Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hello Son,                                                             (Sunday, January 23)

We left the house this morning to drop Justine at church. 

She's helping out with the Catechism kindergarten class this year. :D 

Dad went to the basement to get the car. 

We hopped in at the condo lobby.

The radio was on. A song was playing.

Although the tune was unfamiliar, Mom caught the word :

"Someone to watch over me ..."

Someone to watch over me???


Her heart must have skipped a beat.

The time on the dash board was 9:49am.

First thing in the morning, she received a nice ZAP. :D

Quickly, in case she forgets, 

yeah right, as if she would - someone to watch over me ...

... she keyed those words into her mobile, telling herself she would definitely check the song on YouTube later. 

We arrived at church and dropped Justine off. 

Then, Dad and Mom went to Starbucks, Bangsar while waiting for Jus to finish her class. Mom took out the laptop. Dad went to get coffee.

She google-searched these words :

youtube someone to watch over me lyrics

and pressed ENTER. 

Three song videos appeared. 

Mom clicked on the first one - by Allison Iraheta. 

You remember Allison Iraheta, right? We had followed American Idol that season, with 2 camps at home - Adam Lambert and Chris Allen.

Paused to look at the page ...

Everything was as normal as checking YouTube videos could be ...

And then ... before she knew it ...




Gosh ...

She couldn't believe her eyes. 

Sitting there solidly on the sofa at Starbucks, she stared at the laptop screen unblinkingly.

No, not good for the eyes, she knows ... 



Wow ...

How do You do it?

Honestly Daniel, how do You do it???

Mom had clicked on the Allison Iraheta video. While listening to the song on the headphone, she started to check out the thumb nail videos on the right side of the screen.

At first, she found herself just scanning through. 

Then, the ZAP happened ... 

and it made her re-read each title again ... 

this time slowly ... 

one by one ... 

from top to bottom ...

finger pointing at each one ...

Video 1 : Someone to watch over me (Patti Austin)
Video 2 : Someone to watch over me (Allison Iraheta)

Video 3 : Someone to watch over me (Hillary Duff)

Video 4 : Someone to watch over me (Jocelyn Dabu)

Video 5 : Someone's watching over me (lyrics on screen)

Video 6 : Someone to watch over me (basinet)

Video 7 : Someone to watch over me (Kay Panabakar)

Video 8 : Someone to watch over me

Video 9 : Someone to watch over me (studio recording)

Video 10 : Someone to watch over me (Amy Winehouse)

Video 11 : Scars (Allison Iraheta)

Video 12 : Somehow to watch over me (Karaoke)

Video 13 : Somehow to watch over me (Renee Olstead)

Video 14 : Somehow to watch over me (Keely Smith)

Video 15 : Alone (Allison Iraheta)

Video 16 : The best 17 year old eva

Video 17 : FALL FOR YOU

Video 18 : Someone to watch over me (Piano)

Video 19 : Someone to watch over me (Haim Cotton)

Video 20 : Someone to watch over me (Frank Sinatra)

Say whattt???

Did You see that???


Your song??? 

The second song You sang to Mom the night before You left us? That song? Why, Justine and Your friends had dedicated this song to You on your First Anniversary on Friday, January 21.

2 days ago.

See Call 126 : Confetti Rice

How awesome was it for Mom to find FALL FOR YOU 

among sixteen SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME videos???

Imagine reading ...

Someone to watch over me

Someone to watch over me

Someone to watch over me

again and again ...

and suddenly, out of the blues, quite unexpectedly -

you see ...


Oh My ...

That was unbelievable!

The Zap. The Bond. The Message.

The O--M--G!!!

What are the chances of a FALL FOR YOU video 

appearing among 16 SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME ???

Slim, very slim chance ...

Heck, no chance ...

Mom got it, Son. Mom got your message ... :D

Someone to watch over me ... Fall For You ...

Err ... har-low ...

That's YOU ... 

That's YOU telling Mom You're watching over us ... :D


That was awesome ...  :D

Totally ...

Mom looked at the other 3 videos ...

Video 11 : Scars 

(Scars??? Like what - telling You how lucky your surgical scars cannot be seen because they are covered by your hair ...)

Next ...

Video 15 : Alone 

(Don't even think of getting your mother started on this topic ...)

Last video ...

Video 16 : The best 17 year old eva 

(Strictly speaking, You would be 17 years old on earth, this year ...)

Oh Woah ... Talk about connection ...

How connected is this???

No words, Son.

None ...

Just a big happy grin ... :D:D:D

By Allison Ireheta. Click on title to view video.

"When You're listening to this song Son, just know that we are missing your handsome face."


We left Starbucks to pick up Justine.

Still overwhelmed by the ZAP, Mom was relating the inciDAN (again and again) to Dad. Dad had a big smile on his face. 

We were in the car. Mom turned on the radio: 

Two Less Lonely People In The World 


The time was 11:29am ...


Getting a signal here ...


Hmmm ...

Pause some more.

Wait a minute ...


Zzzzzza -- PPP!!!

Flashback ...

We were in the car, Dad was driving, Mom was in front, both Justine and You were sitting behind, and this song had come on.

Mom had said, "Air Supply..."

Justine and You were like, "What's that???"

Mom replied, "The song - it's by Air Supply."

You two paused to listen for two seconds, then both of You wrinkled your nose in distaste, looked at each other and made a face like there was a stench nearby ... and then - the synchronized urgent mock act -

CHaNGe THe CHaNNeL, MaRM!!! :D

Mom remembers that clearly. It's heart-warming just thinking about it. You remember, don't You? :D

Anyway, after that song, the next one that came on was: 

I'M ALIVE (Celine Dion) 

The time was 11:33am. 

Mom listened to it and thought ...

Hmmm, he IS alive ... and so kickin' in Heaven. :D

Good songs today huh. 

We reached church. 

While waiting for Justine to finish her class, Dad and Mom stayed in the car. You must have whispered to Dad not to turn off the car engine because the next song that came on right after was: 


The time was 11:36am.


That song was for your mother. She knows it. She could feel it. She claims it. She had told You once before that any parent would love to have this song dedicated to them. You had asked Mom at the time why she was teaching her 6 year old kids at school such a difficult song during their concert 2 years ago.


You remember, Mom knows ... 

Yes, your mother knows You remember ... She had to make an effort to hold back tears that threatened to fall ... She was at the church compound - someone might just walk by ...

Mom couldn't wait to tell Justine the inciDANS that happened this morning, including the two Celine Dion songs. 

Justine said : "I'M ALIVE and BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME came on, one after another?"

Mom replied, Yeah ...

Justine commented that it was unusual for 2 of the same artist's songs to come on, "back to back" ... her own words ...

Mom thought so too ...

Unusual ... 

You must have whispered to the DJ : 

"Put on another Celine Dion's song. 

Because You Love Me. 

My mother likes that song."

Did You see the big smile on your mother's face? :D

Totally felt your presence today, Daniel ...

Thank You Jesus, for the connection. :D

The bond between Mother and Son is forever. <3

Truly ... forever.