Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hello Son,                                (continue from Call 146)

Here are some photos taken on Chinese New Year Eve. 

Wednesday, February 2

Chinese New Year's Eve ...

Here's a plate of Yee Sang (Rainbow Salad).
Our newly weds, Aunty Diana and Chris,
celebrating their first Chinese New Year together. <3

Uncle Ken and Mama (Dad's mother)...

We are having steamboat for dinner.

You remember our steamboat reunion dinners, don't You?

Dad's wearing your shirt. :D

You only wore this shirt once during 
Chinese New Year in 2009 in Genting Highlands.

Dad's mother and two older brothers.

Justine was wearing your DIADORA tee that night. 
 It wasn't a planned thing with Dad and Jus, 
according to them. It was a - coinciDANS. :D

 Smiles are all brighter after the delivery 
of the orange disc ...

Here are You with Uncle Ken in Mama's home 
in Kuantan during Chinese New Year 2009. 
Your last CNY with your earthling-family...

We miss You very much, Daniel ... :(

This one's for YOU ... <3

That evening, we were chilling before the television after dinner. Justine reminded, HOMECOMING WARRIOR (Brenda Song) was on at the time. The characters were getting green-eyes that flashed ... Like Kish's. :D

This is how you spell my name ... :D