Friday, February 25, 2011


Hello Son,                          (continue from Call 165)

Tuesday, February 22

1. We checked out of the hotel (Penang) at about 9:20am. 

Dad drove to Queensbay Mall. He was meeting a friend there. We had a quick breakfast at a nearby kopitiam before going to the mall.

Approaching the mall, upon entering the car park, Mom pointed out to a car in front of us. 

"Look at the number," your mother said, exercising her brain cells first thing in the morning. :D

Dad looked. 

The number plate was : 2446

"See the three 4s? 444???" 

Dad was put to the test. :D

Dad said yes. Chuckle ...
That's the first angel sign today... :D:D:D

2. At the mall, Mom browsed around, and found herself walking into an infant-shop

Aunty R would be due soon in April. It was just a nice feeling, You know, being in that cute lil shop. A few minutes later, Dad came in and said, "Check out that shop opposite. You hang around there," he said, going off to see his friend.

Mom's handphone did not survive the water-plunge that happened some days ago at home. Currently, she has no phone. 

Anyway, Mom walked into the shop opposite. It was like an art and craft shop. She was just walking from one shelf to the next, and the next, touching this and checking that, until ...

Zzzzaaa -- pppp!!!

Oh boy ...

Seriously ...

Oh wow ...

Is that why Dad asked her to check out this shop? Did You whisper to Dad, Son? You must have. If not for Dad asking her to check out that shop, she wouldn't have gone in. From the outside, the shop didn't look like the kind she would normally spend any time in. Art and craft??? C'mon on ...

It was YOU ...

Nobody, nobody BUT CHIU! :D:D:D

See Call 109 : Nobody Nobody

This photo is taken at home. Notice that the door to the cage is opened.

Yayyy ... FREEDOM!

See Call 134 : Bird Cage

There were several bird cages of different sizes on that particular shelf. Oh, it was just a great awesome feeling to see those bird cages. Mom felt the zapzapzap-connection instantly. :D

3. We left the mall about 1pm.

At the Penang bridge, we noticed a rainbow white-trail in the sky. It was so amazing. Super awesome. Very long trail. Dad and Mom have never seen anything like it. 

It started at one end from Dad's side of the window, and ended on Mom's side of the window. 

The rainbow-arch was right above our heads ... kinda.

As Mom was trying to take a photo with Dad's mobile (in vain, unfortunately), a song came on the radio (98.1).

I'll Be Missing You ...

The time was 1:34 pm ...

By Puff Daddy.

Zzzzaaa -- pppp!!!

Mom instantly stopped what she was doing and leaned back in her seat, somewhat motionless, for awhile. As she allowed herself to be overwhelmed by a familiar warmness in her heart, a car that overtook us at that moment, caught her attention.

8 2 4 6

Mom saw it instantly. Her angel sign. 

See Call 43 : Angel Sign

4 4 4 4

"You saw that???" Mom pointed to Dad. 

Dad nodded.

"Did You see that??? You see the timing??? OMG, what are the chances??? The rainbow trail, the song, the sign! OMG, he just gave us a message!" Mom said, excitedly.

Dad had a big smile. No words. 

A smile speaks a thousand words. :D:D:D

At this stage, the song 
is playing on American Idol ...
 Feb 24 @ 9:29pm

Oh Wow ... what a coinciDANS!!! :D

4. Dad continued driving ...

driving driving driving on ...

until we noticed, at one point, that soft drops of water was falling on the windscreen.

A cue for Mom ... The Rain Song ... <3

InciDANtally, The Rain Song is the song that Justine sang for You at your garden on February 19th. Interestingly, and it needs to be mentioned here that, Jus was supposed to sing another song that Mom suggested initially, 

When You Say Nothing At All... but just before recording, Jus said that the Say Nothing song made her feel like she's asking You not to say anything... Mom saw her point... so we changed to The Rain Song at the last minute.

Take note of the above info... You would soon ZAP us in the most awesome manner we could ever imagine! :D
(In Call 167 - not posted yet)


She started singing, "How gentle is the rain ..."

