Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hello Son,                                                           (Friday, December 17)

This morning, we went to one of the colleges for their Open Day.  

It's hard to believe that your sister has completed secondary school and is going to college when the new year begins. How fast time just swept by. Only now, Mom understands the real meaning behind the sentiments of : 

"It feels like only yesterday, we brought our bundle(s) of joy home from the hospital ..."

Anyway ...

We arrived at the college a few minutes after 10am.

We were ushered to the lecture hall to attend the welcome and intro talks. By lunch time, we had the A Levels, the SAM, the CPU, the ADP and what-not swimming in our heads.

Pretty confusing time.

Justine is still undecided.

There was a lunch break, and we went out of the hall. Dad suggested we had lunch at a food court that is within walking distance from the college.

As we were approaching the entrance / exit, one of the college volunteers came up to Mom, and handed a brochure. 

Taking the brochure, Mom asked casually, "Are You a student here?"

She said, "Yes, just finished my first year." 

We got talking for a bit. Your mother wanted to find out how the college courses were etc. About 5 minutes would have passed, before Mom found herself thanking her. We were about to walk out of the gate, when your mother heard the introduction to the song FALL FOR YOU which came over the PA system. 

Yup, the second song You sang for Mom the night before You left us.

 by secondhand serenade

Did You see your mother from your cotton cloud? She had stopped abruptly in her tracks, with a look of complete surprise and had in fact, stood there by the exit while the song was on. You certainly know how to make your presence felt.

On hindsight, You must have sent that girl to stop us from leaving the campus just now. Had the girl not approached Mom, we would have walked out, and would have missed your song. 

That was You probably telling us, "Hey guys, I'm with You." :D

We heard You, Son, loud and clear - over the booming PA system. 

Not only because this is a special song close to your mother's heart - how could it not be when it was one of the two songs that You sang to Mom the night before You followed Jesus home - but Justine had performed the song for Aunty Diana only last night

On Thursday night. 

We are asking Jus to sing FALL FOR YOU on her guitar at the wedding dinner - just the chorus part and another song. 

Mom has changed the words to the chorus, and now she's singing it as :

Tonight will be the night that I will fall for You

Over again, You're always on my mind

And I will give You all my lovin' till the end of time

Because a girl like You is impossible to find

You're impossible to find

What do You think? 

Not too bad, huh? 

In fact, when Aunty Carol heard it, she thought those were the actual lyrics anyway. Hehe. :D 

It's such a great song. Besides, we want to make sure the groom knows that a girl like your Aunt Diana, is truly, ahh, quite impossible to find. 


So, Justine was singing this last night, and today on Friday, it's on the PA system. Just right before we were about to step out of the college.

Some kind of response from the sky, we think.

So meant to be. We were meant to hear that, that's for sure. You must have been trying to tell Jus that You heard her singing last night. :D

That was a precious moment, Son. 

Thank You for the Zzzz-aPPP connection. A hundred and one songs could have come on, but it had to be FALL FOR YOU, the song that Justine sang only last night to your Aunty Diana, the same song that You both used to sing together on your guitars.

The Bond.

Not to be understood, because understanding is simply not required for a heart to heart, mind to mind, and a soul to soul connection between a mother and her son. :D

(Didn't manage to publish this post until today, Wednesday Dec 22. Here's Jus singing FFY at your garden on Tuesday Dec 21)