Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hello Son,                               (continue from Call 141)

Monday, January 31

You must have seen your mother's jaw dropped.

Mom found herself standing there, like a statue. She must have looked really comical from up where You were at. The next slide was another photo of a bird cage. Perhaps the same one, she's not sure.

Mom had to smile. :D

Her Son had just whispered to her. 

Wouldn't You smile if You knew an angel had just whispered to You? :D

That was so OMG awesome. :D 

There was NO WAY your mother could have known that the photo of the bird cage would be coming up. NO WAY. She was in the kitchen, she dropped the plate to join the rest at the TV place. It was barely, what - 10 seconds - before the bird cage photo appeared. One after another ...

The timing was immaculate.

What a coinciDANS! :D

Mom wasn't sure if Emil's mother had picked up the OMG - glances Aunty Di and Mom were giving each other. Just in case she did, Mom made an attempt to disrupt any weirdness by making a comment, 

"I like the bird cage, Aunty..."

Emil's mother answered somewhat thoughtfully, her eyes never leaving the screen, "Yes, they are beautiful. I took a picture of the two cages..."

Ah, there ... the answer for your mother. Mom was wondering if both the photos were of the same bird cage

They were not, Mom ... >.<

Mom hears You. :D

A smile appeared on your mother's face. :D

There were two bird cages that had graced the entrance of the wedding restaurant last night. 

Your mother had not noticed the bird cages that night at the reception. We were all so busy that night...

Yes, the night before ... and today ...

Mom cannot believe that You sent Emil's mother right up to our doorstep to show your mother the bird cage just because she had missed it last night.

That is so very cute, Daniel ... :D:D:D

To make sure your mother did not miss the photo slides, just in case her timing was out, You must have whispered to Emil's mother to take two photos of the bird cages at the entrance. This is the photo of the second bird cage...

After the bird cage slides, would You laugh if your mother told You that she made herself comfortable on the sofa, she on one end and Emil's mother on the other end? :D

With the bird cage, the KL reception now feels somewhat - complete.

After the photo slides, Emil's mother mentioned that she has had "an experience with Emil."

Aunty ended her sentence with, "Believe it or not..."

Mom answered immediately, "I believe it..."

Emil's mother said in exasperation, "My friends find it hard to believe. They say they have not heard of such a thing, and I have to keep telling them, that's why I'm sharing with You my experience..."

Mom understood what Aunty was saying. After all, we do have something in common. Not only do we share the same Catholic faith but both our sons are in Heaven. Her son left on September 7, 2009 and You, 4 months later, on January 21, 2010.

Mom said with a bright smile, "I have my own experiences too..." to which Aunty said immediately, "I want to hear them."

Mom found herself laughing. Not possible. She wouldn't be able to finish telling all her experiences... :D

Anyway, Aunty Diana, Uncle Chris and Mom listened intently as Emil's mother related her experiences. At one stage, Aunty said she had to call out to her son and say, 

"You have gone to the other side. Go look for Jesus. Jesus loves You. Go look for Jesus..."

... which brought Mom instantly back to the day You slipped into a coma in the hospital, about 2 weeks before You left us. Mom was on her knees, by your bed side, holding your hand, as she called out urgently, a similar line:

"Go to Jesus, Daniel. Jesus loves You. Jesus is waiting for You. Go to Jesus. Can You see Mother Mary? Mother Mary loves You. She's waiting for You. Go to Jesus..."

Blink Blink Blink ...

Then at another stage, after relating an incident, 

Aunty insisted, "People think it's a coincidence. 

I tell them, it's NOT a coincidence!"

Mom listened ...

No, no, it's not a coincidence ...

Now You understand why Mom calls her own 

it's - not - a - coincidence - incidents,

coinciDANS. :D

It's difficult to explain otherwise. How do You explain a coincidence that is not?

the rainbow image

Aunty Diana and Mom threw a knowing glance at each other. Uncle Chris had no expression on his face, although he was listening quietly.

Emil's mother brought out a piece of evidence and showed it to us with her magnifying glass. It was amazing. :D Mom's not going into the details since she hasn't got the permission to do so. Anyway, after all her sharing, Aunty insisted on Mom telling her Mom's experiences.

Your mother shared one... the inciDAN that happened before midnight on your First Anniversary on January 21.

See Call 128 : White Feather. 

Emil's mother listened. After Mom was done, Aunty took her magnifying glass to have a better look at the white feather. :D 

She said, "Why don't You frame this up?"

Chuckle. :D

We had a nice time just talking and sharing about our sons.

Were You listening?

After we were quite done sharing, Grandma appeared. 

See the timing again? Had Grandma been at home in the first place, Emil's mother would never have come to our condo. Had she appeared earlier, we would not have shared about our experiences.

Today, the meeting with Emil's mother was so meant to be.

Tuesday, February 15

Mom is preparing Call-Entries 141 and 142 today. 

Something incredible just happened. She was just searching for the last image (the rainbow image) under the tag words:

wallcoo illustration echi

and guess what! 

Two of your photos appeared before her eyes as she was scrolling down the page. Mom has never come across your photos while searching for images before. 

Never. Not once.

Just when she had just typed the paragraph about it being difficult to explain a coincidence which is not...

And two of your photos appear on the screen? Two? Like the bird cage photos? Just in case she scrolled the page down too fast and miss one?

Oh Wow ...

Now, that's what Mom means by a 

coinciDANS!!! :D:D:D