The time was 2:39pm. 

Before Mom could sing the next line, the rain stopped. 

Yes - completely. Not a single droplet on the windscreen.

Pause ...

No smart comments, please! :D 

The drizzle was only for about 5 seconds. Yes, she checked the time, and made sure Dad was aware of it too. Dad, being her potential witness.

Justine sings A Lover's Concerto.

See Call 156 : Valentine Song

And Call 160 : 13th Month

On Hindsight

How You introduced us from one zap to another is just awesome! Wait, wait for it ... Something amazing is about to happen...

5. We reached Ipoh before 3pm.

As Dad was driving to the coffee shop we went to yesterday, Mom couldn't help wondering if the white feather would still be there. 

It should be ... It MUST be ... otherwise... 

well, otherwise it just wouldn't make sense.

An ambulance siren distracted her. Watching the ambulance cut into our lane urgently, Mom's eyes instinctively flew to the number plate:

8 0 9 5

She immediately found herself holding her breath as she quickly attempted to break the secret code. Remember her PhD... :D:D:D 

4 4 0 4

OMG ... Her angel sign ... 

Something is about to happen, she could feel it. That's her son's style - get the attention first .. then ZAP!

6. Arriving at the coffee shop area, we saw one empty parking space which was somewhere in the middle, of the fully occupied parking area (by the roadside). Dad parked the car. 

Mom couldn't wait to get to the coffee shop. 

The feather ... What has become of the feather???

She arrived at the umm, crime scene. At the step where the feather was yesterday, Mom noticed it was no longer there. To her delight, her eyes caught sight of the white feather that was then near the wall, at the bottom of the step. Safe and - still white. :D

Zzzzaaa -- ppp!!!

Oh my goodness ...

You gotta be kidding ...

It's right there by the side - of - the - wall???

She quickly picked up the feather and stuffed it in her pocket. This time, she didn't care if anyone saw. :D

Let them. She didn't care. She was ecstatic!

7. We were sitting in the middle of the coffee shop. 

While waiting for our noodles, Mom was practically speech-sprinting to Dad. One thousand words must have tumbled out in one breath. 

It was just so amazing to find the feather!

Our food came. 

Your mother was still very hyper, talking with her mouth full, her OMG ... Can you believe this??? ... OMG ... What are the chances??? ... OMG ... How do you explain this??? OMG ... This is incredible! 


8. You will not believe what happened next!

It couldn't have been more than 5 minutes since we sat ourselves down, when a peddler came a-walking to our table. For some reason, he chose to approach our table first, skipping the other patrons in front of us. 

When Mom saw what he was holding in his hands ... she almost choked on her noodles...

Zzzzaaa --- ppp!!!




Gosh ...

Mom couldn't believe her eyes ...


Oh Boy ...

Oh Gee ...

Oh Wow ...

Oh Man ...

TWO CAGES with singing birds???

The pedlar put the two bird cages on our table. Colorful (battery operated) birds that chirp chirp chirp in the cage. 


Mom was completely speechless. 

Dad was absolutely stunned. 

We burst out laughing.

Aww man ... it was too much!

Too much! Too much!

The man smiled back - he probably thought we were just very impressed with his toy birds.

TWO toy birds in individual cages ...

What are the chances, honestly??? You know the significance of the bird cage to your family, since the inciDAN in Call 134 : Bird Cage

How incredible is this!

OMG Daniel ... that was awesome! Totally! The funny thing was, the peddler left the coffee shop after our table.

Mom asked Dad, "Did you see him go to the other tables?"

Dad said no. Mom thought so. Mom looked around and counted. There were 9 occupied-tables, excluding ours, yet the peddler only came to OUR table???

Oh My ...

What have You got to say about that, Son??? Your mother just bought a cute lil bird cage some two hours ago. 

What an awesome coinciDANS!

Awesome, simply awesome! :D:D:D

(continue on Call 167)