Friday, December 17, 2010

Call 90 : NAME STRAP

Hello Son,                             (continue from Call 89) (Wednesday, December 15)

Aunty Carol called and asked where we were. It was after her hospital hours, and she was coming to meet us. She arrived at about 6pm, just in time to see Grandma in one of the evening wears. Your Grandma really did look elegant in that outfit.

We left the place some 15 minutes later. 

Aunty Diana said she wanted to check out shoes. We decided to drive to the malls in town. Grandma drove home. She was meeting up with her friends for dinner.

Aunty Carol drove, with Mom in the front seat, and Aunty Diana at the back. 

It was after-office hours, and there was a traffic jam. It took forever to reach the end of the federal highway. We were quite tired already especially with the vehicles on the road crawling oh - so - very - slowly on the road. 

Mom said at one point, "Shall we go home and continue tomorrow?" 

We were approaching the turn that would take us back home. It was pointless trying to drive to town in the jam. 

It was 7:15pm.

Both your aunties agreed.

Yeah, let's go back la ...

Okay la, we'll go tomorrow ...

Would You believe it, but a few seconds later, we suddenly noticed that Aunty Carol was speeding up. The congestion in the front was clearing, and our car was picking up its pace and moving smoothly then. 

Aunty Diana was like, "Wah, we say we want to go home only, the traffic cleared. Let's go la then."

Mom smiled to herself. Did You just clear the traffic for us? Honestly, we were inching all the way from the start of the federal highway, and just as we were calling it a day, the traffic started to clear. It was amazing.

A conciDANS. :D

So, we drove to town. 

We arrived at one of the malls 7:30pm.

The malls in town are known for their crowd. 

Don't even get your mother started about the parking. That is why she seldom goes to the shopping malls in town. Perhaps just once a year.

Like now.

Anyway, Mom knew You'd be helping us with the parking lot. True enough, at the ticketing booth. right after Aunty Carol pulled out a ticket and the barrier lifted for us to enter the car park, Aunty Diana exclaimed, "There, there ... over there."

How your aunt could have spotted that empty space from where we were at, Mom cannot understand. 

What is she saying ... Of course she can.

It was some 3 rows of cars away from the ticket booth. How could she have spotted that, You'd wonder. She did anyhow. Aunty Carol drove to the lot. There were cars in front of us, but none turned into that 3rd lane, and had gone straight ahead instead. We turned in at the lane no one went into, and parked the car. It did appear like we were the only ones who knew there was an empty space there.

Did You like block the other cars from turning in there? :D

We entered the mall.

Mom found herself walking into a shop. Your aunties followed. To cut a long story short, we found the bridesmaids' outfits. Aunty Carol and Justine are the bridemaids, did Mom tell You? Well, they are. Mom had picked 3 outfits from the rack and asked Aunty Carol to try them on. The first one was too busty - You know with the fake boob-pads that make the chest look unusually heavy and huge. So, that was crossed-out.

The second one did not fit all that well. 

The third one - Yup, it was the third one that had the magic. It was a very simple, above the knee dress. We thought it would be perfect. Aunty Carol liked it. We decided to get that. 

"Ask Bryan to bring Justine here to try it out," suggested Aunty Diana. Mom wasn't sure if Dad would want to drive all the way to town at this hour. She went to the counter, with 2 of the same outfits, and asked the girl to hold on to them, until 9:30pm. The mall would close at 10pm. Mom explained that her daughter was on her way to the mall to try on the dress. The shop girl was courteous and said it wasn't a problem.

We went to have our dinner at Esquire Kitchen. 

It was about 8pm then. While waiting for the food, Mom called Dad to ask him to bring Justine to the mall. She was out gallivanting with her friends the whole day at another mall, and Dad had just gone to fetch her. Justine couldn't wait to come over. They too were having dinner at the moment, and would meet up with us before 9:30pm.

By that time, there would not be that much traffic on the road.

During dinner, we were talking about everything under the sun. We had mentioned, in particular, about Aunty Jessie and You, how wonderful it would be if You two were with us at that moment. With Dad and Justine coming to join us, it would have have been perfect if You and Aunty Jessie were also with us. Aunty Jessie had said she might not be able come back for the wedding because January is a school term in the States.

