Sunday, December 19, 2010

Call 92 : ANGEL TALK

Hello Son,                                          (Saturday, December 18)

Today, we were at the college again. 

There were more talks on information on this and thats.

The Principal of SAM went on stage to talk about the matriculation program.

Justine nudged Mom and whispered, "Holy Lynn..."

Mom looked at Jus and frowned. 

Didn't quite get what she was saying. 

Holy Lynn?

That was what Mom thought she heard Jus say.

Jus showed an expression of impatience before whispering, 

"The principal's name!"

Apparently, the principal's name is : Hoe Li Lin.


You must have seen us both giggling and trying not to laugh out loud. :D:D:D

First joke of the morning. 

It sure made your mother listen to the principal more attentively after that.

Anyway ... 

A whole day kinda passed in the blink of an eye.

By evening time ...

Mom was in the car with Aunty Carol, Aunty Diana was driving, and her fiance Chris was in front. 

It was about 6:30pm. 

Chris has just arrived from Tawau this afternoon, and Aunty Diana was taking him to see her dress. :D

We were busy talking talking talking about the college stuff and the available Pre-University options, when suddenly, Aunty Carol said,

"Hey, his song ..."

Immediate silence. 

Which one???

Mom was sitting behind but she could hardly hear a thing. Aunty Di had turned down the volume because we were all talking - at the top of our voices, for some reason.

Aunty Di turned up the volume. 

If I Die Young was on ... 

the band perry

The time was 6:43pm.

All of a sudden, our thoughts were diverted to You. What would You expect, right? With a song like that, we have to think about You. No choice. :D 

It was Aunty Diana's second time hearing the song. The first was on Thursday night, when she came over to the house, and we showed her the YouTube video of Justine singing the song.

Aunt Di told her fiance, "This is Daniel's song."

Moments later, we were like,

Aww Dans wants us to know he's here with us ... 

He wants to be in the conversation too ... 

You certainly made your presence felt, Son.

How in the world was Aunty Carol able to hear the song playing when it was so so so soft in the background? Even after the immediate silence from us, we could hardly hear anything coming from the radio, until Aunty Di turned up the sound. 

Gee, You must have whispered to your Aunt Carol to listen up, huh.  

After the song ended, Aunty D said, "I think he approves ..." 

(You approving of her fiance. :D)


Do You?

Mom's sure You do. 

Of course You would. 

Aunty Di maintains till this day that it was You who brought them both together ... before You left us.

We turned down the volume again, and resumed our hot conversation. 

On hindsight, we really did stop to just listen to IF I DIE YOUNG, to You, thought of You after receiving the sign that You were with us, before resuming our talk. It was as if You were with us, in our conversation. Like we had to include You too. :D

Could almost hear You calling out, "You guys, I'm here ..." :D

Truly felt You in our midst, Son ...

Not just your mother, but your aunties as well. Mom just has to smile at the thought of Aunty Di insisting that,

"Dans want to join in the conversation la ..."

How cute is that!

Mom thinks so too - that You want to be in the conversation. 

What would God say to that? :D