Saturday, February 19, 2011

Call 144 : SAME BED

Hello Son,                                                          (continue from Call 143)

Chris listened and nodded. 

He didn't make any comments. At one point, Aunty Diana asked Chris to your bedroom. Mom knew what she was about to do.  

The bed inciDAN ... 

that happened in his house in Ipoh during the wedding weekend. (See Call 139 : Chinese Dinner)

Your aunt and Chris came back to the living room shortly, and Aunty Di confirmed, 

"It's the same bed ..." :D

Flashback ...

Wedding in Ipoh (Call 138 : Bollywood Night)...

So here's what happened...

We were in Chris' house on Friday (Jan 28th), Saturday (Jan 29th) and Sunday (Jan 30th). 

On Friday, before leaving Chris' house back to the hotel, your mother asked Chris' mother, if she could use the bathroom. 

Chris' mother said, "Of course, use the bathroom upstairs, the first room at the top of the stairs."

Mom went upstairs, walked into the room, and turned into the bathroom at her immediate left.

On hindsight ...

Your mother was meant to see a bed that was in the room but she did not see it at the material time. Sorry about that Son. You must have been shaking your head seeing your mother walked in and out of the room with her head down. Anyway, You made sure that before we left for KL on Sunday morning, Mom should notice the bed. Your mother almost missed it again but You must have whispered to Justine to intervene...

Anyway, after using the bathroom, Mom came out, switched off the lights, and went downstairs. 

No, she didn't see the bed.

On Saturday, we had the wedding reception. After that, we went to Chris' house for the cake. No, Mom didn't use the bathroom that night. Can't expect her to be using people's bathroom each time she visits them, right?

On Sunday morning, on the way back to KL, we dropped by Chris' house. Before leaving about an hour later, Justine went upstairs to use the bathroom. 

A few minutes later, Mom went up too.

Upstairs, Mom noticed Justine came out from another room. 

Mom said, "Why did You go to that room? You're supposed to use the bathroom in this room..." (the room nearest to the staircase)

Jus shrugged and said she didn't know.

Anyway, Mom went into the bathroom. When she came out, Justine was standing right by the door, waiting to go in. 

Mom asked, "Again?"

Jus said she had some phlegm she had to clear from her throat ...

While your sister was inside, Mom waited for her outside the bathroom. It was then, when the ZAP happened.

Leaning against the wall, Mom's eyes caught sight of the headboard of the bed, and she thought, "That looks familiar..."

Then her eyes scanned over the bed and...



Gosh ...

She was looking at your bed! 

Quickly, Mom whispered to your sister, "Jusssss..." and made her jumped with her hissing.  :D

Justine had a fright, her hand at her chest. She whispered back, "You scared me!" :D:D:D

"Hehehehe ... Sorry. Come and take a look at the bed. It's the same bed as Daniel's." Still whispering ...

Jus said, "Maybe it's a different model."

"No, no, no - it's the same bed," Mom was very sure.

Justine came out of the bathroom, and took a look at the bed. She nodded, "It's the same bed..." 

Jus pointed to Mom the tag that was hanging out from the bottom of the bed. Daniel's bed has that same tag, Jus said. We dropped to our knees to check the tag.

There are hundreds of beds out there in the market, and we found ourselves looking at YOUR bed??? The same model, the same shade, the same make, the same everything.

Oh My ... What a coinciDANS!!! :D

You must have whispered to Justine to use this bathroom. If she did not, Mom would have just gone out of the room without noticing the bed, like she did the first time.

We told ourselves we would check your tag when we went home. (When we did, we were so not surprised that the tag was exactly the same.)

So anyway, it was only today (New Year's Day, Feb 1st) that we found out the bedroom in question is Chris' and the bed is his. At first, when Mom told Aunty Diana about the bed inciDAN, she had said that the room we were in was the master bedroom.  It's not. It's Chris' ...

Christopher and You have the same bed? 

My, what are the chances?

That evening, we went to the mall

After walking around the mall for a while, we went to have some food at a food stall. It was there that Chris shared something really incredible with us. 

You ready for this??? :D

Well, he said that before he told his parents that he was going out with Aunty Diana, his mother apparently came across your notice in The Star papers. Chris said his mother had apparently cut that notice out and kept it.

Oh my ...

Can You imagine that? 

His mother has been keeping a copy of your notice with her, even before she knew her son was going out with your Aunty Diana. 

Oh Wow... How incredible is that? 

Mom remembers the circumstance surrounding this notice. It wasn't supposed to be in the papers. Dad had said that after the first two notices that we published in the papers, the first was to inform of your departure and the second was a Thank You notice, the 3rd notice should be a year later, on the First Year Anniversary, and not after 30 days. 

Mom remembers telling Dad, that it had felt like a year already...

Meant to be ... 

You must have whispered to Dad, "Put the notice in the papers, Dad. It's for Aunty Diana's future mother-in-law..." :D 

None of us had met Chris at the time. Only You knew what was gonna happen in the next few months. <3

the notice in the papers

Aunty Di said to Chris, "Daniel approves of You la..." :D

Chuckle. We always knew You had a hand in bringing them both together. :D It was only on that day that we saw the connection. Can You imagine Chris' reaction when his mother showed him your notice?

"This is my girl-friend's nephew, Ma..."

"You're going out with this boy's aunty?"

Oh boy ... 

Bollywood script writers - See if you guys can get a storyline better than this... :D

Yeah, Chris and his mother would definitely have been ZAPPed at that moment. :D