Monday, February 28, 2011

Call 148 : LIFT SIGN

Hello Son,

Going back to where we left off before your 21st (Feb).

See Call 147 : Reunion Dinner

That would be the last entry, yeah?

Thursday, February 3
1st day of Chinese New Year

This morning, Mom went to Grandma's to condo to help prepare lunch. We were gonna have the delicious steamboat again. The soup from last night's reunion dinner would be totally awesome overnight. We missed You at the dinner, Son... :(

Today was the first day of Chinese New Year

At Grandma's block at Block D, Mom hit the button for the lift. There are 2 lifts, if You remember, side by side ... 

The lift on the left opened its doors and Mom went in ...

The doors closed ...

Mom pressed button number 6.

Button number 6 did not light up, as it should. 

Mom pressed again ...

And several times more ...

No, still no light ...

Oh shoot ...

The lift's not working ...

Then, Mom pressed the OPEN button, but nothing happened. The doors did not open. 

Everything was just very, very still.

Oh darn ...

The lift's jammed ...

The doors wouldn't open ...

Good thing the lights in the lift were still on, otherwise OMG, can You imagine your mother in pitch darkness by herself in the lift that wouldn't open, she would have freaked out quite nicely!

She yelled, "Daniel, do something..." 

and at the same time she landed several hits on button number 6 and the OPEN button. Nothing happened. 

C'mon, do something ... do something, Son ... 

Do something ... Open the doors ...

Still, nothing ...

She had no choice but to alert the ALARM. 

Her finger did not leave the bell-button. She continued to let it ring continuously, one hand on the waist, the other on the alarm, she may have rolled her eyes with annoyance, she's not sure... but finally, she heard a guard outside the doors of the lift. 

She had counted up to 10 at a normal pace, to see how fast the guards would attend to the alarm. Not too bad, quite fast. She was going to give them up to 30 ... beyond that, she told herself she would file a nasty, biting complaint! :D

Anyway, the doors opened. 

"Rosak, kah?" The security boy asked.

She got out in a huff, grimaced at the guard before replying, "Ya lah, rosak...," then, turned to the next lift which was surprisingly opened and empty, like it was waiting for her, and went it.

Her hands instinctively went up the buttons, clicked on number 6, turned around, gave a nod to the guard and a reluctant half-smile, and stood there as the doors closed.

Inside, as your mother turned to look into the mirror, what else is there to do in a lift when you are by yourself but to look in the mirror ... she was startled to see a moth that was perched right above the lift buttons. 

Oh gosh, how did that get in here?

Slowly, she moved to the back of the lift, to the extreme corner, not wanting to make a sound, in case it excited the moth and cause it to fly. God forbid should it fly to her. Oh no, not when she's practically trapped in a lift, and there's nowhere to run... 

for - her - life.

That had better not happen. 

Man, if it did ... it would be so not funny! 

Be a good moth and just stay where you are ...

Mom noticed that the moth was a similar species to the orange one that visited some months back. Yeah, this species has an orange body beneath its wings too, Mom could tell. A small portion of the orange body was jutting out from between its wings.

See Call 60 : Orange Moth

The doors of the lift opened at her floor. Mom practically ran out, sighing her relief that the moth had not bothered her.

She walked to Grandma place ... thinking to herself, 

You must have wanted Mom to see the moth, huh ... D Mom didn't know then but You would ZAP her later.

Can You believe your mother came across this image ???

Dear Daniel ???

You must have whispered to Mom huh ... :D 

"Search under : cartoon chinese new year girl, Mom ..."

Fast Forward ...

About an hour later, Mom went back to our condo, using the lift on the left. 

The moth was on the right. :D

Lunch was about ready at Grandma's home. 

Mom went to get Dad and Justine. Mom told your sister about the moth. You must have seen your mother grabbed the camera eventhough she was not sure if the moth was still there. Dad asked us to go first. He would join us in a while.

At Grandma's block ...

Mom pointed to Justine, "It's in this lift."

The doors slid opened and we went in.

