Friday, February 11, 2011

Call 134 : BIRD CAGE

Hello Son,

Thursday, January 27

Today, we're gonna take the car to the bridal house for decoration. Tomorrow Friday, we'll be driving up to Ipoh. Saturday will be the Bollywood wedding. :D

Can You feel the excitement all the way up there? :D

Mom thinks You can. 

Sure You can. Nothing is impossible for You now. :D You gave us a sign too, first thing in the morning. :D

Yup, early this morning, Dad spilled his cup of coffee while he was at the lap top. Yikes! 

You know, right... 

Dad's not known to spill stuff, especially not on the computer table. Dad was pretty mad at himself for giving the laptop a coffee-spa. A few books that were on the table were not spared. Those motivational books now has coffee stains on them and are unsightly brown and wrinkly.

Later, after clearing up, Dad was still silently wondering what happened there ... Yeah, what brought that on, huh ... Dad found it hard to believe he spilled a whole cup of coffee on the computer table just now ... 

Justine said, "Daniel spills his drinks all the time, Dad." :D

Zzzzaa -- PPP!!!

That brought an instant smile on Dad's face. :D

Yes, we remember how You'd spill your milk and orange juice on the table when You were younger... and even when You were a teen, those spill - your - drink days were not done. :D

Dad would say after your spilling incidents, 

"He's very excited." :D

We recall how You'd always eat your food rather quickly so You could continue playing with your toys. Often, the impatience and the hurrying came with ah, wet repercussions.

Now we now why You have to had so many spills.
To ZAP us now. :D

We felt your presence, Son ... we really, really did. :D

Dad fetched Aunty Diana, Justine and Mom to the Bridal House about 1pm. A few inciDANS happened while we were there which made us feel your presence more than ever. :D

1st inciDAN

When we first stepped foot in the Bridal House, Justine asked to use the washroom. The consultant pointed to the direction of the washroom and said, 

"Go straight, turn left."

Dad and Mom heard that, and instantly turned to look at each other with a big grin. Justine swung around to flash a grin at us and to check if we heard ... :D 

Of course we heard that.

Go straight, turn left???

Chuckle. Chuckle. Chuckle. :D

Flashback ...

We were in the car. You were about a year and a half then.

Mom asked, "What's your name?"

You mumbled : "Naniel."

"Where do You live?"

You responded with a serious face : "Go straight turn left."

That was the highlight of our day, Daniel. :D 

That line remained with us even when You were a teen. Whenever we happen to hear anyone saying go straight turn left especially when asking for directions, we'd say to You,

That's your line, Daniel ... :D

You must have whispered to the girl to speak loud enough for Dad and Mom to hear. We were not by Justine's side. Dad was at the consultation table, Mom was at the sofa near the cashier ... You could say we were about 10 footsteps away from one another.

2nd inciDAN

Mom was sitting on the sofa, minding her own business when she happened to notice Aunty Di's large portrait (about 4 ft X 3 ft) that was standing on the floor in front of her. 

Zzzzaa --PPP!!!



GOSH ...

You - have - got - to - be - kidding ...


Oh my ...

A bird cage??? 

Mom couldn't believe her eyes. 

She was totally overwhelmed by the portrait and found herself momentarily speechless. Mom was sitting by herself at that moment, until Aunty Di came out from the changing area. She was trying on her new gown.

Mom asked Aunty Diana, 

"What made You choose this photo to enlarge?"

Aunty Di grinned, 

"I don't know la ... Funny right, with the empty bird cage."

Yes, yes ... quite funny alright, that she picked this shot to enlarge for her living room portrait.  Of all the photos she could have chosen. Mom has seen her album and she could not understand why your aunt picked this bird cage shot, of all the photos ...

Mom asked, 

"What did Chris (Aunty Di's fiance) say about this?" 

Aunty Di replied, "He doesn't know I picked this photo to blow up. He wasn't here. He's in Ipoh, remember? I came with Carol..."

Ah, that explains it ...

Smart, smart move ... 

You're really calling the shots, Son ... :D

"But what made You choose this photo? You took more than 250 shots, selected 50 for the album, and You picked this black and white one with a bird cage for your free enlargement??? You could have picked the James Bond photo, or the Ming Dynasty one..." Your mother's intense interrogation must have put a high-ranking FBI special agent to shame.

Aunty Di was like, "I don't know why I picked this one. I can't remember. Must ask Carol la ... she was with me. Why, what's wrong?"

