Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hello Son,                                               (Saturday, December 11)

On Friday morning yesterday ... 

Mom accompanied Aunty H to the hospital. With Aunty Carol working in the hospital, we're getting all kinds of free tests. 

Before Mom left the house, she had published her Friday Poem on the Pretty Pink Poetry Blog and posted the link on your Facebook.

She had found the above pink angel image easily on the internet. As a matter of fact, she was pleasantly surprised that the artist has the same name

Having encountered only 3 days ago on Wednesday, a cosmetic-sales girl with the same name, and receiving some unexpected benefits at the mall, Mom was wondering if this could lead to something unusual too.

See Call 82 : SAME NAME

The imprint of her first name on the pink angel image somehow made her feel like she was supposed to pay special attention to it. 

Like, something would happen. 

A benefit, no doubt.

A message perhaps. 

Something ... something that would be connected to the pink angel.

She felt it somehow. 

Her instincts told her that she did not come across this pink angel with her name on it, for nothing. There was a reason, and especially so soon after the same name inciDAN with the sales girl on Wednesday at the mall.

You were up to something, your mother could tell. :D The familiar pre-Zzz-aPPP pattern is there. 

Get the attention first, then give the Message. :D

Well, You've gotten her attention, that's for sure ... 

Now she wondered what the message was ...

With that in mind ... 

Mom left the house at 8am to meet Aunty H at the lobby downstairs. Soon, we were on the way to the hospital.  

You wanna know the highlight of Friday morning at the hospital?

Well ...

We were there since 9am, and were about to leave about 10:30am, when a distinguished man in a wheel chair was wheeled in to the registration table.

Mom recognized that face instantly.

See the man on the left side of the pillar?

The photo is a bit blur, and You probably can't see the man in that angle, but guess who that is ...

That's Karpal Singh ...

The famous criminal lawyer and politician in our country.

After attempting to snap a photo from where she was standing, Mom instantly sent a text message to Aunty Carol:

"OMG! Karpal Singh is here. At the counter.'

He was later wheeled passed where Mom was standing.

Our eyes met briefly. 

Mom gave a curt nod and a half smile, and he kinda did the same. :D

Did You see that? 


Well, attempting to bat her lashes at Karpal Singh was your mother's big thrill on Friday morning. :D

Hmmm ...

Surely, that wasn't the pink angel message she was supposed to look out for. She couldn't see how Karpal Singh could be connected to the pink angel in the first place. :D

Unless it was a calling for lawyers ... one in particular.

Like yoe, you lawyer ... 

A pink message is about to come to you. Pay attention. :D

Oh--key ...

She waited.

Nothing happened on Friday afternoon.

Friday evening passed and night came.

No pink message.

Saturday morning and afternoon breezed by.

Still nothing.

Nothing unusual. 

No sparks. 

No fireworks. 

No ahah!

Until Saturday evening ...

We were attending Novena (5:45pm) and Sunset Mass (6:30).

Father had said, at the end of the Novena, in very clear terms, tone and words, the following ... so clear that Mom found herself keying them into her mobile :-



She liked that. <3

True devotion to Mary us leads to Jesus.

Yes, she really liked that. <3


Mom turned to Aunty Carol and whispered that she liked what Father had just said. Aunty C was quick to agree, and said she'd like that too.

When Mass started ... 

The Priest as usual, entered the church with the procession of altar boys and the readers. 

You must have seen your mother's expression as she watched the Priest walked in ... Her jaw dropped, her mouth opened, as she stared at Father walking in ...

... with his PINK robe flowing behind.

PINK robe???

Not green or purple or red ... but PINK???

She had not really noticed it when he was at the pulpit.

Oh My - This would be the first time your mother has seen a PINK robe on Father. She cannot recall the last time, if ever there were a time, when she saw a pink robe on Father. 

The Holy Bible, she noticed next, where the 2 readers read their passage from, had a beautiful sweet pink cover. 

Even the second Priest had a PINK sash - thingy draped over his shoulders. What's that thing called again?

Suddenly, the whole church was just a loud PINK. :D

Zzzz --aPPP!!!

Colorful stars were dancing before your mother's eyes.

The Sparks. 

The Connection.

The Bond.

Mom just knew she had received her pink message. <3

Devotion to Mama Mary is not enough - it must be a TRUE devotion. 

Yes, yes, there is a difference, as explained by Father. Tolerating the rosary is not true devotion. After this message, Mom's rosary time is changed forever.

It really is cute how You drop your mother these messages. Thank You for that, Son. :D Tell Mama Mary that Mom sends her love. <3

Call You tomorrow then ... :D

Night Son. <3