Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hello Son,                                             (Wednesday, December 15)

Today was really an exciting day! :D

We're gonna hit all the wedding shops in town, starting with the row of bridal boutiques in SS2. There are about 10 wedding shops there. We're gonna check them all.

Yup, the search for the perfect wedding gown is on.

We left the condo at 10 am. 

On the way there, Mom happened to notice 2 long trails of white in the sky. Smiling to herself as she remembered the sky entertainment last Sunday (Call 86 : SKY SHOW), your mother's instincts told her that You would certainly be with us today. :D

Somehow, you're gonna make your presence felt. 

She could tell.

It's a mother and son thing.

Dad dropped Aunty Diana and Mom at one of the bridal shops. The second shop on that row. 

Mom told Dad not to "disturb" her, or call her today, because your aunty and her would be very busy combing every bridal boutique for the perfect gown. 

"We'll be here whole day," Mom had said, as she stepped out of the car. 

Dad had randomly stopped at one of the bridal shops before turning in to drop us. Picture a row of wedding boutiques - he had dropped us right in front of the shop that would have the perfect dress - the second shop from the right.

Before we entered that second shop, we decided to go to the one on the right first. We thought it would be easier to just start from one end to the other end.

So, we went into the first one. 

The bridal consultants were not around. The shop girl could hardly assist us. We looked around. Tried on a dress. Shook our heads and left.

Next, went into the second shop - the shop Dad had dropped us off just now. 

There were 7 racks of gowns on the wall. Mom saw the one right in the middle - and asked Aunty Diana to try it on.

The bridal specialist brought the dress down from the rack, and took us to the changing area. Aunty Diana disappeared behind a thick velvet curtain for a few minutes. 

When the curtain was pulled away ...

O -- M -- G ...

Your mother was literally holding her breath.

That was it - the perfect dress.

Aunty Diana fell in love with the dress. 

She looked like a fairy tale princess. The gown was so extraordinarily different from the rest. We knew we had found the perfect dress.

In less than 15 minutes!

Have You heard of the bride who found her perfect dress in 15 minutes???

Now You have ...

"Daniel must have have asked Bryan to drop us here," Mom said to Aunty Diana.

"Yeah yeah, definitely ..." beamed your happy aunt.

The gown was beautiful. It absolutely took our breath away. You knew your aunt would fall in love with that dress immediately. Thank God we found the dress easily.

So for the record, You have led us to the perfect place to hold the wedding reception. And now, the perfect dress. :D You really are a great help, Son. :D

Aunty Diana reluctantly took off the gown some 20 minutes later, after parading and posing for Mom. 

She said in low tones to Mom, "You should have taken a photo la, so I can send to him (her fiance)." 

The groom was still working in Tawau and would only be in KL on Saturday.

Mom was like, "Yeah, should have, should have ..." 

... despite us both seeing a NO CAMERA sign right at the bottom of the mirror at the changing booth.

We spent the next 2 hours or so browsing through the studio photograph albums, and going through the wedding packages. 

Grandma called about noon time. Mom told her excitedly that we had found the dress. That was the main concern. Once you find the dress, everything else is peanuts. Agree?

Grandma said, she was on her way to meet us.

Grandma arrived at the boutique about 1pm.

Aunty Diana happily changed into her gown again. As she was changing, the bridal consultant who was attending to us said that her customer (who had made an appointment - we didn't) had arrived and that she had to attend to that customer. She asked a new assistant to serve us.

The curtain was pulled open by the new assistant. 

Mom knew that Grandma would fall in love with the dress too.

She did. 

Aunty Diana whispered, "Take photo quick."

Mom pulled out her mobile, and started to snap some shots. The new assistant, being a new staff, did not stop us. In fact, she stood by the side and watched silently at Grandma and Mom clicking away. 

Hehehe. That was funny.

You must have been amused too, huh, at that point. 

Front angle, back angle, from side to side - all shots taken.

Your Aunty Diana truly looked like a Princess.

What a coinciDANS that the consultant had to leave us when Aunty Diana tried on the dress the second time, and after she had expressed that she wanted some shots taken. :D

Things were certainly going so well today. 

Your aunt was laughing away as she said, "We don't have to check out the other shops now. Let's go for lunch."

It was 2:30pm.

We drove to a nearby coffee house that served authentic Penang food. You remember SS2 area, right? Always congested with vehicles. 

As we were approaching the cafe, Mom said, "If You can see any parking space, just par ..."

She had barely finished her sentence, when we both spotted an empty parking lot right in front, the first one at the L - bend. Aunty Diana slipped the car in easily. There was plenty of space for her to adjust the car position. 

We looked around, and noticed the long stretch of vehicles parked alongside the road, left and right. We were certainly very lucky to have found one without even any effort. 

You must have kept that space for us. :D

During lunch, Grandma said she wanted to find an outfit for herself. Mom remembered a bridal shop that Aunty Carol and her had dropped by last Saturday, when they were in the same area having dinner, after attending Sunset Mass. Remember the Mass your mother was telling You about, where the Priest was in PINK

(Call 85 : PINK MESSAGE)

That was the only shop that was still open that night - It was about 9:30pm after dinner when we drove to the same row of bridal shops, except this time, it was on the opposite side of the road. This boutique only had outfits for night wear.

So, we went to there after lunch. It was around 4 pm then.

This time Grandma was the model, going in and out of the changing booth. She found 3 evening dresses that she absolutely loved. Did You see your Grandma in those outfits? She looked so classy and elegant. 

Any classier and she'd steal Aunty Diana's thunder, Mom told her with a chuckle. :D 

We spent about an hour trying to decide which dress to take. Meanwhile, Aunty Carol called and asked us where we were. She had finished work and was on her way to meet us. She arrived shortly after. We made Grandma put on those outfits again. 

At one point, Mom was helping to zip your Grandma up, when and the zip broke. It just came away and she was like holding the zipper in her hand, her expression must have been quite horrified.

Thankfully, the girl who was serving us, came over. Mom handed her the zipper with a regretful look. She took it, with a smile.

A smile.

Unbelievable. Your mother was very grateful.

The girl disappeared for a few minutes, and came back with a new dress for Grandma.

Wow, that really says something about this shop, huh.

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