Thursday, February 10, 2011

Call 133 : RUBBER BAND

Hello Son,

Wednesday, January 26

Aunty Diana's wedding was in 3 days' time. 

On Friday 28th, we will be going up to Ipoh for the church ceremony and the Groom's reception. Thursday, tomorrow, will be the last day for all the last minute stuffs we need to get.

This morning, we went to Chinatown, Petaling Street. 

We left the house at 10am. 

Mom wanted to get a packet of those lil cloth roses to sew them on Aunty Di's veil. Mom has seen those roses before when she was in Chinatown buying costumes with the teachers before concert time 2 years back.

Arriving in Chinatown, we parked the car in a open car park area. RM2 an hour. It was early, and there was ample parking space. We walked along the row of shops on the left side of the road, heading towards the main entrance of Chinatown.

Halfway through, Mom felt the sole of her platforms giving way. She has not worn this pair of shoes for a while and now she remembers why. The sole needed to be glued back down to the platform but somehow, she'd forgotten about it. 

Today, she took them out to wear. This pair was a gift from Aunty Diana. :D

There was a hardware shop among the row of shops. We went in and asked for glue for shoes. Mom took off her shoe, lifted the sole and showed the shopkeeper the problem. The man recommended a tube of super glue. He warned that if we were not careful, we could get our fingers stuck together.

Ohh ...

We decided not to take the glue. 

It sounded dan-ge-rous. 

Dan - ge - rous ...

Your first 3-syllable word.

Walking on, with your mother kinda dragging her right foot, Aunty Di said, "We just have to hold the shoe and sole together with a rubber band..."

The INSTANT she said "rubber band," we both saw one on the ground. Just a step away. We stopped in our tracks abruptly, and simultaneously.

Aunty Di quickly bent down to pick it up. 

"How weird. I just said it, and it's there!" 

She had the OMG look on her face. Important to note here that we both remembered exactly where we found the rubber band. It was in front of a particular shop, which we would go in later on the way back to the car.

"Dans must have whispered to You, get a rubber band, just before we saw it," Mom said with a smile. Otherwise, we would have just walked past it. It didn't occur to your mother that you could use a rubber band, honestly.

We stood by the side of the shop. Balancing herself on her left leg, with one arm against the wall, Mom brought up her right knee. Aunty Di slipped the rubber band over the 3 inch platform. With the rubber band in place, the sole was held down firmly.

We continued walking ...

Soon, we found the shop that sells all sewing stuffs including buttons and all kinds of clothing accessories. Mom asked the salesman about the little roses. He seemed to understand what your mother wanted and directed her right to the back of the shop.

Ah yes, it was there that your mother remembers seeing those cute lil roses the last time. 

Oh goody, let's go get some pink roses for the veil ...

At the shelves, there were several rows of packets of roses hanging nicely on the rack. We tried to look for the pink roses but there were none. 

Aunty Di said, "Find purple ones." 

Her gown had a tinge of purple on it.

No, not even purple roses. There were white, blue and green roses. No purple. We spent some time just going through each packet on the rack, just in case it was mixed up with other colors.

Mom asked the salesman, "Do You have purple roses?"

The salesman said, "Out of stock." 

He was with us at the shelves, just standing there watching us go through the packets. Not helping and not offering to help. 

No... no purple roses in sight. :(

Mom walked to the front of the shop, to look for any possible alternatives. As she was searching in front, she called her son for help. 

SOS Daniel. There are no purple roses here. Do something. We need the roses today. The wedding is in two days' time. We don't have the time go around town looking ...

Would You believe it??? 

A few seconds later, Aunty Di called out to Mom from where she was at the back of the shop, and said... 

"Found it!"

Really??? Oh My ...

"I was just asking Dans to help us look," Mom said. 

"Where did You find it?"

Aunty Di said, "It was right behind his orange roses. Right right right at the back." 

Strange that we looked at that row too just now, and yet we missed it. Stranger still that we BOTH missed it. It was only after Mom called You for help that we found it. That was a sure way of letting us know that You were with us that day. 

