Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Call 161 : GOD's GUARANTEE

Hello Son,                                        (continue from Call 160)

Saturday, February 19

We left the house at 9am. 

On the way there, a song came on the radio which caught your mother's attention. The lyrics went something like this...

Love is (this) and love is (that) ...

Love is everything ...

Bla bla bla

A dinosaur song alright. 

Mom asked, "What song is this?" 

Dad said, "Perhaps Love, John Denver."

Ooohhh ... Dye -- noe -- saurrrr ... :D 

(both your hands should be trembling at this point)

Here's the song:

Take note of the line that goes:

Love to some is like a cloud

Yeah, we're into clouds at the moment. Justine's song too has a cloud line:

Birds high up in the trees 

serenade the clouds with their melodies ...

By John Denver.

We arrived at your garden about 9:30am. 

It was a beautiful day. We tidied up the plot and planted some yellow flowers. Then, Mom recorded Justine singing The Rain Song (A Lover's Concerto) for You with Dad on the guitar. How your mother came across this song also has a story. Will tell You in one of the entries.

Mom had initially asked Justine to sing When You Say Nothing At All and she was gonna, but at the last minute, felt that that song is like asking You not to say anything. Like asking You to be quiet. :D 

Mom saw her point, and so asked her to sing The Rain Song instead. Jus wasn't sure of the guitar chords and that's how Dad ended up playing, while she sang. 

They were great, huh? 

After the recording, we noticed a sparkling white, puffy cloud that appeared in the sky. There was also a white trail that zoomed across. Happily, we figured You were probably on that cloud watching us ... 

And that white trail? Hmm, our first inciDAN. :D

Did God like our song, by the way? :D 

Oh, just want You to know that cotton cloud was not there when we first arrived. Yup, Mom checked the sky :D ... so she's very, very sure the cloud wasn't there before. 

You know, if You're looking at the cloud from where we were at, it really was in a position that overlooked the garden plot very nicely. Like, if You were on a cloud and You were looking down on us, that would be the perfect position for You to be at to watch us perform a song for You. :D

Yup, You definitely have the best view ... :D

Before long, a second white trail zapped through the sky. :D

Believe it or not, but the clouds and the trails in the sky were the highlights of our day. :D How could it not be...

We are reminded of the song DANIEL each time 

we see a white trail in the sky... <3

Daniel is travelling tonight on a plane ...

By Wilson Phillips

Lord, I miss Daniel ... 

Oh, I miss him so much... :(

After we recorded Justine singing The Rain Song

we read God's word for the day. 

 By Justine.

For some reason, this morning before we left the house, Mom brought the daily bible out. By the way, Christopher (Aunty Diana's husband) bought this God's Word For Each Day for your mother... 

Mom thinks You must have asked him too. :D

Anyway, would You believe it ...

But when your mother turned to the reading for the day, the first line ZAPPED her!

The word GUARANTEE ...

Heb 11:1-7

"Only faith can guarantee the blessings that we hope for, or prove the existence of realities that are unseen ..."

If You remember, on August 15th last year, after a long time of not touching the bible, there was one particular night that your mother announced that it was bible time. We checked the Daily Reading Guide and found that there were 4 readings for that day.

Mom read the first reading.

Justine read the second reading.

Dad skipped the third reading, and read the fourth one.

After we were done, something made your mother insist that we read the third reading as well. There seemed to be no related messages for her in the passages that we had just read and she had felt like she was supposed to receive a message that night.

And so she read the one that was skipped.

1 Cor 15: 20 - 26

"But the truth is that Christ has been raised from death, as the guarantee that those who sleep in death will also be raised..."

Oh Lord ... what an assurance, she had thought then and now.

Guarantee - such a powerful word. 

This word itself had the ability to lift your mother's spirits higher than the highest, high--est - mountain. Mom was very happy that night. She has not opened the bible for awhile then, and when she did, it was to learn about God's Guarantee

Mom knows (yes, she knows) You brought her to that passage. :D

What a fantastic message - to have God assure her, in black and white, that You are safe with Him.

That was the message for us that night, she knew it. We all knew it. Mom wrote a short poem about it a few days later.

So anyway ...

This morning at your garden, seeing the guarantee word again, was a big, big ZAP.

