Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Hello Son,                                                                           

Missed talking to You so much. It's midnight. 

Finally, the computer is free. We were viewing Aunty Diana's wedding photos the whole day. Justine and Aunty Di are trying to compile a short video (for Aunty Jessie) of the 3 days : 

Pre-wedding, Wedding in Ipoh and in KL. 

It's still not done.

Yet ...

IPOH, Friday January 28

Here are some photos taken on Friday.

We felt your presence throughout the day, Son ... :D

It was wonderful, the inciDANS that happened. :D 

You were so with us, Daniel ... :D

Thank You Jesus for that. :D

Aunty Diana with Grandma. At Grandma's condo.

At the lift ...

Mom, Aunty Diana, Aunty Carol and Justine.
We left for IPOH at 10am. First stop was at Bangsar, 
to pick up Aunty Hayley. Drove up to Ipoh in two cars.

And off we go ...

Dad, Mom, Aunty Hayley and Justine in the wedding car. Aunty Carol drove with Aunty Diana in her car, right behind us.

The journey up to Ipoh was very smooth. 

It was almost 2 hours in the car, when the first inciDAN happened. Mom's mobile beeped.  

Aunty Jessie from the States had sent a text message @ 12:10pm :

Mom replied straight back. 

"v are on d way to ipoh. Somewhere Over The Rainbow playing on the radio now ..."

As your mother was keying in the text, Somewhere Over The Rainbow came on. 

Zzzzzzzaa -- PPP!!!

Justine said she had turned up the volume so Mom could hear. :D Aunty Carol has compiled a CD of about 80 songs to play during the wedding reception, and we were playing that CD in the car. It so happened that when Mom was texting Aunty Jes, 

that - song - came - on. 

You do remember, don't You, that Aunty Jes had posted Somewhere Over The Rainbow in your Facebook a few weeks after You left us ... and that this song is her song for You. <3

Mom forwarded Aunty Jes' text message to Aunty Diana.

It turned out, that even before Aunty Jes sent her sms to Mom, Aunty D already text her @ 11:47am. 

About 20 minutes ago.

About 20 minutes ago.

@12:14pm ... Aunty D smsed : "Eh its weird. i sms jes even before i saw your forward. we are all sms-ing the same time..." 

In her next sms : "Dans must be whispering to us ..." 

Aunty Di told Mom during lunch later that Aunty Jes had sent her a text message 2 days ago (on the Jan 26, see text message above) but she didn't have the time to reply to then. 

Then, the next song that came on was WE GO TOGETHER (We'll always be together ... wahh oooh, yeahhh) from GREASE.


Mom sms-ed to both of them : "We Go Together is on now ..."

Aunty Jes was all, "Dans makes me feel like i'm there with you guys. sniff ..."

Awww Son ... 

That was YOU gathering us together ... with a lil message ...

We'll always be together ... :D

What are the chances of having that song play as we were sms-ing each other : Mom in one car, Aunty D in another car, and Aunty Jes in the States?

No chance. 

Okay, if You like - slim chance. 

At best ... a coinciDANS. :D

We arrived in Ipoh at 1pm. 

Drove straight to Old Town for lunch.

That's Christopher, Aunty Diana's fiance ...

We all had the hor fun (rice noodles) except Christopher.  He had already eaten before he came.

You know, after we finished our first bowl, Mom went to the stall at the front of the coffee shop, to order another 5 bowls (second round). The noodle seller kinda stared at your mother for a few seconds before asking, 

"Didn't the girl bring the food to your table?"

Mom said, "Yes got ... got ... this is our second round."

Mom went back to the table and told the rest. 

Dad said, "This is probably the first time people order second round."

The hor fun seller came to the table to reconfirm the order, 

"You want four bowls?" (he showed 4 fingers)


Zzzzzaa -- PPP!!!

Mom said, "No, five ..." (and showed 5 fingers)

"Eat now?" he asked further.

"Yes ..." 

Of course eat NOW, then eat when ...

We were all laughing at the table. You must have been grinning too, Son ... Did You tell the man to go to our table and show us the 4 fingers - just because ... :D

Christoper was like, 

"You mean You guys are eating now? I thought You're tapau-ing..." (taking-away)

Dad said, "Welcome to the family. The girls can really eat ..." :D


Kish is here with us too ...

See how happy Aunty C is with her second bowl ??? :D

After lunch, we drove to the hotel. At the hotel, Mom was with Aunty Diana and Christoper at the reservation counter. The front desk receptionist handed the key-cards to Chris and said, 

" On the 14th floor." 

Mom said nothing, she thought she misheard. 

Aunty Di pounced, "Which floor?" 

The girl replied, "14."

Aunty Di turned to Chris and asked, "Did You ask for this floor?"

"No, no ... why? You don't like?" He sounded quite concerned.

Aunty Di turned to Mom and we exchanged a smile. 

A secret smile. You must have been smiling too, Mom can tell. :D 

You were definitely with us. We know.

