Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hello Son,                                   (continue from Call 145)

Wednesday, February 2

2. The Dream

Aunty Carol was working half-day today, being the eve of Chinese New Year. 

She came back from work, picked us up for last minute shopping and lunch at Gardens / Midvalley Mall. Justine came with us.

In the car, Aunty Di said to Aunty Carol, 

"Eh, I haven't told You about Chris' dream yet..." 


The day before... 

Aunty Di told Mom that Chris woke her up early in the morning about 3am or so. She related the incident in the following manner:

"He woke me up and said, go outside, your sister is crying. I was sleeping okay, and he woke me up to say... 

your -- sister -- is -- crying. 

I was like, what? Which sister? He said Lynn... but he said they were happy tears la..."

Your aunt turned to give your mother an assuring look. 

Mom became suspicious and wondered if Aunty Di added the "happy" for her benefit. Did she???

Anyway, Aunty Di continued...

"Then, later he realized it was just a dream. In the morning, I asked him about the dream again. Must ask right. He's never told me about his dreams before. This is the first time. So I asked, eh, what else do you remember. He said, there was someone tall consoling your sister." 

Mom listened ...


Aunty Di said, "I asked, Bryan ah? He said, No. I said, Daniel? He said he doesn't know."

Ohh ... Mom didn't expect that.

Aunty Di explained impatiently, 

"Aiyah, of course he doesn't know whether it's Daniel or not. He's never met Daniel. But when I asked whether it was Bryan, he immediately said no. He said, someone tall. Who else can it be?"

Yeah, who else?

You tell us ...

And You did ... in a short while ... :D 

Look for the signs, You must have said ...

Anyway, Aunty Diana was relating the dream to Aunty Carol in the car. At one point when Aunty Di said, 

"He said someone tall is consoling your sister," 

Aunty Carol immediately responded, "It must be Bryan."

Would You believe it ...

... but right after Aunty Carol spoke, just before we entered the parking entrance of the mall, a cab rudely cut into our lane ... quite suddenly and without warning. 

What the @#$%! ... then, we saw the number plate: 

4 4 9 2

Our angel sign ... 

See Call 43 : Angel Signs.

Mom said

"Eh Carol, Daniel is telling You that it was him la." :D

Aunty Di said

"Yeah la, it was him la. It's not Bryan, Chris said it's not."

Aunty Carol asked

"You mean Chris said, it's not Bryan?"

Aunty Di replied

"Yeah, he said it's not Bryan. He said it was someone tall, but he doesn't know whether it was Daniel. Aiyah, he won't know if it's Dans la, Christopher has never met him."

We drove into the basement parking, and found a space almost immediately after the ticket-dispenser. Mom noticed the time on the dash board. 

It was 12:15pm.

Mom said, "Hey, it's 12:15pm, which means when the cab cut in just now, it must have been 12:14pm."

Aunty Carol said, "Yes, yes, it was. It was 12:14pm. I saw the time when the cab cut in."

Oh My ...

Was that a sign, Son?

Was it???

It was after all a number that zapped us ...

A definite coinciDANS ... :D

Hmmm, let's not over-react ...

So anyway ... 

after lunch and after picking up some things that we needed, we went home. On the way back, at the start of the Seremban highway, a car slid in front of us

We all saw it sliding into our lane, and we exclaimed simultaneously, 

"Eh, look at the number."

4 2 4 4

The car was in front of us the whole way until we took the Taman Desa turning. Aunty Carol even had time to take a snap shot. A definite sign, that was.

Three 4s when going to the mall, and again three 4s when going back home. What a coinciDANS. :D 

A happy coinciDANS. :D

Okay ...  NOW, we can over-react! :D:D:D

We felt You with us the whole time today, Son ... :D You definitely made your presence felt. :D

That evening ... 

we were gathered at Grandma's place for dinner. Just before we started our steamboat dinner, Dad received a phone call. It was the photographer. He apparently told Dad that he was on the way to our place with the photo disc.

O -- M -- G ...


There was no indication at all that he had a change of heart.

At which point did this happen???

Mom asked incredulously, "He's coming all the way from Pahang to deliver the disc to us?"

Dad said, "Don't ask him about that. He may charge You extra."

At 7:30pm, the photograher called. 

He was at the condo guard-house. Dad went down. All of us were seated at the dining table. We waited for Dad. He came in a few minutes later and presented the disc to us.


Then, Mom noticed a lil something...

My Oh My ...

You don't say ...



Gosh ...

An orange disc???

Zzzzzaa -- pppp!!!

How PERFECT is this!

Mom took the disc from Dad. Flaunting it to everyone at the table, your mother announced simply but firmly,  


Aunty Carol, Aunty Diana, Justine and Dad had wide grins as they heard the mono-syllable. :D Who would have thought that a seemingly simple word could create such a powerful impact?

Thanks Son ...

for the angel signs to remind us all that You are near, and for getting the photo-guy to deliver the disc. How You managed to get the guy to do that TODAY, Mom will never know... :D

One thing she does know though ...

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ... <3

The "someone tall" ...

... was nobody, nobody but chiu! :D

And why the camera-guy had a change of heart ...

Nobody, nobody but chiu! :D

See Call 109 : Nobody Nobody

Thanks Son ... :D 

That was super awesome! :D

Honestly! FOUR times SUPER! :D