Friday, December 3, 2010

Call 76 : BE STILL

Hello Son,                                            (continue from Call 75)

Thursday Dec 2 ...

We picked Justine up from school at 12:30pm to go for lunch. 

Her next Physics Paper 3 will be at 2pm. Dad drove to one of the coffee shops in the vicinity and we had noodles. 

We left the coffee shop about an hour later. The ride from the restaurant to the condo would take only 3 minutes, at the most 5. Mom turned on the radio, hoping to receive a nice song-message. :D

A Rod Steward song was on. Can't remember which one now.

Mom listened intently.

Although she tried to connect with the lyrics, sadly, there were no sparks.

No fireworks.

No Zapppp.

No Bond.


No message for her today?

Oh, hurry up and send a song ...

We're about to reach home already.  :(

We were approaching the mosque. 

The time was 1:30 pm. 

The traffic-lights had turned red. 

Dad slowed down to stop just right behind a white van.

Mom gave a yelp, "Eh, look at the van number."

BGP 4404

"Dans' just sent us a sign," Mom said with a laugh, pointing at the number plate.

He probably didn't have time to arrange for a song ... 

It was after all LUNCH time, Mom knows. 

What - angels don't take lunch? :D

Mom noticed the alphabets and remarked to Dad, 

"Hey, it's got your initials, with a G in between."

G must be for "Great," Mom said ... 

Or ... for GOD, she thought ... 

Between Bryan Phua and God ...

What conversation could there be between Dad and God right at this moment? 

Ah, Son must be saying : God says Hi, Dad ...

Dad was probably thinking, "What am I gonna do with your mother, Dans?" :D
Don't laugh, don't laugh ...

Because a connection is about to happen.

Wait ... You just wait. 

We reached home. 

We were supposed to go to PJ in a short while, but Dad had something that was in the process of being uploaded on his computer. 

Another 20 minutes, he had said. 

Meanwhile, he sent Justine back to school. 

While waiting, Mom decided to grab a book from the book shelf to pass time - 15 minutes. She found herself picking out a small book, entitled: 

Living A Life With Purpose...


Not sure how she ended up picking that book. 

Of all books.

Normally, she'd just browse through her romance story books. She's only got like 15 minutes left, it surely was not a time to read something as serious as Living A Life With Purpose - GOD's Way.


So why did she pick that GOD's WAY book?

Hmmm ...

Maybe because GOD said, HI, just now.

Yeah, maybe ... maybe that's why. :D

She inspected the book and took a look at the cover. 

She hasn't touched this book in a long time. A few years perhaps. The book is still pretty new, since she has yet to read ALL the life changing stories. 

She had been busy.

To get her message today, she randomly flipped the book open to a page, and when she did, she found herself sitting sitting right up.

She stared at the title and the opening line ...

Be still and know that I am GOD.
Psalm 46 : 10

Oh my ...

Say what?
Be still and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10) ...

Oh - dear - Lord ...

You can't be serious ...

These were the EXACT words and Bible quotation she had written on her Silent Thots entry #14 on Wednesday night ...

which she chose to delete ...

but re-typed back after a few minutes ...

just to delete them again a short while later.

Dad had seen  the draft, and he remembered that BE STILL line. 

It was towards the end, where your JUMP WAVE picture is. 

A caption below that JUMP WAVE photo.

When Mom told Dad about it later ...

Dad said that, You must have been - jumping - like, 

Aiyoh Marm, that is the message la ... 

Don't delete, don't delete. Ahhh goood (as she typed back). And then, don't delete, don't deleeeeet ... aiyohhh (when finally deleted) ... tsk tsk tsk ... shaking head and all.

Oops ... Sorry Son ... :S

At the time, Mom had thought the main message on that ST entry is John 3:16, and she was thinking of saving this BE STILL line in another entry in the future. 

Also, the real reason is because it did not seem to be a suitable quote to put under your JUMP WAVE photo. 

Can You picture that? 

The words, BE STILL ... under your JUMP WAVE photo? 

It would seem like God is reprimanding You,  

BE STILL Daniel, don't jump around ... BE STILL ...

