Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hello Son,                      (continue from Call 93) (Monday, December 20)

While Dad and Mom were getting your flowers for your 21st (11th month with Jesus) on Tuesday, Justine was with Aunty Carol, Aunty Diana and Chris (Aunty Di's fiance). 

They were at the malls in town. 

Dad, Mom and Grandma were meeting up with them for dinner tonight at 7:30pm at the wedding - reception restaurant for "food tasting."

We were at the restaurant right on the dot. 

The three shoppers and the one guy came an hour later!

Their excuse - traffic jam. 

They were excused because boy oh boy ... did they have a great story to tell us. Tell You in a minute. Be patient, yah?

On our side at the restaurant, Grandma has her own story to tell too. :D

Background of story : 

About 2 weeks ago, Grandma had told Mom that she wanted to get in touch with Valli, the maid who took care of Aunty Di (and Aunty C) since they were born until she was about 15 years old. 

We have not heard from Valli for the last 16 years or so, since she got married and left us back then. The last we heard is that she would most probably still be living in the rubber estate in Kulim, Kedah.

Back to to present day :

Grandma wanted to invite Valli to Aunty Diana's wedding in Jan 29/30, and said she wanted to go to the estate to find her.

Mom told Grandma not to be crazy. 

How in the world does Grandma think she's going to find the maid? We used to live in that rubber estate when your mother was in Standard 6. Mom can't even begin to count how many years ago was that.

Influenced by OPRAH ... 

Grin - Yes, You read right.

Grandma was inspired to cause a drama-reunion to happen. 


As a result of which, Grandma was quite adamant in trying to find Valli. Again, Mom told Grandma not to be silly. Going into the rubber estate when she doesn't know anyone there, can be - well - dangerous.

Dan-ge-rous ...

That was your very first 3 syllable word.

Anyway, Grandma related that the past 3 days or so, as she was checking out the wedding guest list, she kept on telling your aunties her desire to find Valli. No one knows how to find her. The only way was just to go to the estate and ask around. 

A silly and ridiculous thing to do.

Don't You think?

Then this morning (Monday), out of the blues ...

Grandma received a Christmas card from Valli!!!

Yes, can You believe that??? 

This morning!!!

The maid has not been in contact for the last 16 years and this morning, THIS MORNING (Monday), Grandma received a card from her. 

Valli had written her telephone number in it.

Oh My ...

Grandma was choking with tears as she related that moment she held the card in her hands. She had been trying to get in touch with Valli the past 2 weeks, and especially so the last few days as she was working on the guest list. It was so impossible for her to find Valli's contact, and the only way to contact the maid was to go back to the estate in Kedah and search for her.

Yet this morning, THIS MORNING, Valli's card arrived - out of nowhere. She has not sent a single card since the day she left, 16 years ago.

Now You tell me - is this a miracle or what? 

A definite angel-intervention.

Grandma kept saying, "Someone up there really knows what's going on ..."

Yup, "someone up there" ... 

Will You do us a favour and say THANK YOU to the "someone up there"?

While waiting for your aunties, Justine and Chris to arrive at the restaurant, Grandma made a call to Valli. Her husband picked up the phone and said that she was not at home, but he would ask her to return call.

Some 20 minutes later, Grandma's handphone rang. 

It was Valli ...

Can You hear the faint introduction music of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai now?

As Grandma was on the call with Valli, her voice broke at one point and she appeared to be overwhelmed by the moment. From the little that Mom could gather, Valli had said she would attend Aunty Diana's wedding reception in Ipoh.

After the call, Mom asked what Valli said, that made Grandma suddenly broke down just now. 

Grandma related, shaking her head in utter disbelief and amazement as she said, that Valli said, the past week, she had been very restless and not been able to sleep, and she had been dreaming and thinking of Aunty Di and Aunty Carol. Something was making her want to contact Grandma, after all these years. She remembered our school address and so, she decided to send Grandma a Christmas card.

Oh Wow ...

The "someone up there" must have whispered to Valli that, 

"Mrs Lai, your former employer, is trying to find You ..."

There is no other explanation.

Of course, except that, it's just a coinciDANS. :D

That was so so so unexpected and amazing! 

Magical almost. :D

You know Son ...

There must be a reason why your aunties call You DANS

And not DAN. 

It would appear that the connection was established and was already in place, way back when ... :D

Chuckle. Been watching BONES ... 

Sigh, who can tell what God's plans are ...

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