Saturday, February 12, 2011

Call 140 : SAYS JES

Hello Son, 

Here's the homemade video consisting of photos taken during the wedding weekend compiled by Justine for Aunty Jessie ...  

This video was uploaded on your Facebook on Feb 1.

Click on the title to view video.

Aunt Jessie says : 

"That was soooo beautiful!!! Sniff ...  I love your wedding dress and this song choice, Diana!! It's just perfect <3<3<3 Your hubby soooo handsome... Dans really know how to play cupid!!! Chris still needs to learn to take snap shots... kinda stiff but he shall soon warm up to the cameras... lol... 

It's ok... Craig still hides from the cameras!! You guys looked terrific... the bridesmaids dresses were so cuuute!!! I love the henna painted hands too... are you sure she took 5 minutes to do each hand? Wow!!! How I wish I could have been there... oh well... God had other plans for me... Dans sure kept me busy!! =)

Aww... I must have played this video 6 times already!!! I <3 it... I'm tearing up as I type!!!! I even love the cute lil bear angels!!!... and your tiara and necklace... everything was just so perfect!!!... and Kish was there too... waterfall now....!!!! I love you guys and miss you all sooooo much...<3" 
I think my favorite picture was when Jus and Carol had their legs around you!!! That was such a cute shot!! I loooove the shot of you looking out the window....couple of pictures you took with Chare were sooo....sniff....sweet!!!...

Chare looked so proud of you!!! Chris... Dr Chris... he had his million dollar smile on and I love how he kept his right hand over yours... it's sooooo cute!!!! even Valli looked like she had happy tears just welling in her eyes... oh and on the blog, I LOVE the picture of Carol with the bouquet!!! Talk about million dollar smile!!! 

... and the orange flower ... Dans was there...<3