Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Call 88 : 21 GUNS

Hello Son,                                                  (Tuesday, December 14)

This morning, Mom had to drive to town to run some errands. Justine followed Mom, so we could have lunch together later.

Your mother went to the basement car park to get the car. 

The time was 10:30am. 

Turning on the radio to her station at 105.7, she listened to the DJ making some announcements. The song that came on right after, was :

When the going gets tough, 

the tough gets going ...

Mom just had to smile when she heard the song. 

You are not giving your mother some kind of motivation, are You?

At the lobby, Justine hopped in the car. 

Even before she had the time to close the car door, she reached for the radio, and changed the station to 95.8. 

The first lyric of 21 GUNS came on. 

Jus was like, "Hey, it's Aunty Diana's song." :D

Felt your presence instantly. 

You really do know that your aunt will be back soon, huh. You must be excited about her wedding too. 

Did You whisper to Justine to change the station? 


This song was Aunty Diana's mobile ring tone when You were in the hospital 2 weeks before You followed Jesus home. We had heard her ring tone in the ward, and that was how we found out that your aunty likes the song 21 GUNS

Mom's not sure though if it's still her ring tone now. It has been, after all, 11 months since she last heard the mobile's ring tone. 

Anyway ...

After running her errands, Jus and your mother had lunch at a nearby coffee shop. 

After lunch, as we were walking to the car park, Mom sent Aunty Carol a text message :

"yesterday, u saw DAN 1129, today 21 guns on radio. dans know diana coming back." :D

We were in the car. 

The time on the dash board showed 12:42pm. As we were driving out the car park, Mom's mobile beeped. 

Justine read Aunty Carol's sms :

"Diana is at the airport now."

Believe it or not ... 

About the same time, 21 GUNS came on again! 

At the same station 95.8.

Oh Wow Daniel ...

It's not that common for the same song to play again on the same station, within 2 hours.

That surely was a coinciDANS. :D

At 6pm, Mom was with your aunty at Grandma's house, eating sambal petai and prawns, when Aunty Diana's ring tone sang to the tune of ...

21 GUNS.

It's still her ring tone, since your hospital days ...

By Green Day

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