Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hello Son,                         (continue from Call 105) (Monday, December 27)

Anyway, back to the crabs ...

Dad called a friend somewhere near Selayang, and asked him to where to get fresh crabs. Before his friend could reply, the line apparently got disconnected.

Meanwhile, we decided to leave the supermarket. 

Dad tried calling his friend again. When we were driving out of the basement parking of Central Market, we saw a car that had a large SCORPION sticker on the car door. 

The number plate was 4004

We had stopped just right before the car, for a few minutes, as we were in the line to pay at the cashier before leaving the basement car park.


Ahh, our angel sign. (See Call 43)
We were all looking at the strange scorpion sticker on the car when we heard Dad said aloud, "Got crabs!"

Got crabs??? 

Just when we were looking at the scorpion 4004 car???

Oh Wow ...

Your aunties were going ...

Scorpion is a type of crab, right? ...

Ah, he got the crabs for us ...

He knows we're gonna have crabs tonight ...

Mom listened and smiled to herself ...

How strange ...

Scorpion, huh???

Why, your mother got You some scorpion (print) underwear when You were ah, not so young. In several bright colors too. :D 

Seriously, You were not that excited about them then, but in your mother's defence, the briefs were folded and from the box, they had looked like uh, very trendy - colorful underwear. :D It really was not possible to know that there was a scorpion print on those briefs.

Scorpion 4004 ...

That was a sure Zzzzza-PPPPP moment, Son ... :D

Only between mother and son ... <3

Anyway ...

We bought 10 large crabs for only RM90.

Can You beat that?

Here're the photos taken at Aunty D's birthday dinner.

What else to add? says Chef Diana

Say hello to our delicious crab dish, kam-heong style!

Dad made the sweet & sour version and pilau rice.

Bon Appetite! :D

Grandma made this delicious sze chuan soup.


Justine and Aunty C made moist choc cake for Aunty D.

The cake is yummy with "cookies and cream" ice-cream.

Remember??? Cookies and cream was 
your last birthday cake on earth ...

December 24, 2009

Aunty Jessie sent an email on Aunty Diana's birthday :


i've just been on dans blog and you know what....i told you that i was going to catch up on the things i've missed I took my time reading every single blog till I reached 100.....I can't believe you've written up to 100 blogs for dans....and on his birthday too....
anyway, as i was reading the blog where dans made a wish on his last birthday and God heard him......

pipes just burst and i could blink no more....thunderstorm like anything.....but you know what....after that, until now.....hmmm....i don't know how to tell you this....cos I might be wrong....but there was this sweet smelling aroma that was in the air...and I smell it still....i took a sniff at my clothes and it wasn't coming from there....took a sniff at my hair...and no, not from there either....took a sniff at my wrists....not the same scent....

I'm lying here on my bed with my laptop....poohbear is by my feet....errr no it's not coming from her either....took a sniff at my sheets.....not from there either.....ok craig just walked in, so it's not him's coming from somewhere and I don't know where....I took a sniff at the laptop....errr....I'm not sure....could it be?

At the time when Mom was reading Aunty Jessie's email, Aunty Diana had turned on the TV.  

SpongeBob was singing the FUN song. 

F is for friends who do stuff together

U is for U and Me

N is for any where and anytime at all

Down here in the big blue sea

Oh wow - how incredible ...

This song is so connected to Aunty Jessie because she had posted this video on your facebook way back when. What are the chances of your mother reading Aunty Jessie's email and at the same time hearing the song Aunty Jessie uploaded for You on your FB???

Another coinciDANS surely ... :D