Sunday, December 26, 2010


Hello Son,                           (continue from Call 101) (Saturday, December 25)

This evening on Christmas Day ... 

We were going to Uncle Gerard's home for a Christmas party. He lives with his family deep inside Ampang area. Near the Zoo, he had told Dad. An area that we are not that familiar with.

Anyway, Dad has a faint idea of the whereabouts and felt he should be able to find the place. It is a new housing estate apparently. 

Near the Zoo.

We picked up Aunty Hayley from her home in Bangsar at 8pm. 

Whilst at her place, Mom received a phone call. 

It was Chloe's mummy. 

Chloe is her ex-student in kindergarten last year. We (Mom and her 4 ex-student and their families) were supposed to have our second reunion during the holidays except that we have not been able to fix a date. 

Here's the link to our first reunion on September 16 this year.

Mom had sent out an email on Dec 20, 5 days ago, to the parents of 4 of her children. There was one immediate reply from Keenan's mummy. That was all. 

Anyway ... 

Chloe's mummy said over the phone, that it was so strange but a few days ago, whilst Chloe's family were having lunch at PapaRich, they had bumped into Keenan's family while walking back to the car. 

That same evening, Chloe's family happened to check out a restaurant far, far away (can't remember where now) and believe it or not, but they met Rapunzel's family at the same restaurant.

"It was so strange to bump into the both of them, on the same day," Chloe mummy had said.

Mom couldn't help but smile to herself. 

An angel must have been whispering somewhere, that's for sure. :D 

Mom told Chloe's mummy that she had in fact sent out an email to the 4 parents. Chloe's mummy said she has not been checking her in-box.

That explains the non-reply.

Yes, it sure was strange that your mother had contacted the parents 5 days earlier, and today, one of them called to tell Mom that she had bumped into the other 2 families on the same day, a few days ago.

The unexpected events were strange enough for her to want to call Mom to tell her about them. You must have whispered to Chloe's mummy to tell Mom about those inciDANS. It sure sounds like You were trying to gather the children/parents together for your mother. :D 

3 families out of 4, that's not too bad, Son ... Your mother is pretty sure that when she checks later, the 4th student Kah Yee and family were out of town. :D


We definitely wanna meet up. Just that the timing is a bit off. 

Anyway, we were soon on our way to the Zoo.

We reached the area around 9pm. 

Dad made a turn into one of the housing estate. This place was surrounded by a jungle. It was pitch dark save for the lights that lit the rows of houses.

After going round and round and round the bush, or rather jungle, Dad stopped to make a call to Uncle Gerard. We were lost. Attempting to find the way again, we drove on. Turn right, turn left, make U-turn, 3 point turn - You name it, we did it.

Yet, we couldn't find the house.

We were quite, quite lost.

Dad stopped by the road again to make a second call. This time, Uncle G said that he would send one of his staff to meet us and lead us to the house. The staff came on the phone, and asked Dad where we were.

Dad briefly explained (they were conversing in Cantonese) and the staff apparently said to WAIT there (where we were). He will drive out to meet us. 

Ahh, and now for the moment that we've been waiting for.

Wait for it ... wait for it ...

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