Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hello Son,

Monday, January 24

Aunty Diana arrived in Kuala Lumpur from Tawau, on January 23, just under a week to prepare for her wedding on the 29th and 30th. She came over to our home at about 10am in the morning.

Mom was soon telling her of your latest inciDANS...

The ones that happened when your friends came over to the condo after visiting your garden on January 20, a day before your actual First Anniversary in Heaven. 


and Call 126 : CONFETTI RICE

Aunty Diana was laughing and laughing. 

She said, "That's him la. That's definitely him. He always drops his food. Eh, You should tell his friends that he used to drop his food, then they will understand ..."

Every child would have dropped his or her food at one stage or another, while growing up. Name Mom one who hasn't. That wasn't unusual surely. What was peculiar was that, we remembered 2 popcorn incidents with ... 

... well, NIKON clarity. 

If was almost as if, those inciDANS had happened for a reason ... for us to have some kind of ZAPPP with the present inciDANS in Calls 125 and 126. :D

Aunty Di said, 

"You remember, we went for a movie ... I think it was Harry Potter ... and he was sitting by my side holding a big tub of popcorn ... then there was a scary part that made him jumped ... his popcorn went flying and was all over me ... I was like - Daniellllllll ..." 

Your aunt was in hysterical giggles as she showed your mother how she had to brush off popcorn from her clothes and hair. 

Grin. :D:D:D

You remember that surely.

"And then he turned to me and said "what?" ... and pretended like nothing happened," your aunt related with continued laughter. :D

Mom said, 

"I had a popcorn incident with him too ... can't remember which movie we went to see, (Buzz LightYear, perhaps) but we were walking into the cinema ... he was holding his tub of popcorn ... the lights were dimmed ... the preview was on already ... and he tripped on a step and spilled half the tub on the carpeted floor ... then he got up and walked on like nothing happened... as though emptying half a tub of popcorn on the carpet was the norm..."  :D

Your mother remembers that incident like it happened yesterday. After the movie had ended and the lights came on, Mom was like uh-oh ... the popcorn was still on the ground, scattered unsightly on the carpet. She had shrunk back in her seat to avoid detection by the cinema-staffs just in case they were on the look-out for that irresponsible parent who had allowed her child to mess up their brand new carpet... when the staffs were not looking, we quickly ran out of the cinema ...

Hehehehehehe ...

Justine remembers those popcorn incidents, too. :D

Anyway ...

We were supposed to go Masjid India to check out sarees today. Aunty Diana's Ipoh reception was a Bollywood theme, and she wanted Mom to wear a saree. 

We drove to Masjid India. 

Would You believe it but on the way, the song TEMPORARY HOME came on the radio. The time was 11:12am.

Just 2 days ago, this song had made an impact on your mother - with the repetitive reminders.


Oh Wow ...

You were definitely with us that morning... :D

Arriving at the Masjid India area, where parking along side the road is impossible, we were not surprised (no, not at all) when a car that was parked in front of us, reversed to leave us an immediate spot. 

Just right in front of us.

How nice. :D

"Saw that, You guys???" Mom said, while turning the car into the empty spot.

Yup, Justine and Aunty Di saw what You did alright. :D

Thanks for that, Son. That sure saved us from having to park in one of the buildings and having to walk all the way out to the streets again. 

We certainly felt You with us. :D

We went into this boutique recommended by Aunty Di's friend. Took the escalator up to the first floor and asked for ready-made sarees. Mom picked a bright orange saree with silver sparkling dots on it.

After trying that orange saree on, and seeing her reflection in the mirror, your mother's self-declared saree days ended.

Yeah, sadly, even before it began.

You must have seen your mother looking like a small barrel, wrapped up in orange cloth. :D 

How the mannequins can look so elegant in the display window, whilst she looked like a clown, she cannot understand.

It's not fair ... :(

Oh well ...

Never mind - there's still hope on the second floor.

We went up to try the punjabi outfits. 

Took 3 different sets to try out. Went into the changing room happily, put them on one after another, and didn't dare to come out.

