Friday, December 24, 2010


Hello Son,

It's your birthday today! :D 

And Dad's. :D

Your very first birthday with Jesus, Mama Mary and the angels and saints in heaven. Aunty Carol and Justine baked a cheesecake for Dad yesterday evening. They also did a small little one for You. Are You busy helping out in Mother Mary's heavenly kitchen? Wonder what sort of oven would Our Lady have up there. All the chef-angels must be cooking up a storm for Christmas. :D

It's hard on Dad, not having You here to celebrate your birthday with Dad together. The both of You have always celebrated your birthdays together except of course, on the day when You were born. 

The doctor presented a "Bundle of Joy" to Dad then, while Mom was knocked out after caesar op. A few days after your arrival, Mom couldn't help but notice the angel signs that was connected to You.

Birthdate : 24 - 12 - 94

Time : 4:41 pm

Weight : 6.14 lbs

She couldn't understand why there were so many angel signs on your birthcert then ... but now ...

Now she knows.

See Call 43 : ANGEL SIGNS.

Below are some photos taken on your 14th birthday with Dad. We didn't know then but this would be the last time You celebrated your birthday at the dining place. 

Your 15th and last birthday on earth was celebrated in your room with people who loves You very, very much. 

Including Aunty Jessie in the States who was with us in spirit.

We were in the States visiting Aunty Jessie and 
Uncle Craig. You were 10 years old and Justine 11.

Aunty Jessie sent a text message on Dec 23, 2010 (Thursday) @ 2:39pm:

"Happy birthday Daniel. We had great skiing weather in Lake Tahoe yesterday. Were You laughing at Uncle Craig too? Shhh. Be with your dad today ok and make your presence felt as you have been. Love you and miss you so much."

 You and Dad on your birthday on 
Christmas Eve 2008.

 Justine is putting in the candles on your cake.

 Smile for the camera ...

 Lighting the candles for Dad's cake.

 Happy Birthday Dad ...

 Aunty Pauline, Aunty Hayley, Aunty Iris and Grandma
are here for the Birthday and Christmas Eve dinner.

 Kish wants to say Happy Birthday too.
Woof Woof ... Arrrr ... Woof!

 Dad cuts his cake first.

 Dad is teasing You here ...

Making a Birthday wish.

 Everyone is watching You and waiting patiently, 
as You take your time to make a Birthday wish 
before blowing out the candles.

 God hears You ... <3

 Hmmm-mmm-mmm ...

 Justine and You gave Dad an orange pillow.

See the photo on the left panel of the blog for the orange pillow.

 The highlight of the evening ...
Time to open your birthday present.
Notice your pocket is filled with 
bulging red packets! :D

 Dad bought a guitar beginner's book for You, 
that comes with a guitar stand. 
This present motivated You to begin 
a deep, though brief, romance with the guitar 
Grandma gave you the year before.

 You are giving Aunty Iris a big hug here.

 Here are Aunty Carol, Justine and Aunty Diana.
 Kish jumps on to the sofa and 
insists on posing with them.

 Justine is checking out the new guitar book.

You pick up strumming really fast and soon, 
Justine and You, and sometimes Dad 
would play and sing together.

We are grateful to God for these photos and beautiful memories. Though we miss You more than words can say, we know You are having an awesome time today with Jesus and Our Lady and the rest of the Gang, in Heaven.

Can we refer to the angels as a "gang"???

You are never far away, Daniel ...

We feel your presence every day ...
Everywhere we are, there you'll be. <3

We miss You so very much, Son. <3 

 by Faith Hill

Yes Daniel, You're right here in our hearts.