Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hello Son,                                         (Thursday, December 9)

This morning, Mom followed Aunty Carol to the hospital. 

We left the house at 6:45am, believe it or not. You were probably still asleep at the time. :D

We arrived at the hospital grounds at 7:30am. 

Aunty C drove to the staffs' parking area. 

As we were driving in to the parking area, we noticed that the parking was already packed, and several cars were parked along the drain. You only park along the drain when there is no available proper parking spots. Mom was surprised that the staffs go to work so early. 

Anyway ...

We forgot, didn't we, that we have an angel who'd reserve a spot for us. :D Aunty C drove in, made the first turn, and spotted immediately an empty parking lot. It was unusual to have an empty lot, when there were cars already stacked up by the drain.

Aunty C was like, "Woah, lucky thing there's one spot here. We're very lucky." :D

Yes, we were very lucky.

Thanks Son.

Wonder what You do to the drivers who would have passed that spot? Do You like put on an imaginary car there so they won't see an empty lot or You whisper to them, to move along, this spot is reserved?

However You do it, we appreciate it.

How nice it is to feel an angel's presence first thing in the morning. :D

Anyway ...

At the clinic, Mom took a seat. 

Twenty minutes would have passed before she was entertained by a little boy, who was toddling back and forth in the narrow walk-area in front of her. People who were sitting in the waiting area were watching the boy, walked to and fro, and to and fro, swinging his arms wildly by his side, and making baby noises.

Suddenly, the little boy made a turn and came towards your mother. He spotted her yellow umbrella that was by her side. 

Fascinated by it, he started to pull at the umbrella. 

And pushed it back against the seat.

His father approached us and said, "Bagi aunty balik." 

(Give it back to aunty)

Mom pointed to the umbrella and asked, 

"Apa ini?" (What is this?)

He ignored her, and continued playing with the umbrella. Maybe it was a sword to him. :D

Mom said, pointing to the brolly, "Paa -- yung." (umbrella)

He looked at her and repeated, "Yung ..."

Mom said again, "Paa -- yung."

"Yung ..."

At this point, Mom took out her mobile and said, "Okay senyum, aunty ambik gambar." (Smile for the camera)

He stopped moving and actually knew how to smile for the camera.

Mom had suddenly noticed that he was wearing an orange and brown tee shirt. The reason behind the snapshot. It had reminded your mother instantly of your orange and brown tee shirt. 

In fact, only yesterday morning (Wednesday) at the breakfast meeting, Mom had mentioned these two colors - orange and brown.

No other colors did she mention, only these two.

Orange and brown.

She was giving an example of a product leaflet for kids, and she had mentioned, "bright colors for kids like orange..." 

A comment was given, what about the old people, and she had said, "brown for the senior people..."

Orange and brown, she had summed up.

My, orange and brown was staring at her face right this minute.


Felt that? 

Mom did. 


The Bond.

A mother and son thing.

This lil boy could have stopped at any one of the what - 50 (?) over people who were at the waiting area at the material time, but he chose your uh, mother's umbrella.

You must have sent him to Mom, huh. :D

Orange and brown.

When Mom's name was called, was she surprised when she was told to go to Room 14, You think?

Nah ...

She was kinda amused.

Room 14?

Her angel sign.

When she came out, she checked to see how many rooms were there, with the same big sign. There were 20.

Hmmm, there were rooms from No. 1 until 20.

Of course, Mom had to be sent to No. 14. :D

Anyway ...

Dad came to pick Mom up about 11:30am. 

For the next 10 minutes or so, we had our own CNN news in the car. Yeah, You must have seen that, right? How funny were we? Dad couldn't get a word in. :D

We went to Midvalley Mall. 

Mom needed to get a box of eye drops. 

Yup, the Preservative Free one.

It was almost noon.

Dad drove in to the basement car park area right after pulling a ticket from the auto-machine. 

Mom heard herself asking You to do your thing.

You must have heard, because Dad immediately spotted a nice one - and - a - half car space along a trail of vehicles parked by the side.

Dad slipped the car in with ease.

"Dans got a spot for us," he said with a grin.

Aww, Thanks Son. 

Everywhere we are, There You'll be ...

Just before we got out of the car, we caught sight of the number plate of the car in front.

Gasp ...


The Bond. 

Oh my, what a feeling ...

Our angel sign ... (See Call 43)

Thanks for reserving that nice space for Dad, Son.