Jus and Aunty Di were like, "Come out la. Let's see. Come out la..."

Anyway, we decided that since Mom cannot wear any of the Indian outfits, she'd just have to pile on the Bollywood accessories. :D

We left the place about an hour later.

Empty-handed. :(

We decided to go for our favourite pan mee (flour noodles) at Kuchai Entrepreneur's Park. 

Yeah, to cheer ourselves up...

In the car, the first song that came on the radio brought a smile to your mother's face. Soon all gloom was lifted as she remembered her kids in class singing this song, with synchronized hand movements, during Valentine's week 2 years ago. :D That was really fun to watch!

Olivia Newton John's, LET ME BE THERE. :D

Let me be there in your morning

Let me be there in your night

Let me change whatever's wrong

And make it right, make it right

The time on the dashboard was 1:15pm.

The next song that came on right after was  
A NOTE TO GOD (Charice P).


If I wrote a note to God ...

I would speak what's in my soul ...

Yeah, Mom would ...

speak what's in her soul ...

if she wrote a(nother) note to God ...

God has been so so so very good to us ... :D

Anyway, we arrived at the coffee shop at 1:50pm. 

Mom had slid the car in between two cars by the side of the road, and had turned off the engine, when we saw an elderly lady coming out of her restaurant, kinda waving to us. 

We watched her cross the road to our car. 

Aunty Di opened the car door. 

The lady said, 

"Don't park here. Bandaraya people going around issuing summons today."   

(in cantonese)

There was a stretch of cars all parked illegally by the side of the road. Including our car. How nice of the lady to warn us about that. 

The last time, we were there, Aunty Carol received a summons, remember? And we were like, aiyahhh Daniel what happened? And then we decided that You were in the restaurant with us - there was an empty chair opposite Justine. :D

You were definitely with us. We felt your presence. :D

She was an elderly lady. She didn't have to do what she did. She could have just let us be. Yet strangely enough, she took the trouble to come out of her restaurant, crossed the road, to warn us.

You must have whispered to the lady... especially when a summons was issued on Aunty Carol's car the last time we came and You must have remembered us lamenting, 

"Aiyahhh Daniel..." :D

Anyway ...

Mom made another turn around the row of shops. She spotted an empty space at the corner and drove right in. Mind You, it was lunch hour. The area was congested. 

Yet ...

That was quick. Thanks Son. :D

We had a really great lunch. :D

When we were done, Mom went to get the car. As she was walking to the car, she passed the restaurant where the elderly lady came out to warn us just now. She couldn't help but bask in unexplained happiness that somehow, her Son just knew how to make his presence felt. He really is watching over them ... why, over her, as she was walking to the car. :D

It's a mother and son thing. :D

Words are just not necessary.

In the car, Mom turned on the ignition. Putting on the seat-belt, she turned the radio on. 

The immediate lyrics to the song that came on were :

For better or worse, till death do us part

I'll love You with every bit of my heart

I swear

Mom had to smile when she heard the song. You really do know what's going on, don't You? You must be excited too huh, with Aunty Diana's wedding in a few days' time. :D

By John Michael Montgomery

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That night, 

the The Bachelorette (After The Rose) was on ... 

This is the season where the girl was Ali (that's the spelling of her name apparently). The second last guy she said NO too ... well, he shared during the interview that after the girl turned him down, he stepped out of the room, and saw an amazing RAINBOW in the sky. 

There had been no rain before that, and everyone including the crew commented on the amazing rainbow. The guy said that his mother was probably telling him, "good job Chris."

He said he knew he wasn't alone and that his mother was with him ...

Of course, Mom had to see that part. She had to be at the right place at the right time, at that right moment, that precise second, to hear him say those beautiful words. :D

Which instantly reminded your mother the song You brought to her earlier on, IF I DIE YOUNG :

Lord, make me a rainbow

I'll shine down on my mother

She'll know I'm safe with You

As she stands under my colors

by the band perry

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See Call 23 : DIE YOUNG

and Call 56 : SHARP KNIFE

Everywhere we are, there You'll be, Daniel ... <3