(teng deh denggg ...)

Mom revealed slowly, 

"Did You know that Daniel took a photo in a bird cage?"

Aunty Di was surprised, "What, no ... no I didn't know."

"O -- M -- G  ...  Reallyyyy???"

This photo was taken when You were 13 years old or thereabouts. You were wearing a cap because your hair was still uneven due to a recent surgery. Dad said he had to coax You to get into the giant bird cage to snap this photo. He said You were reluctant because people were looking, but You were sporting enough to oblige anyways. :D 

Now Mom knows why we have this photo in the family album. When checked later, even Aunty C was not aware of this bird cage photo of yours.

Aunty Di said at the time when she picked the photo, she doesn't know why... but now, now she knows. You're so gonna be with her everywhere she is.

That was an awesome ZAP, Son ... :D

3rd inciDAN

This third inciDAN that happened was really awesome. 

Even the staffs at the Bridal House were affected. 

Two girls were all ready to take the decorations out to the car. In fact, they were already outside the shop front, and were about to start tying the purple ribbons on to the car when it SUDDENLY POURED cats and dogs. 

It was a heavy downpour - and it happened all of a sudden, without any warning.

It - just - poured!

The girls took all the decor and ribbons back into the Bridal House, and commenting at the same time, "How strange, it suddenly poured. It was dry one minute, and the next minute it rained hard. How funny..." (in cantonese)

All of us stopped what we were doing, and went out to see - the magical rain. With everyone watching the rain falling in heavy droplets, guess what happened next!

In less than a minute, the rain stopped COMPLETELY

Oh My ... It was like we were watching a magic show.

Mom went out of the Bridal House and walked in the open, with her arms stretched out just to feel if there were still any light drizzle, but there were none. No, not a single drop. 

Not one. 

The rain completely stopped. 

Mom looked up into the sky.

That was YOU. :D

Mom knows.

The connection. The go - straight - turn - left. The bird cage. The rain. We felt your presence today, Daniel - totally.

The girls at the Bridal House were still talking about the rain as they were decorating the car. It was so unbelievable. One minute it poured, poured, poured hard... and the next minute, it - just - stopped! 




That was so amazing!

Were You watering Mother Mary's flowers or pranking around with the water hose? :D Whatever You were doing at that time, was just simply awesome, Son. 

Awe - some ... :D

4th inciDAN

We left the Bridal House and went to Bangsar for our manicure and pedicure appointment at 3pm. By the time we were done, it was almost 6:30pm. Aunty Di had left earlier with a friend.

Dad would be picking Mom and Justine up in twenty minutes, he said in his text message. We shared a drink while waiting in one of the cafes. We sat outside the cafe, so it would be easier to spot Dad's car when he drove past. 

We were leaning back against the sofa, relaxing and admiring our newly-manicured nails. 

Then at one point, we heard a loud HONK HONK HONK. 

We looked toward the road and saw the driver of a car honking rudely as there was another vehicle parked beside his car, preventing him from reversing out. Would You believe it but he continued to HONK HONK HONK.

Justine and Mom watched him getting all flustered and impatient. Just then, as our eyes were on the road, a bright ORANGE car slowly drove past. We both saw it.

Oh my ...

Then, the honking stopped.

Oh wow ...

How dramatic ....

Did You see that, Jus???

Awesome, Justine said with a happy sigh.

That is so your brother's style, Mom told Jus. Honk to get the attention first. Then, as he got us to focus on the road (and not on our nails), he sends the orange car to ZAP us.

Ooh, awesome, awesome, awesome ... :D

What a coinciDANS ... :D

5th inciDAN

Dad picked us up at 6:45pm. 

Just in case any of us had any doubts at all that those inciDANS that happened today were from our Guardian Angel, he sent yet another sign. :D

As Dad was driving out of Bangsar, at one point, he called out, "Hey, Dee - Aye - Ann in front."

We saw it. You couldn't miss it. Straight ahead, right in front, was a bright yellow car with the number plate...  

DAN  71. :D

Today was just amazing, Son ... :D 

Each and every day, You drop a lil sign to let us know You are near. Don't ever stop kay.Thank You, God for that. :D

Be good ... <3

Stay close ... <3

Continue to watch over your family and friends ... <3

Please say HI to Jesus and Mother Mary ... <3

Love You, Son ... <3