Aww Son, You must have saved that last packet of purple roses for your Aunt Di just before they were sold out.

It was such a relief to find the purple roses. Mom bought a packet of orange roses as well. :D

We were so happy we thought we'd celebrate in the only way we know how. 

Food. :D

We stopped by a coffee shop and had hor fun soup (noodle soup) before going home.

Hmmm, we enjoyed our noodles very much. :D

We walked back towards the car. 

On the way, Mom spotted a scarf that is exactly like the one You have, hanging at one of the road stalls. Mind You, we were not exactly looking for stuffs anymore. This scarf however, was hanging right at the front of the stall, on top of some other scarfs. Had it been at the back, we would have missed it.

Zzzzzaa -- PPP!!!

"Eh, his scarf - look!" Mom pointed.

That scarf (the one on your head in the photo below) was a table gift that we all received during Grandma's birthday 2 years ago. We had bought it from Midvalley at the Rm5/item shop. Remember?

We felt your presence with us, Son ... :D

Passing the same row of shops which we walked through just now from the carpark to Chinatown street, we stopped by a shop that sold teddy bears and little souvenirs.

Aunty Di wanted to get a pair of Bride and Groom teddy for the wedding car.

CoinciDANtally, this was the shop where we found the rubber band right by the edge on the ground just now. 

We saw a pair of cute wedding teddys. Aunty Di bought them without hesitation. 

With that, we were done. 


We stepped out of the shop ...

Your mother barely took two steps out of the door when the rubber band on her shoe snapped. 

Oh darn ... :(

Mom turned to Aunty Di, "My rubber band snapped. Good thing, we're going back to the car..."

Aunty Di exclaimed, "Huh??? That's so weird. This is the same place we found the rubber band just now..."


Oh ...

Oh yes ...

So it was ...

The same place ...

How queer ...

We were standing about one step away from the EXACT spot we found the band this morning.

"It must be him ..." Mom said.

"He knows we're going back. He wants to make sure we know he has been with us the whole time today. He's making his presence felt." :D

Mom just has this to say - 

God is faithful. God is good. :D

Just imagine ... if the rubber band didn't break, we would have just gone home without a second thought. There would have been no OMG-ZAP. 

No connection. 

Had it snapped somewhere else, other than that exact same spot, that would have been so so so NOT weird. And if NOT weird... why, no ZAP of course.

No connection. No coinciDANS.

However, the rubber band snapped at the same spot as we found it just now. 

OMG, what are the chances? 

We have been walking all over Chinatown for the last 2 hours. It took us about 20 minutes to get to the rose shop, one way. We were not around this rubber band area - we had walked through the main Chinatown row, and checked out shops beyond the main row. 

We were like - everywhere. 

Yet, the band snapped - at - that - same - spot???

Now, that - is - weird.

It's so OMG - weird.

CoinciDANS - weird. :D

Zzzzaa -- PPP weird ... :D

Happy weird! :D:D:D

We walked back to the car slowly, OMG - ing all the way, quite overwhelmed by the inciDAN. 

The sole of your mother's shoe somehow managed to stay in tact, perhaps the rubber band just now had held the sole to the shoe with enough force that it was able to stay in place, and she was able to walk back to the car without much difficulty. Anyway, her shoe was the last thing on her mind at that moment.

That was really awesome, Daniel ... that last ZAP!

First, the rubber band. Then, the roses. After that, the scarf. Just when our thoughts were centered on You, some 10 minutes later, the rubber band snapped. 

It had to be... OMG - on the same spot as we found it just now.

Those inciDANS were all YOU, Daniel ...

Mom knows ...

All YOU ... :D

Nobody, nobody BUT CHIU! :D

See Call 109 : Nobody Nobody

the roses on the veil ...

From Phineas and Ferb Cartoon

Click on the title to view video.

Justine has been singing this rubber band song the past few days. How timely! :D