Believe it or not... 

but the moth was still perched at the same position, just a little higher than where it was when your mother first saw it. 

Justine carefully took a few shots.

It was only later in the evening, when we were downloading the photos on the computer when your mother saw the moth picture and let out a gasp!




She did not notice it then ...

Her angel signs ...

On hindsight

Isn't it strange that Aunty Carol would be enlightening your mother about the ... the ... "de-coding" some 2 weeks later after the moth inciDAN in the lift, so that now, today, as Mom writes this entry, she is overwhelmed as she uhh, cracks the code:


8 444

44 444 

A coinciDANS, surely .. :D 

How awesome ... Your family has been using the condo lifts for the last 10 years or so ... we have never noticed the numbers above the buttons before. 

No, never.

This would be the first. To be fair, even if we had noticed  before, it wouldn't have meant anything to us. It would just be a bunch of numbers ...

Aww Son, was that a lil sign to let us know that You were with us on the first day of Chinese New Year??? :D

Fast Forward ...

After lunch, we went to the Gardens Mall. 

After strolling aimlessly for a while, Aunty Carol said she wanted to go to Baskin Robbins to get ice-cream. 

Aunty Diana, her husband, Chris, and Justine followed her to the ice-cream shop. Dad said he preferred to have a cuppa coffee. 

So, Dad and Mom thought we'd go to Starbucks for a bit.

Ar first, Dad and Mom waited by the bench near the escalator for the rest. 

Then, for some reason, after a few minutes, feeling a wee bit restless, Mom got up, pulled Dad along, went up the escalator, waved to the others and called out,

"Borders Starbucks..."

We were not gonna wait for them. 

What was the hurry, right? 

Couldn't your mother wait for them??? 

Did she have to hurry to Starbucks??? 

Surely the coffee can wait ...

At Starbucks ...

Mom walked over to a nice, fat, comfy armchair, and plonked herself down. Dad went to get the coffee.

Dad came with two mugs of hot coffee shortly.

We were sipping our coffee, when suddenly, your mother was alerted to a very faint music that was playing on the overhead system in the bookstore. 

By the way, Starbucks was in the Borders Bookstore.

She wasn't even aware that there was music in the first place. The bookstore was pretty quiet, and there was hardly anyone at Starbucks. It was the first day of Chinese New Year. 

Not surprising ...

As she strained to listen, she picked up the song immediately. 

Your Raise Me Up ...

Zzzzaaa -- pppp!!!!

Mom exclaimed, "Listen, You raise me up..."

Dad stopped to listen, heard it, and nodded.

By Celtic Women.

You raise me up so I can stand on mountains

You raise me up to walk on stormy seas

I am strong when I am on your shoulders

You raise me up to more than I can be 

Yeah Daniel ... 

Truly, God raised You up to more than You can be. <3

Would You believe it but a few minutes after the song ended, your aunties and your sister arrived. Chris was browsing around already apparently.

You must have seen the big smile that appeared on your mother's face. She was meant to hear the song. Yes, both Dad and Mom. Had they waited for the rest to get their ice-creams, Dad and Mom would definitely have missed the song.

And the message. <3

On Hindsight

You raise me up ... and after this morning's moth's inciDAN. 

Raise me up ... doesn't that make You think about wings and flying up up up and away?

Get the attention with the moth and the angel signs, and then zap the message.

Mom's looking at her notepad. She had scribbled the time of the song. It was at 6:58 pm.





Her angel sign. <3

Ah, she knew it! That song was from her son. :D

Both times, the decoding resulted in numbers that clearly showed, her angel signs??? Strangely, had Mom written this entry earlier, she would not have known how to crack the DaVincci code. :D Aunty Carol only mentioned about de-coding some 2 weeks later. 

(Call 157 - to be posted)

See Call 43 : Angel Signs

and Call168 : Say Nothing.

Clearly, clearly a coinciDANS ... :D

Your mother was meant to take the other (moth) lift, and meant to hear the YOU RAISE ME UP song, huh... :D

That was really awesome, Son ... <3

God is good ... God is faithful ... <3