Nolstagia ...

Anyway ... 

The bill came. Insisting that dinner was on her that evening, Aunty Diana took out her purse. When she opened it, Mom caught sight of your photo.

Aww Son ... Did You see that? 

Even though Aunty Diana hardly ever goes on facebook or check the blogs, she keeps You close to her heart, all the time. Aunty Diana said the purse is a gift from her fiance's mother. Christopher (her fiance) was with his mother at the time she bought the purse. He had specifically told her to get one with a transparent cover because :

"Diana likes to put Daniel's photo in her wallet."

Isn't that sweet?

Aunty Diana said further, "He (her fiance) knows he's not my number one. He's okay with that..." :D

Aww Son, You heard that? :D See how much your aunt Diana loves You? In fact, Dad has always commented to Mom that, "Your 3 sisters really love Justine and Daniel." 

Yes, yes, they do very much. You both are very lucky and blessed to have aunties who adore and love You. :D

We left the cafe and browsed around for some shoes, while waiting for Dad and Justine. 

You won't believe what happened next.

Aunty Carol stopped by a mobile store that sells cute lil name-bracelets. She wanted to get one with a leather strap for Kish. The store had an L-shaped counter. Aunty Carol was at one end, choosing the colors of the alphabets. Mom was looking at their display, and found herself slowly strolling to the other side of the counter. 

She stopped short when she was a name-strap that stood out. It stood out because that strap was bigger than the rest, and guess what, it had your name on it! :D

OMG ... What are the chances of spotting a name-bracelet with your name on it. Oh my ... That was pretty incredible. 

Then, Mom saw another one that had the name "JESSICA."


In her mind, Mom had thought, "If it were JESSIE, now that would have been perfect ..."

Wanna know what happened next? Well, your mother turned her head to the left, to check out the sample bracelets that were on display there ...

... and guess what???

You wouldn't believe it, but she spotted a colorful bracelet with the name JESSIE on it.


She could hardly believe her eyes! 


What are the chances, honestly??? 

We were just talking about You and Aunty Jessie during dinner about an hour ago, and now we're seeing BOTH your names here. You must have whispered to Aunty Carol to stop by this store otherwise we wouldn't have seen them. Aunty Carol in the first place did not plan to get any kind of name-strap for KISH. It was only after she passed by the store that she decided to stop by.

Besides, there are thousands and thousands of boy and girl names. Yet, the 2 names there were on display, among the others, were none other than DANIEL and JESSIE. What are the chances, seriously??? No chance! Very very very slim chance. 1 to a million, perhaps - with that same-name combination.




The Bond.


What a coinciDANS!!!

That was so so so incredible.

Felt your presence totally, Son. :D

Anyway ...

Dad and Justine arrived just before 9:30pm. 

We met up at the shop. Justine tried on the outfit, and it fitted her perfectly. More importantly, she likes it very much. Aunty Carol put on her (same) outfit again and they both stood side by side, in front of the mirror. 

Ooh, we all thought the trendy and fun outfits were just perfect for the bridesmaids. :D

Aunty Diana commented, "Wah, today, You found all the dresses for us. My dress, Mom's (Grandma's) dress and the bridesmaids' dress."

That was so unusual, now that your aunt mentioned that ... 

It's not like Mom knew how and where to get the clothes from. She didn't. In fact, she had thought we needed a whole day to search for the bridal gown. Yet, we found it within 15 minutes of stepping into the shop that Dad randomly dropped us at. Grandma found her evening wear in the first boutique that we brought her to and as for the bridesmaids outfits, that was the first shop that your mother stepped into, at the mall. 

It was surreal.

Everything went so smoothly today. 

We didn't even have to hunt for the clothes. It was like, we were just led there, to the right shops, to find the dresses waiting for us. :D

It was really an amazing day!

Everyone thought so, said so and felt so. 

"It's Daniel la" ... 

"He's shopping with us" ... 

"He knows which dress Justine likes"... 

were the consensus of everyone that evening. :D

Yeah Son. We really felt You with us today.

Thank You for such a great day! :D

Love You. <3