Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Hello Son,                            (continue from Call 103) (Saturday, December 25)

We had a really nice time at the Christmas party. 

It was a lavish do, in a mini mansion, complete with an indoor pool and a pool table. We left the place at about 11pm. 

In the car, on the way home, Mom could not help but reflect on the inciDANS that happened today. 

Today is Christmas Day and the whole day has been sprinkled with magic dust. :D

Right from the start of the day, You made your presence felt.

At the church.

In the car. The song, I'll Be Missing You.

The unexpected phone call.

The DAN 8 vehicle.

The man LAI.

Reflecting upon the inciDANS sure made your mother smile to herself. The song, the signs, the BOND ...

One after another, it was pretty overwhelming.

Everywhere we are, there you'll be ...

Honestly, today was just surreal.

Every lil thing reminds us of You. :D

Mom must have fell asleep in the car because when she woke up, Aunty Hayley was no longer in the car (Dad had dropped her off) and we had arrived at the condo.

At home, Justine was taking her shower. Dad was in the room. Mom switched on the TV while waiting for Jus. 

A movie The Christmas Hope was on. 

"Whenever I am lonely, I'll feel him with me ... He's my angel ..."

Mom did not intend to watch that movie, or any movie for that matter - she was really sleepy. However, that movie grabbed her attention a few minutes after she turned the TV on. 

It was about a mother who lost her son some 2 years ago ...

How could such a movie not get your mother's attention, right? Anyway, as she was watching, she could totally understand and relate to all the unexplained signs and incidents that was going on in the movie. 

The special bonds, and the "knowing" ... the knowing that their special someone is close by. It is difficult to explain how we know ... but when the Zap moment happens, we just ... 

We just - know.

Watching that movie that night, between the hours of 12 midnight to 2 am, at the end of Christmas Day, especially after the inciDANS that happened throughout the day, was truly heart-warming. 

Justine came out of the shower in the middle of the show, and we watched it together. By the end of the show, we were huddling together, as your mother found tears flowing freely down her cheeks.

As if the movie wasn't touching enough ... 

You know what happened next??? When the names of actors were scrolling up the screen, Mom and Justine saw that one of the character roles, JUSTIN, was played by DANIEL ... (didn't catch the surname though)

Zzzzza --PPPPP !!!

In the first place, it was strange that we would be reading the names of the actors in the movie. We normally don't do that, as You know. When a movie ends, we'd just off the TV (it was 2am after all) but we kinda sat there and continued watching.

You must have whispered to us to look at the screen ...

That ZAP moment at the end of Christmas night, with your name on the screen, sure summarized the whole day of inciDANS for us. Had it been just DANIEL on the screen, it may not have brought a connection, but because it was a JUSTIN - DANIEL ... 

Boy, we sure felt THE BOND ... :D

The night before Christmas. The story is just beautiful and very moving for Mom. It made her realize how lucky she is to have her own signs and inciDANS.

Her own bond. 

Her own Zap moments.

These are so very precious.

Right from the moment You left us, after your Farewell Mass, You had started to make your presence felt. God is good and God is faithful.

One of your friends had sent a text message to Justine right after the Mass, and he had said something to this effect : 

I'm not sure if I should say this, but if I were a son, I would be proud of my mother today ...

Justine had shown Mom that message, when we were in the car heading to the crematorium. Instantly, Mom knew that it somehow came from You. She just knew. Don't ask her how she knew, but she - knew. That message was from You. 

That same boy created your Facebook page that day. Mom will always be grateful for that. She cannot imagine how she could have coped without that. As You very well know, your mother has never been on Facebook before, but it was the Facebook that helped her to carry on after You left, day by day, until her account was blocked on your 8th month, and she had to transfer all further calls to this Call Blog.

Dad said You upgraded Mom's connection. 


Thank You Son. 

Yes, the blog is better for long calls, and the facebook for quick Hi's ...  

Hmm, looks like your mother's got the best of both. :D 

Talk to You in a bit, Son - gotta get ready for Mass now. 

Are You on duty at Heaven's Altar today?