Thursday, February 24, 2011

Call 165 : TWO KEYS

Hello Son,                         (continue from Call 164)                       

Monday, February 21
Your 13th month with Jesus and Mama Mary

Darn it.

A loop-hole ... 

It wasn't long before she saw her um, feather case, crumbling before her eyes. 

Why did she have to ask Dad to look? 

She shouldn't have. He and his super-sonic eyes ... 

So irritating ...

In the car, Mom was still wondering. Two feathers??? 

Why two feathers??? 

Why??? Why two???

Just at that material time, a car overtook our car and Mom happened to catch sight of the number plate:

4 4 8 2

Oh My ... based on her newly-acquired PhD knowledge (8 divide by 2), she was looking at  4 4 4 ...

She knew it. She knew her son wouldn't zap her and then make it impossible for her to see the connection or feel The Bond. Right at that instant, she received a flash of enlightenment. 

She exclaimed excitedly, 

"But of course! Two feathers ...  that's a coinciDANS! 

You can't have a coinciDANS with one feather..."

Hah, is your mother good or what? :D 

Her feather case once again became air-tight. :D  

Ahh Yes, If it pleases Your Ladyship, Exhibit A, the first feather, and Exhibit B, the second feather. Two separate inciDANS, My Lady, occurring at the same time. This is beyond a reasonable doubt a definite coinciDANS... :D

Grin ... You whispered to Mom, didn't You? :D:D:D

Mom began to pester Dad, "Hey, let's go back to the coffee-shop. I need to get that feather. Make a turn around. You don't have to park, I'll run down and get it." 

Dad said we were out - of - the - way. 

Oh bother. :(

Then sensing your mother's need to get her hands on the eviDANS, he said, "We're dropping by Ipoh tomorrow on the way back. I have to meet somebody."

Tomorrow??? In 24 hours??? By then, the white feather would be all dirty and black. 

Eeee ... she wouldn't want it then. :S

Quickly, Mom sent a telepathic message to You, 

"Keep the feather clean, Son. Move it to the side, so people won't step on it..."

With that out of her mind, we continued our journey up north.

5. We reached Penang about 3:30pm. 

Dad said we'd stop by Penang Road for ice-kacang. While Dad was parking the car, Mom went into the cafe. She took a table and sat down. There was a Mat Salleh man with his Chinese wife and their two boys on the table on her left. 

The waitress came over to take Mom's orders.

While waiting for her ice-kacang, for some strange reason, Mom found herself stealing glances at the Mat Salleh man. From the corner of her eyes, she would occasionally take a glimpse of him. No, not because he's dashing or sexy... 

O Lord, far from it ... :D

He had a height disadvantage, looked like Jake in Two And A Half Men and was a potential contender for The Biggest Loser. Okay, so the last bit is a over-dramatic but seriously, his tee-shirt was s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d to the maximum.

So why did her eyes keep straying across to him? 

She had no idea. You had some, didn't You?

Wait ... wait for it ...

Dad came into the cafe shortly. About the same time, the Mat Salleh and his family packed up and left. Mom watched them leave until they disappeared from her sight.

Be patient, it's coming ...

After our yummy ice-kacang, Mom told Dad she wanted to go into the mall to get a bottle of eye-drop from the pharmacy. We walked there. It wasn't far, about say, 50 walking steps away.

Entering the mall, Mom was casually looking at the posters on the display window of the first boutique when ...

Zzzzaa -- ppp!!!

She stopped short, and pointed at a poster to Dad. It was a large poster of a boy in a brown and orange striped tee. The boy was looking up, his arms were above his head, holding an aeroplane. Dad took a photo with his mobile.

Yes, the tee shirt ... You have a similiar one. Brown and orange stripes. The aeroplane??? Mom reminded Dad about the DANIEL song.

Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane ...


 By Elton John.

See Call 161 : God's Guarantee

We felt your presence with us, Son... :D 

Mom got her stuff from the pharmacy. Going out of the mall, she saw that Mat Salleh man again. This time ...

Zzzzaaa -- ppp!!!

The brown and orange striped tee shirt! 

That man was wearing a striped brown - orange tee! Mom didn't get it at the cafe. Sorry Son. You must have been whispering to your mother, "Look at the Mat Salleh, Mom... Look at his tee shirt." 

She did look but she didn't get it. 

Slow ... slow Mom ... slow ... tsk tsk tsk ...

Mom heard that...

Anyway, OMG - how awesome is that!

Somehow, there're just little signs everywhere we go that remind us that You are near. :D

Aunty Diana with You ...

6. We arrived at Tune Hotel at 4:50pm. 

Believe it or not, but another coinciDANS was about to happen at this "Five Star Bed At One Star Price" hotel. :D 

Dad checked in. 

We went up to the room. Our room number was 326. Dad opened the door, but when he slid the key-card into the air-con/lights slot, the room remained dark. The lights did not come on. So, Dad dropped the overnight bag on the floor, against the door. He went down to the lobby. 

Mom sat on the bed.

A few minutes later, a young couple came to the room. They were kinda surprised to see the door opened, and Mom inside the room. So was Mom surprised to see them at the door. 

The guy said, "Our room number is 326."

Zzzzaaa -- ppp!!!

"Oh really? We got 326 too. My husband is at the lobby," Mom said. She had to refrain from dancing about, as she added mentally... 

O--M--G ... what a coinciDANS! :D:D:D

That was definitely your way of telling us that You were with us. Felt your presence totally and completely ... :D

When Dad came back to the room, Mom asked, 

"How many times have You stayed in this hotel?"

Dad said, "Many times ... more than 20."

Mom asked, "Has this happened before?" 

Dad said, "No, never..."

Hahahahahaha ... 

Mom was totally overwhelmed by today's inciDANS. Of course ... a coinciDANS such as giving two 326 key-cards would only happen on your 21st! 

Hehehehehehe ... your mother was delirious. :D

7. That evening, we went to the Viva center in Pulau Tikus. At the stair case leading up to the lift of the building, there was a nice bright orange car. :D

Oh wow, Son ... Your mother couldn't ask for more.

Honestly, everywhere we are, there You'll be ... <3

What a special treat we had today on your 21st ... <3<3<3 

Your parents didn't know then, but You would zap them (including Justine) with several inciDANS the next day on the way home ... :D

(continue on Call 167)