Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hello Son,                                                  (continue from Call 137) (IPOH, January 29)

Here are some photos taken during the dinner reception in Ipoh on Friday, January 29.

Aunty Diana looked absolutely radiant in her lengha and Grandma was just stunning - about to steal Aunty Di's thunder ... any minute now. Grin. :D

What a handsome couple, don't You think?

One for the road ... while waiting for the lift to come up to our 14th floor ...

Mom was standing under some kind of cage. There is an awesome, awesome, awesome OMG story to this cage - will tell You later ...

Aunty Carol and Justine looking spectacular in their westernized Bollywood version ...

 See the cage??? Ah, wait for the story, Son ...

 Congratulations Dr Chris & Dr Diana ... :D

Dad and Mom doing a ... uh ... Kuch Kuch Hota Hai number. 
See our lighted coconut tree? :D

Your Aunty Diana looked absolutely splendid the whole night.
She literally, took our breaths away.

 Aunty Diana's 3 friends who came up from KL. 
How cute of them to be attired in sarees. :D

 Here's Aunty Hayley with her funky outfit ...

 The Groom's family.

That night, Chris' father said to Mom, 

"Can we have 4 tables at the KL dinner?" 

He had initially confirmed 2 tables.



Why, of course ... 4's the magic number these days. :D

After the dinner reception, we went to Chris' house to hang out for a bit ... and have the wedding cake.

Dad said Mom's thing on the head shouldn't be bigger than Aunty Diana's la ... But that was the only orange one that she could find in that shop. Aunty Di helped Mom pick orange bangles and Justine got orange ear-rings from Aunty Carol's collection. 

All your colour, Son ... :D


Taken at the hotel lobby ... waiting for Dad to drive 
the wedding car to the hotel entrance.

At the dinner reception (Ipoh) ...

Let Aunty Jessie know she was definitely with us 
during the whole wedding weekend ...  
Notice the cage ...

Wednesday, January 3, 2010
It's the first day of Chinese New Year today.
Everyone is missing You, especially during dinner last night.
We're sure You're having lots of fun loh-sanging with 
Jesus, Mary and all the angels up there in Heaven. <3

Here's a photo of us with Aunty Jessie. Taken when we 
visited her in the States. You were 10 years old.