Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hello Son,                                      (Monday, December 13)

Aunty Diana will be arriving tomorrow (Tuesday) from Tawau. :D 

We have not seen her since January at your farewell. We are really looking forward to seeing her. Also, we are all excited about getting her wedding stuffs. 

Especially her dress.

It would be exciting, huh, looking for that perfect gown.

At 7:30 pm in the evening, Aunty Carol sent a text message to say, "check email."

Mom went to her in-box and checked the email. Aunty Carol had sent a photo. It was a car with the number plate:

DAN 1129

When Mom saw the number plate, and instantly saw the message. Yes Son, Aunty Diana is coming home tomorrow. :D You know that, right?

Her wedding date is : 29-1-11

1129 is her number alright.:D

You must have whispered to Aunty Carol to snap that photo. Aunty C later told Mom that she had not intended to take that picture, but that car seemed to be near her car for quite a while. And she couldn't miss the DAN. She said, it wasn't difficult to take the picture, even though both vehicles were moving.

Mom told her, "Dans excited Diana is coming home tomorrow." :D

That number plate reminded Mom of the first time she saw a DAN plate. It was on her birthday, if You remember. You had made your presence felt that whole day. 

Towards the end of the evening, we were on the federal highway, and there had been a traffic jam. Cars were practically crawling, inching slowly away. Justine had caught sight of the number plate of the car right in front of us.

DAN 9501

It was so amazing, because the whole day had been filled with signs from You. And seeing DAN in front of us at that moment had been magical. Mom had wondered though at the time the connection with the number 9501. 

Had it been 94, she thought, it would have been your birth year. But 95??? 95 didn't seem to have any connection to You. Besides, nothing major happened in 95 that she could remember about. 

Why, in 95, You were one year old. 

The Zzzza-PPP happened right there.

95  ...  1 year old  = 9501 :D

As we were mesmerized by the moment, the song 1234, I LOVE YOU came on the radio. You used to sing that song with your finger action, showing the number 1234. 

That is so your style - get the attention first, then give the message.

There's only one way, two say

those three words, four YOU-UU


Plain White Ts

You got our attention alright with the DAN 1129.

Yup, You definitely know that Aunty Diana is coming home.

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