Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hello Son, 

Wednesday, February 2

The eve of Chinese New Year. 

Two inciDANS happened today :-

1. The Wedding Disc

About 11am in the morning, Mom reminded Dad about the wedding disc. Shouldn't the photographer be delivering the disc to us by now? 

Dad said the photographer has not responded to his text messages, the last two days. Dad concluded that the photographer must be busy and that we would probably get the disc only after Chinese New Year... 

which means, on Monday Feb 7th, after the Gong Xi period.

B-bbbut ...

Aunty Di and Chris were leaving for Tawau on Saturday 5th.

Uh -- Oh ... 

We were all waiting to view the photos of the KL reception during the Gong Xi hols. Mom asked Dad to call the photographer. She wanted to speak to the camera-guy directly, your mother insisted.

At this point, for some reason, Mom remembers your

Ooooohhhh, I'm sss-scared  - shaking-hands-in-fear drama. :D

Anyway, the photo-man was soon on the line. 

Mom asked him when he was gonna deliver the photos.

He said, as Dad rightly predicted, "After new year." 

Oh, darn it - it's true then. 

Mom asked, "Where are You now?"

He said, "Pahang." 


Oh greattt, Mom sighed inwardly.

There's no way your mother could have asked if he could please deliver TODAY then, as she intended to do initially when she said she would speak to the photographer.

Bummer, what a bummer!

She asked instead, "When can you pass us the disc then?" 

He said, "Earliest on Saturday."

Saturday??? Oh, this is bad. 

Aunty Di and Chris will be leaving on Saturday. 

Dad, in the back ground, said, 

"It's new year. You can't expect him to work during new year. He wants to go through all the photos and compile them properly."


That wasn't comforting.

No, not one bit.

Sending her Son an urgent telepathic message that read:

Do something Daniel ... :(

Mom hung up the phone rather dejectedly. 

Dad had introduced this photographer to Aunty Di and Mom had told her that he would be fast in delivering the photo disc... based on a prior experience, a time which was not during the festive season, she realised then. 

Urgh, did he have to be in Pahang, of all places? 

Pahang is just so so so ...

not near at all.

Anyway, Mom had no choice but to break the news to Aunty Di, when she came over to our place shortly after.

"The earliest he can deliver is Saturday," Mom said gloomily. 

"Saturday??? I'm going back on Saturday. I thought You said he was fast?"


"He's Bryan's friend, right?"

Rub ... rub some more ... 

"Yeahhh ... I'll ask Bryan to see if he can ask the guy to come back to KL on Friday," Mom heard herself saying finally. 

Then ...

"Let's go for lunch..." your mother suggested.

That line itself cheered us both up instantly... :D

Meanwhile, unknown to your family, You would be doing something about this... 

On hindsight

You must have whispered to Mom to distract Aunty Di with FOOD while You umm, handle the problem...

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