time ... 

A time when she tries to add two and two to get 5.

She had thought, okay ... let's not be thick-skinned, it can't be DANIEL every - single - time an unexplained inciDAN happens, right?

So she deleted her line, "Thanks Son" and wrote instead,

"Will You do us a favour and say THANK YOU 

to the someone up there?"

With that, she posted the Call 94 : CHRISTMAS CARD this morning on your birthday (Christmas Eve 24th). Although the Call was dated Tuesday, Dec 21, that entry was published only this morning.

Then, she proceeded to write the next Call 95 : Ice Cream

Mom  knows she's a little behind in the calls. There's just so much to tell You, and every day, there's been an inciDAN. Just that, there was no time to make calls as we were out of the house most of the time with your aunties ... Christmas shopping, wedding preparation etc ... but not to worry because your mother keeps a journal, so that she doesn't forget the details. :D

Anyway ...

About 10 to 15 minutes after she had posted Call 94 : CHRISTMAS CARD, "thanking someone up there," a text message came for Dad.

Mom heard the beep, but didn't pay much attention to it. 

She continued writing her Call 95.

Dad exclaimed, "Eh, it's from Erna ..."


Erna - Your first maid???

Erna was your maid since the day You were born. She took care of You (and Justine) until You were about 5 years old. She left us and went to work in Hong Kong. The first two years, she had kept in contact. She would call on your birthday or send a card, but after that we have not heard from her.

Until the day You left us in January 21st this year. 

She had been working in Hong Kong all these years, but her employers were transferred to KL sometime in October 2009, 3 months before You left. We were not aware of that she was in KL, as she did not contact us. However, our present maid then, Gina, had told Erna about You departing for Heaven, and both of them had attended your Farewell Mass.

Imagine ...

Erna, your first maid, took care of You for 5 years, went to Hong Kong and worked there for 10 years, and yet, when You left, she was somehow in KL and was able to see You off. So meant to be ...

Erna was a good very maid and loved You and Justine very much. Mom still remembers the day we had to send her to the airport. She was sobbing away in the car. You were on her lap, and leaning against her chest. Both of You were looking out of the window. Your face was all solemn. Justine was sitting quietly.

At the immigration, as she took the lift down, we watched her walk to the passport counters. As she was walking away, and her figure was becoming distant, 

You had yelled loudly ...

AUN-TY   ER-NAaaaaaaaa !!!

She heard You and she turned back. You called out again.

AUN-TY   ER-NAaaaaaaaa !!!

You waved your lil hands wildly at her, and she waved back. Oh gawd, thinking about that incident just made the eyes all misty. 

That was your first time saying Goodbye to someone who was really close to You, sending her away, and knowing that we would probably never see her again.  Even at the tender age of 5, You understood and were able to feel the pain of a permanent separation.

Your first maid. 

Who would have known that 10 years later, despite absolutely no-contact with your maid, she would appear at your Farewell Mass and see You off. That was quite an emotional moment for your parents when we saw her at your Farewell.

Dad read out Erna's text message :

"Hi sir bryan, may yr birthday be merry and bright and i hope u all have a nice xmas. may God bless u & yr family with lots of good fortune. all the best for 2011. best wishes, erna."

Dad and Mom were so surprised to hear from Erna. After we saw her at your Farewell there had not been any more contact. 

It was awfully strange that, right after Mom wrote the entry on Call 94 : Christmas Card, about Grandma's maid who suddenly contacted us, and Mom had asked You "to thank the someone up there ..." that this text message came in.

From your first maid.

Mom had to smile to herself. 

She said to Dad, "He's telling me it's not just a someone up there. It was him." :D

Dad could only nod. 

Another coinciDANS. :D

Can't be explained ... 

It's just an understanding between a mother and son.

Thanks Son ... Mom knew it was You all the time. 

It wasn't just a "someone up there.":D

It was You ...


Love You so much.<3