Friday, February 4, 2011


Hello Son,                  (continue from Call 138) (Sunday, Jan 30, KL Dinner Reception)

We checked-out this morning about 10am after a hearty buffet breakfast at the hotel. 

Valli (the maid whom You had helped Grandma to locate, after 16 years of zero-contact), had given Aunty Diana a present.


Aunty Diana opened the wrapped-up present this morning and guess what???

We know You were instrumental in getting Valli to contact the family. Just to double confirm, the wedding gift said it all. 


It was an ORANGE bedspread set. It could have been any color, Son, but it had to be a color that would ZAP us. :D

Aunty Di was like, "OMG, his color ..."

Yeah, your color, Son ... :D

There was another bedspread-gift of a different color that Aunty Di received from her friend. Had that one been orange, there would not be a ZAP-connection. 

But the one from Valli ...

You brought her to us ...

Mom knows that ... 

You know that ... 

We all know that ...

and seeing the blinding orange color was a sharp reminder of your presence with us that morning.

Thank You, Son ... for constantly reminding us that You are with us. :D

Dad strikes a pose with Chris' toy gun.

We dropped by Chris' home before leaving for KL. 

Chris brought out his BB Gun. Dad said that Chris and his friends used to play with these guns during college days.


You remember You had like - 3 - of these guns? You must have whispered to Chris to bring out his BB gun. To ZAP us, huh. He didn't have to ... but for some reason, he did ...  

We immediately felt your presence with us right at that moment. :D

(There is a ZAP story here about a BED inciDAN - will tell You later - need to upload all the wedding photos for Aunty Jessie. :D)

Anyway ...

The drive back was smooth all the way ... 

We reached KL at about 2pm. Rushed about doing make up and last minute stuffs ... soon, we were at the dinner reception at Grand Imperial, Subang Jaya.

Here are some photos taken at the dinner reception :-

 The main table ...

 The Tea Ceremony ... 
"Welcome to the family, Chris ..."

Okay, this one's funny ... :D

Uncle Jin (in white) apparently said, "angpow tuah-tuah..." (big red packet). Chris thought that was what he was supposed to call Mom's cousin (in red), so as he was serving the cup of tea, he politely called, "Angpow Tuah-Tuah." 

Hehehehehehe ...

 Here's Dad ...

Aunty Diana serving tea to her parents-in-law ...

After the Tea Ceremony, the Wedding Montage was played ...

 The Bride and Groom made their grand entrance ...


Mom attempted The Wedding Song with Dad on the guitar. 

You by my side, that's how I see us ...

I close my eyes, and I can see us ...

 Another round of applause for our newly-wed couple!

Our Hosts for the Nite : Aunty Carol and University mate, Arvin.

You remember wearing Dad's orange and black striped tie to one of your school function (Interact Club)? We remember dropping You off at the venue that day, Son ...

The Bride and Groom presented Father Daniel a little gift as a small token of appreciation after saying grace and blessing the couple.

 Cake-cutting ...

 The lights were dimmed as waiters performed a simple food presentation to the music MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

1st course : Special 4 Combination

Need to mention something here ...

During the 1st course, Emil's mother came up to Mom and whispered, 

"This is your second time singing to him ..."


Did You hear that?

Actually, this is your mother's first time singing to them (the couple).

Emil's mother continued, "The first time was in church ..." 
(Your farewell mass, she must mean.)

Mom just nodded, and said, "Yes."

Emil is your mother's college mate. He suffered a heart attack sometime in Sept 2009 and is now in Heaven too.

Singing for him ...

Hmmm ... 

How could Emil's mother know that the first two lines of The Wedding Song was for You? Did You whisper to her? :D

2nd Course : Braised Shark's Fin Soup With Crab Roe 
and Crab Meat

 3rd course : Roasted Chicken With Crispy Minced Garlic

See the main table ... 

There were 2 empty seats. One was for Justine and the other for Aunty Carol. Justine came back to her seat after her performance, but Aunty Carol was busy the whole night, and when she did have time to eat, she ate on her friends' table. 

She never sat at this table.

Which means, there was ONE empty seat on the main table the whole night. Beside Justine. Maybe it wasn't empty. Heck, Mom knows it wasn't empty. You had given your mother a sign that there is a DANIEL sitting on the main table ... Father Daniel (the man sitting on Mom's right). :D

What a coinciDANS, huh ... :D

 4th course : Poached Fresh Tiger Prawns With Chinese Wine

 5th course : Steamed Garoupa With Fungus 
& Dried Yellow Bean Stick


Justine sang beautifully - a dedication to Aunty Diana:

FROM THIS MOMENT, Aunty Jessie's song, 

and the chorus of FALL FOR YOU, your song ...  

"Tonight will be the night that I will fall for You

Over again, You're always on my mind

And I will give You all my lovin' till the end of time

Because a girl like You is impossible to find ..."

 You must have been so proud of your sister, Daniel ... :D

Grandma too presented a song ...

... and gave a short speech.

 The Bride and Groom presented bouquets of flowers 
to their parents on stage.

 Pouring of champagne ...

To Chris and Diana ...

6th course : Stewed Dried Scallops 
With Mushroom and Broccoli

7th course : Fried Rice With Eight Treasures

 The couple went from table to table to 
8th and 9th course : Sweetened Peanut Cream 
and mini-bun and pancake

 Bride's Family ...

Groom's Family from Ipoh ...

For a moment like this ...
Some people wait a life time ... <3

(continue on Call 140)