How many words does the Bible has? A million perhaps? What are the chances of reading this passage today that has this one word guarantee that ZAPPED your mother a few months back???

Our second inciDAN. 

You must have seen your mother grinning from ear to ear... :D 

We left the garden at about 10:45am. 

Dad drove to Pudu area so we could have something to eat. He used to hang around this area with his biker friends. They don't any more. They have all grown wiser now. 

Haha. :D You didn't hear it from Mom ...

Dad parked the car. 

Getting out of the car, Justine called sharply, 

"Ma ..." 

Mom turned to her... to find her looking straight ahead at an ambulance (stationary), about 5 steps away from where we were standing. Very near us...

Zzzzaa -- ppp!!!

Instant memories of You in the ambulance caved in...

Blink Blink Blink ... :(

You got our attention, Son ... 

Our thoughts were very much focused on You then.

Anyway ...

Dad said he wanted to eat at a different coffee shop today. He had stopped by this other shop to order take-away noodles for You before, and he wanted to go there today and not the one Mom had suggested in the car just now.

We walked there.

It took us about 10 minutes by foot. Reaching the coffee shop, we went inside. We got a table and sat down. Dad ordered. Then, as Dad was taking a pair of chopsticks for himself from the cutlery-box, he suddenly exclaimed, 

"Look at this..."

He was holding the chopsticks in his hand.

Mom saw it instantly. 

Zzzzaa -- pppp!!!

Look at the chopsticks ...

Do You see what we see???

The left chopstick is gradually bent towards the tip, if You look at it carefully ...

RoCK oN ... :D

... just like your little finger. :D

Yeah, laugh ... You laugh ... :D

Hehehehehe ... :D:D:D:D:D

It is no secret that You and Justine inherited your mother's crooked-finger genes. All our little fingers are somewhat crooked. You both have complained about your lil fingers on more than one occasion.

Dad recalled when You were born, he had noticed that your lil pinky was crooked. Mom remembers how Dad had lifted your lil finger (when the nurse first brought You to us the day You were delivered by c-sect) to show Mom, before he said, 

"Confirmed - your baby."

Grin. :D:D:D

Hmmm ... how a pair of chopsticks can stir-up emotions and bring back memories we'd thought long, long forgotten is beyond us. Honestly, Daniel...

Mom said to Dad, "He gets our attention first with the ambulance, then as we're thinking about him, he zaps us. You notice?"

Yeah, Dad noticed. Justine nodded.

That seems to be your modus operandi. :D

While waiting for the food to arrive, Dad mentioned, 

"Why aren't you both in yellow today? I thought yellow is the theme since we bought yellow flowers?"


Pause ...

What a strange thing Dad just said ...

Where did that come from???

Mom wasn't sure how to respond to that. 

As far as she knows, there is no such family rule as Wear - According - To - The - Color - Of - The - Flowers and Mom's not sure why Dad suddenly blurted that out. As You know, Dad is so not into following any kind of outfit-theme, even when it's strictly stated in invitation cards. 

And now - now he has a theme he was following?

So anyway, since Dad mentioned YELLOW

Mom was reminded of Call 143 : Yellow Butterfly 

that she posted the day before

She casually commented, 

"I posted a Yellow Butterfly entry yesterday. 

Is that counted?" :D 

Dad shrugged and gave Mom a... a constipated look. Mom then found herself telling Dad about the Yellow Butterfly entry. Dad had not read it then although he was aware of the Yellow Butterfly inciDAN.

Our food came ... 

We ate and we were ah, merry ... and all that...

Anyway ...

Would You believe it but later, when we stepped out of the coffee shop, we spotted a word on the wall of the building directly opposite the coffee shop, that made us gasp?

Oh my ...

Oh gee ...

Oh wow ...

Oh gosh ...


What are the chances of talking about a butterfly in the coffee shop and seeing the word after that, in bold print, as we stepped out of the eatery?

Clearly and definitely a coinciDANS ... :D

Anything to say, Son? Is that why Dad decided to take us to this other coffee shop and why he blurted what he did? 

What a way to zap us, and to make your presence felt, Daniel...

Everywhere we are, there You'll be, Son... <3

Happy 13th month with Jesus, Mama Mary 

and all the angels and saints in heaven, Son. <3

We love You and we're thinking about You ... <3