Chris had made a reservation for 3 rooms: one for the bride and groom, one for us, and one for Aunty Di's friends. 

The girl handed over the room keys for all the 3 rooms. 

Aunty Diana checked the card-keys and said, "OMG, how weird ... your room and my room are on the 14th floor, and my friends are on the 13th floor."

Weird? Nah, not weird ... a conciDANS. :D

Aunty Di said, "He knows la ... He knows we want to be together."

Yeah, didn't You just play that song for us? 

Of course You know ...

Mom knows You know ... 

We'll -- always -- be -- together ... <3

After freshening up a bit, we went to Chris' house. We forgot to bring the Wedding Montage Disc to Ipoh, so Justine and Aunty Carol are doing up a simple video with the photos that Chris received from the Bridal Studio.

The lady on the left is Chris' mother ...

Dad with Chris' father ...

Check out the house number ...

Chris brought us to Little India. Justine is having a design painted on her hand.

Mom had asked the girl what do we call this hand painting. She had said a word that starts with M - can't remember what it is now ...

RM5 per hand ...

Very quickly done - less than 5 minutes ...

We were so impressed with our hand painted patterns ...

Hi Five, Daniel ... :D

We went back to Chris' house so Jus could finish up the video ...

About 10:30pm ...

We decided to go back to the hotel. Several of Chris's relatives were still at his house. Dad and Mom walked to the car. 

For some reason, the rest were taking quite a while to get to the car. Ten minutes or so must have passed. Dad and Mom were still waiting in the car. 

What's taking them so long???

It was getting a bit stuffy in the car.

Mom opened the car door.

O -- M -- G ...

What's that on the ground?

She grabbed her camera, jumped out of the car, and snapped a few shots. 

It was a feather. 

A white feather with a black tip.

See Call 128 : White Feather.

It was so unbelievable seeing that feather on the ground, right by your mother's door. Mom might not have noticed it or see the connection if not for the white feather that had zapped her just before midnight, on your first anniversary on January 21. 

Picking it up, she scrutinized the object like she were a forensic expert. :D 

She showed it to Dad. 

Dad smiled and said, "Dans Dans ..." :D

No words. 

Just Dans Dans Dans ...

Mom kept the feather carefully in between her diary. 

Wondering if that feather is from You (Mom wasn't certain since she didn't find it at home but in Ipoh, while visiting House No: 40), she told herself she's gonna measure it when she gets home. 

If it's 4 inches (or 14 cm), she'd know it's from her Son. :D

Just give her a sign, will You please?

Just then, Aunty Diana came to the car. 

She said, "Aunty Hayley can't find her shoes."


Aunty Di said, "Her shoes are missing ..."

Mom smiled to herself. Shoes missing, huh ... 

Ah, simple ...

Mom stepped out of the car and said loudly, 

"Daniel, help us find Aunty Hayley's shoes."

Then, she followed Aunty Di to the house. 

Our car, by the way, was parked at the neighbour's path, right beside Chris' house. Aunty Hayley was searching high and low, describing her sandals at the same time to some ladies who were also helping her to find. There were several pairs of shoes by the door. 

Mom knew the shoes would just POP up. She'd just called out to You to help us find them. 

She waited patiently for the "FOUND IT!!!"

Waited some more ...

And waited some more ...

It never quite came ...

It was clear to everyone that someone had probably worn Aunty Hayley's shoes by mistake. Chris' mother suggested that Aunty H wore a pair of slippers home first and perhaps the day after, the person who wore her shoes home would bring them to church tomorrow. Everyone who was at the house will be going for the Wedding Mass in church tomorrow.

Aunty H said okay. She wore the slippers. 

Anti-climax ... :(

We walked back to the car.

Just when Mom had called your name ever so loudly (by the car, not at the house - Dad, Aunty Di and Justine had heard Mom) ... and still nothing happened??? :(

Mom found herself sending a telepathic message to You ...

What happened there, Son? 

Was it your bed time? 

Were You sleeping? 

Where are the shoes?

Didn't You hear Mom calling You?

We got in the car. The doors were closed. Dad started the engine. 

And the drama begins ...


We saw a lady half-walking and half-running to the house. The lady took off her shoe and appeared to be all flustered as she was explaining to another relative there ...

A broad smile slowly appeared on your mother's face. You must have seen that huh. :D 

Mom could almost hear You saying, 

Be patient la Mom, be patient ...

Aunty Hayley's shoes were found. :D:D:D

Thank You, Son ... :D

Monday, January 31 ...

Mom just measured the feather at the point of writing this last paragraph.


She couldn't believe her eyes ...

It's 2:15am (Tuesday) ... 

You've just caused your mother to be totally wide awake now. :D

4 inches???

Oh Wow ...

Awesome ... :D

There was a reason why Aunty Hayley had to lose her shoes for a while. Had there been no delay, we would have gone back to the hotel. Don't forget, Dad and Mom were already in the car ...we were just waiting for the rest to get into the car ...

Meant to be ... :D

So meant to be ...

Going to bed now with a big smile. 

Nite Son. <3