Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Call 95 : ICE CREAM

Hello Son,                                  (continue from Call 94) (Monday, Dec 20)

There was a karaoke player in the private room at the restaurant.

While waiting for the late-comers, your mother attempted to entertain Grandma and Dad with her singing. How your mother now has the guts to hold a mike and make a nuisance of herself, she cannot understand. 

Even Dad commented that Mom never used to be quite so bold, and would take at least 3 hours to warm up to a karaoke session, by which time, it was time for everyone to go home.

The kindergarten kids have changed your mother, you know...

They have taught her to tear down her reservations and just - just - rise to the occasion.

Chay wahhh ... :D

Don't You roll your eyes ...

Anyway ...

Finally, the late parties arrived. At 8:30pm. One hour late.

All the excuses started pouring in.

Traffic jam la ...

Terrible jam la ...

Very bad jam la ...

After all the commotion, the dust settled. 

Grandma told the waiter we were ready for the food.

Justine said to Mom, "His song came on just now ..."

Ah, with that, Mom knew there was going to be a story of some kind.

True enough, Aunty Diana said,

"Eh, You know what happened just now???"

OMG ... what what what ???

Dad and Mom were all ears. 

Grandma was walking in and out of the private room, talking to the food manager.

Your aunties said that You went shopping with them. :D

At one point, they were in this boutique. 

Justine was in the changing room. Aunty Carol was having an ice-cream cone in her hands and was sitting down waiting for Jus to try out some dresses. Aunty Di happened to be standing outside the boutique at the time.

When Justine came out from the changing room, the sales girl called Aunty Di to come in. Aunty Di walked back in the boutique just in time to see Aunty Carol drop her ice-cream, cone and all, on the floor.

Aunty Carol cut in here and insisted, 

"I don't know how the ice-cream cone could have dropped. It was just flung out of my hands, and landed there (she pointed at a distance about 2 steps away from her). I was holding it, and it just flew out of my hands and landed over there (she pointed again)."

Aunty Diana couldn't stop laughing. 

She was like, 

"The sales girl called me ... Justine came out of the dressing room ... I walked in, and saw Carol drop her whole ice-cream on the floor. Hehehehe. The whole thing dropped on the floor, not just the ice-cream, even the cone. Hahahahah."

Aunty Carol was insistent, 

"It's not like I was licking the ice-cream, and the ice-cream fell out. The whole cone was flung out of my hands and it didn't drop beside me or near me. It fell like - there! (she pointed at a distance of 2 walking steps away). 

I was so shocked. My hand was still holding the ice-cream cone position in the air ..." 

... and she showed how her hand was holding the non-existent cone in one hand, as she turned her head abruptly to look at the cone and ice-cream that was splattered on the floor.

We all laughed at her comical act ... 

Then came the Zzzza-PPP part.

You didn't think that was the end, did You???


Aunty Diana asked, 

"You remember Dans and the ice-cream incident?"

Mom was blur. 

No, Mom does not remember such incident. 

What ice-cream incident?

Aunty Carol said, 

"You were there la. Don't You remember? At Bandar Utama? I bought an ice-cream cone for him at the organic shop, I took a lick and the ice-cream fell off the cone? Hehehehe. That was his second cone. I had to buy another one for him ..." 

3 cones altogether.

Pause ...

Wait a minute ... 

Why yes, your mother remembers - very vaguely. 

The ice-cream incident.

Dad and Mom did not witness the incident, but we were told about it a short while later. We were at the organic shop at Bandar Utama (new wing). You guys had finished your meal. Dad and Mom were still finishing their food at the table, whilst You guys were at the front of the shop buying ice-cream.

Mom asked Aunty Diana, "Were You there?"
Aunty Diana said, 

"Yeahhh ... I was right there. It happened in front of me. He was holding the ice-cream, that was his second one, Carol just bought for him. Then, Carol took a lick and the ice-cream fell off. Hehehehehe."

You should have seen his face, your aunties said with a wide grin. He was so funny, they laughed. 

He just stood there with the cone in his hands, not moving, with that dramatic expression, and we were laughing and laughing and laughing, said your Aunty Di, until finally Carol told him, she'll buy him another one. 

His third one.

Aunty Di said that just now at the boutique, when she walked in just in time to see the ice-cream fall on the floor, it was like a re-play of that earlier incident with You in Bandar Utama.

Awww Son ...

The timing is always perfect when You want to get our attention, we notice. :D

Then, in the car, while they were driving to the restaurant, one of your songs had come on the radio. 

 By Maroon 5

This is the first song You sang to Mom the night before You left us. 

It's not over tonight

Just give me one more chance to make it right

I may not make it through the night

I won't go home without You

The ice cream and then the song ...

What a treat for us all ... 

Grandma had her story with the maid (Call 94) and your aunties with the ice cream ... 

All these inciDANS the day before your 21st. :D

Zzzz-pPPP ...

The Bond. :D

(Continue on Call 96)