Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Call 136 : ORANGE ROSE

Hello Son,                                          (IPOH, Saturday, January 29) (continue from Call 135)

Today is Aunty Diana's BIG DAY! She's getting ready to WOW everyone in church. The Wedding Mass is at 11:30am.

Mom's turn ...

Grandma puts on the veil on Aunty Di.

Adjusting the tiara ...

Kish thinks Aunty Di's beautiful too...

Kishy-Girl rolls over and wriggles on the carpet. She obviously knows today is a special day for Aunty Di. Kish choose to stay by Aunty Diana's side the whole time while we are doing our make-up in the room. :D

Justine's having her hair done. Doesn't your sister look beautiful? :D You must have been proudly showing her off to your angel-friends as You watch us get ready. :D 

You would soon show us a sign that You are with us that morning.

Aunty Carol's turn ...

Here's Aunty Di with Valli and her son. This is our maid who took care of your aunt since she was born till about 15 years old. Valli left us when she got married and we have not heard from her for more than 16 years. 


how You brought Valli to the wedding. 

Super-awesome what You did, Daniel. :D

Grandma looks the proud mother of the bride ...

We're all ready to leave for church. 

Would You believe it??? 

Just before we left the room, a few minutes before, SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW came on Aunty C's mobile. You must have seen your mother's face lit up with the excitement of a small child as she said to Aunty Diana, 

"Eh, listen ... listen ... Somewhere Over The Rainbow ..."

Aunty Di stopped to listen and was like, "Oh yeah la ... awwww ..."

Thank You, Son, for that lil sign to tell us that You are with us. 

We love You so very much. <3

The Wedding Mass started right on time. Grandma walked Aunty Di in as the Bridal March was played by the organist.

Chris' Dad and Mom were the witnesses. 

At one point, Aunty Di whispered to Mom ... we were on the altar, mind You ... nevertheless, that didn't stop your Aunty Di.

She said, in her low hyper-tone, 

"Look at the flower ... behind You, behind You..."

Mom turned to look behind her ...

Your mother's eyes caught the ORANGE rose instantly. 

Zzzzzaaa -- PPP!!!

She had not noticed the orange flowers. 

Sorry about that, Son. 

You must have been like, "Aiyohhh Mom, finally ..."

Aunty Di whispered again. 

Her eyes were totally wide with the OMG look ...

"We didn't ask for orange. Only purple and pink. They added the red (aiyah, red roses are normal la, she would say later) and orange. ORANGE, OMG, ORANGE!!!"

You must have whispered to the florist to add ORANGE roses to zap us with your presence, huh, during the church mass. 

 This photo is taken in Lourdes, September 2009. You with Aunty Di.

Knowing You, You would want Aunty Di to know that You were with us at that very special time. :D

We'll -- always -- be -- together ...

We felt your presence, Son ...

Totally ...

Here are Justine and Aunty Carol, looking spectacular, in their bridesmaid's attire.

You sent us to this boutique, remember? 

Also, not forgetting Aunty Diana's bridal gown - remember how You brought us to her dress? Whoever heard of a bride who finds her dress in 15 minutes?

See Call 89 : PERFECT DRESS ... and

Call 90 : NAME STRAP.

Here are Aunty Di's 3 friends who from KL. The 4 girls have been friends since Primary school. They were extremely helpful throughout the wedding week. What gems!

Mom's quite, quite sure that You are in this photo somewhere ... :D 

Possibly standing in between the Bride and the Groom ... :D

Yeah, where the bouquet of flowers are - that spot.

Were You?

See the veil with the tiny purple roses? 

Finding those roses in Petaling Street is another story. Yes, Mom knows, she's owing You some call-entries on inciDANS that happened before the wedding week. 

Every day, there were inciDANS that occurred like You will not believe. Will tell You a bit later. Wedding stories first.

Be patient, Son ... :D

After the Mass, we proceeded to the church hall for a light lunch. Mom wonders if You're in this photo too. With the light streaming in, she thinks You must be. :D

Here are Uncle Jin and Aunty Hayley. 

See how much food is piled on our plates? The food was so good. The curry mutton especially. So very tender and yummy!

Dad said, "Chris and Diana's wedding will be remembered for their food..."


This is your mother's plate - first one. She had a second round, believe it or not.

Of course, You would. 

Grin. :D 

Lunch was buffet style. The best thing about it was that, when your family went up to the buffet table, the caterers came to re-fill all the trays to the brim ...

A coinciDANS, no doubt. :D

Food, glorious food ...

So how not to pile up our plates? :D

(continue on Call 137)