Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hello Son,                              (continue from Call 79) (Saturday, December 4)

Uncle John?


You must be watching Mom's expression from where You were. 

Only two days ago, on Thursday ... 

Mom had posted her Silent Thot entry on JOHN 3:16

with a Note to God. 

On Friday, God had sent her a reply to her note. 

See Call 76 : BE STILL.

On Saturday, today ... 

Uncle JOHN was sitting right in front her?

There were 4 rows of 50 bench-pews in each row, in the main central part of the church, right wing 20 bench-pews, left wing another 20 bench-pews. Each bench can accommodate comfortably about 6 to 8 people. The Church was about 80% packed, as Sunset Mass had not started. 

Excuse her, but there could have been so many places Uncle John could have sat, but he chose to sit RIGHT IN FRONT OF Mom.

Hmm ... 

You must have whispered to Uncle John to sit in front of Mom. Or to his wife to choose that particular row. 

Can You detect a light bulb coming on from up there?

Honestly, what are the chances? 

Mom couldn't help but wondering if You had really sent Uncle John there for her benefit ... and my oh my, was your mother surprised, when You responded to her thoughts a while later.

Yes, yes ... You did. :D

Wait ... She's coming to that in a bit.

Novena ended just about 6:20 pm. 

Mass would start at 6:30pm.

Mom and Aunty Carol went to the Ladies. Before that, Mom asked Justine to move up to our row. Jus moved a row up and sat with Grandma. Grandma and her friend, Uncle John's wife, were exchanging casual greetings.

When Aunty Carol and Mom came back to our seats, Uncle John and his wife had moved to the bench RIGHT BEHIND us. 

As Mom sat down, (Mass had not started), Mom turned to the back, said, 

"Hi," and then asked, 

"Weren't You guys sitting in front just now?"

His wife answered that, they moved back when they found their daughters on that row behind. They had come in just now, not knowing where their children were.

Mom whispered in low tones, "I have something to tell You."

Both husband and wife leaned forward.

"Just 2 days ago, I was writing an article on JOHN 3:16

And today, You walked right up and sat in front of me ..."

Uncle John grinned before asking, "3:16 ... For God so loved the world?"

Mom said, "Yeah..." and turned back.

Wow ... Imagine that.

Had he sat behind Mom from the start, she would have missed him. There would have been no OMG moment, no sparks and no connection. You made sure, didn't You, that he sat RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER first, before moving him to the back with his children.

Mom was meant to see JOHN.

Or perhaps, at the very least, reminded of her entry on 3:16.

A reinforcement of what she had written.

You think that was a coincidence? 

Mom definitely knows that was a coinciDANS.

Beyond a reasonable doubt.

Having said that, it would be super if You could drop her a sign, 

so she'd know FOR SURE.

Ah, and now for the moment You've been waiting for.

Mass started ...  

Fast forward to Communion time.

It came to our row to get up and follow the queue to the altar. 

Justine she stood up, and as she did, she suddenly turned back to Mom and pointed a finger subtly towards the front. Mom looked at what she was pointing to ...

... and she saw ...


Oh my ... 

A boy sitting 3 rows in front of us, was wearing ...

Are You ready for this?

The EXACT same white jumper-jacket 

that You wore when we lay You in the shuttle!

The day You left us to meet Jesus.

That boy was wearing your same white jumper-jacket.

The jacket with a hood.

Justine and Mom were mouthing to each other ...

O -- M -- G ...

We returned to our seats after taking communion. 

Guess what we did???

We took photos with Aunty Carol's hi-tech phone. 

Justine snapped a few, Aunty Carol, a few, and Mom, a few more. 

Between the 3 of us, we got him covered from every angle of the back view.  :D

 In Lourdes September 2009

Here'a a snap shot of You and Dad ... 

The white jumper-jacket.

Seeing this photo again, makes Mom see You walking home to Jesus. See the cross there? She is only realizing now, at the point of writing this sentence, that You were wearing this attire - the white jacket and your favourite jeans when You flew off to meet God. Except that you were not wearing the pink tee beneath, but an ORANGE check-shirt.

Isn't it strange that Mom had snapped this photo? 

It is not usual for her to take photos of people walking in the opposite direction. Actually, she had called out to You and Dad to turn around, and You both did, but by the time she found the button to on the camera, and clicked, You guys have turned back.

And that's the real reason why this photo ended up this way.

It wasn't because she was trying to be creative.

She just wasn't fast enough in turning on the camera. :(

Having said that, perhaps an angel had whispered, 

Take a photo of the back view. You will need it for comparison later in the future.

Both photos, of the white jumper-jacket, if You notice, are taken from the back angle.

The sign was sitting in front of Justine, 3 bench-pews away.

You must have known that this boy who's going to the same church, has this same jumper, and whispered to him, to put it on today. He probably couldn't understand why he's wearing a jumper when the weather is so darn hot! :D

Hmmm ...

Uncle John right in front of Mom, and the white-jacket boy 3 benches right in front of Justine. 

Thanks for the sign, Son - that was awesome. :D

When Mass ended, Mom walked to the car, that was parked along the main road. Grandma took her time, stopping along the way, to say Hi to her friends. Aunty C and Justine walked a different direction to their car.

As Mom was standing there alone by the car, waiting for Grandma, would You believe it but the white-jacket boy appeared and your mother watched him heading towards her direction, with another 2 guys. He could have taken another way, a different way ... had he hopped into a car, she would not have seen him again.

But - He was taking her way.

A double confirmation, Daniel? You must be enjoying all this. :D

She stared at his direction, of course avoiding eye contact, and wondered if she should perhaps say something to him as he came nearer, like, 

Excuse me, but my son has the same white jacket as the one You are wearing ...

Could she ask him that, she debated silently. 

Would that be weird?

Then what? How does she expect him to respond?

Duhhhh ...

Ohh -- keyyy ...  0.0

Sigh, she was afraid of that.

Oh, forget it. Let's be quiet then. 

Silence is powerful. 

Mom watched him walked towards her.

Then, he walked past her, and as he did, Mom could feel your eyes burning through her. Angels probably have super-sonic laser eyes, Mom thinks. Do they? You were definitely watching her, she could tell. 

Yes, she could so tell. 

Her trusted instincts told her that. :D

Today was just an awesome day, Son. 

Everywhere I am, There You'll be ... <3

Faith Hill