Nope, she didn't that would be an appropriate quote for that picture. So, that's why she decided to delete the BE STILL line, and replaced it with the words :

Today, You will be with Me in paradise.
Luke 23:43

Woah, looks like Mom cannot even delete stuff in peace now. 

She didn't mention this in Call 75 the day before, because she didn't think it was gonna crop up ever. How could she have known that the line she deleted the day before would somehow creep up on her the day after?

Gosh ...

She couldn't have known that.

That BE STILL line was staring back at her in the face.

Mom began to read the story ...

While she was reading, she couldn't help but wonder if she had over-reacted, and perhaps ... perhaps that might just be a - coincidence. 

She deletes a line, which happened to be a quotation from the Bible, GOD's Word ...  and now that same line appeared again ...

Was that a coincidence?

She had after all, picked the story randomly. 

You know how we used to open the (children's) Bible and read the first message that pops up and say ah, that is the message for the day? 

Remember that?



Are You kidding her???

Of course, that was a coinciDANS!!!

Alright then ... Let's see ...

How about another story?

She closed the book and randomly opened it again.

This time she had turned to a page that had a title which read,



No connection whatsoever. 

In fact, missed by 2 years.

What an anti-climax.

She began to read the story ...

First page ...

Second page ...

Third page ...

Fourth page ...

Fifth page ...

Last page ... right to the end.

There, she paused ... 

She stared at the last two lines and read them again.

"He loves me so much that He sent His only Son to die for me. And I am, indeed, valuable to Him."


Oh my gosh ... 

You've gotta be kidding ...

Your mother had written a personal note to God in her Silent Thots entry on Wednesday night, which she published on Thursday morning. 

In her note, she had said:


Dear Lord ... 

I may not understand how You would agree and be willing to send your only and beloved Son to die in the cruelest way imaginable on a horrible cross ... 

Just for me. 

I may not understand the depth of a Father's agony, the torment of a Mother's heart, the anguish of all the angels in heaven, watching Jesus being ridiculed, spit upon, tortured mercilessly, and finally nailed on the cross and left to bleed to death. 

All that senseless suffering - Just for me. 

This intense love You have for me, dear Lord, is something I may and might not ever understand, but it sure comforts me and makes me feel safe. 

Thank You Lord, for coming into my life. 


Having written that note to God as she prepared the ST entry on Wednesday night, reading the 2 lines right then was like getting a confirmation, an assurance, that, 

"Yes, God really loves me, and I am indeed valuable to Him..." 

... so valuable that He did not hesitate to send his only Son to be severely tortured before suffering a terrible and painful death ... death on a cross.

C'mon on, He - is - God. 

He could have stopped that, but He did not.

And for what?

For me.

Just for me. 

Mom closed the book and put it back onto the shelf. 

She didn't have to read anymore. 

She had gotten her message today. 

A reply from Heaven had come to her.

A direct respond to her note to God.

Oh my, how awesome is that?

Taking a deep breath here ...

Did - Did God just give Mom a reply, Son?

He got Mom's note, didn't He?

You must have bugged God to let Mom have a reply immediately. :D Imagine, she'd just posted the ST entry this Thursday morning, and by afternoon, she had received an assurance.

How amazing is that?

What are the chances of finding and reading 2 lines, out of 250 pages, that are both connected to the Silent Thot entry she had posted that same Thursday morning? 

The first story she read, had the message right in the BEGINNING, and the second story, the message was right at the END.

The beginning and the end.

The Alpha and the Omega.

God is the beginning and the end.

Which logically follows that, that message can only be from ...

Oh Wow ...

It was incredible.

What an overpowering moment for your mother, Daniel. :D

She had told Dad several times before the Silent Thot blog is somewhat "powerful." She just didn't know the extent of the impact it would have on her.

Thank You Son ... 

Mom sure knows your style very well now. 

First, You get our attention - the van number - and then the message comes. You must have whispered to your mother to pick up that book - there are about 50 over books on the shelf, and she had to pick that one - the right one ... on top of that, she had also flipped to the right pages ...

Not once, but twice. 

That was so awesome Son ... :D

So totally awesome!!! :D