Monday, December 27, 2010


Hello Son,                        (continue from Call 102) (Saturday, December 25)

Anddddddd ... ACTION !!!

Dad for some reason ... 

... instead of waiting by the side of the road where the car was, (on the left side of the road), he drove across to the opposite side. Now our car was parked right in front of someone's house. The head lights shone straight ahead to a vehicle (4WD) parked in front of us. 

Justine exclaimed, 

DAN 8 !!!

The number plate of the vehicle in front. It was parked facing us. 

Justine said excitedly, that she saw that DAN 8 car just now when Dad was driving round and round, but she didn't say anything because ... our car had sped by.

Besides, it was just a car by the side of the road, so she didn't bother "sharing" that brief moment.

Justine said she thinks that, Dad shining his head lights on the number plate of that car was a sign that she should "share" what she saw and not keep it to herself.


That's cute, Jus ...

Mom looked at the DAN 8, and said somewhat happily, 

"Daniel is here with us. I wonder why the number 8 ..."

Justine replied, 

"8 is his number. You remember his username on runscape and maple (internet games)? danielphua88?"

Ohhh ... Mom has forgotten. 

Why, that's - interesting ...

Your sister continued further, 

"When Dad asked Daniel to create a gmail account for him and was taken, Daniel added 88 to the email address - ... "

Is that so? Mom wasn't aware there was a story behind Dad's email add. You must have seen your mother's eyes fixed on the number plate.

DAN 8 ...

From where we were, on the opposite side of the road a minute ago, this was just a vehicle in the dark. It's strange that Dad decided to drive across the road to park and wait here, stranger still when the head lights shone on the number plate to the vehicle that was some 10 walking steps away. 

DAN 8 ...

We were so meant to see that.

If Mom didn't know any better, she would have thought that the number plate was staring back.

The man who was supposed to lead us to the house party arrived about 5 minutes later. 

We followed his car from behind.

Dad was like : 

Ohh, must turn HERE ... No wonder ...

Why no sign boards???

Where are the road signs???

Stupid planning ... 


We arrived at the party. We could hear the sound of Carolers singing away merrily.

Dad parked the car by the side of a vacant house. 

The man walked over to us. At all material times, he had been conversing with Dad in Cantonese. Over the phone, Dad was talking to him in Cantonese.

However, when he saw Mom, he extended his hand and greeted her in English, "Hard to find eh? This jungle place. Many people cannot find also ..."

Did You whisper to him to speak in English to your mother? :D It was just so weird that he spoke to Dad in Cantonese and then turned to your mother, and spoke in English. Mom had not said a word since she stepped out of the car.

Then he said ...

OMG ... You wouldn't believe what he said next ...

He introduced himself, "I'm Lai ..."


What did he say???

Oh my Lord ...

You can't be serious ...


Grandfather's name???

Justine whispered, "Maybe his English name is also Peter, and his full name is Lai Say Han." 

We laughed - secretly.

What are the chances, honestly???

A thousand and one names he could have said, but he had to say a name that would start a series of loud clanging in your mother's ears.

Lai ...

Holy mackerel ...

DAN and LAI - on Christmas night!

Oh Gee Wow ...

Mom couldn't help but imagine what she would be writing in her diary tonight ...

"Dear Diary, it's Christmas night. We were lost in the jungle tonight. Daniel kept us company and waited with us until Dad/Grandpa came to rescue us and lead us safely to the house party ..."

Wink. :D

Merry Christmas, Son ... <3

Please extend our Christmas wishes to Jesus, Mother Mary and all the angels in Heaven ... <3

(continue on Call 104)