Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hello Son,

Tuesday, January 25

Today, Dad fetched Justine to the dentist for her monthly appointment. Aunty Carol was at the hospital. Grandma was in school. 

Mom and Aunty Diana went shopping at Gardens / Midvalley Mall. :D 

No prizes for guessing who had the most fun today. :D

Aunty Di wanted to get a pair of shoes for her wedding reception. Her wedding in Ipoh was in 4 days' time. She had already bought a pair of heels, at Grandma's insistence the day before, but realized later at home that night, that she couldn't possibly walk in those ridiculously high heels with flimsy, thin straps, up and down the aisle during her church ceremony. 

Your aunt said she was confident she would fall. :D

Now You know where You got your dramatic expressions (sometimes) from.

"Then why did You buy them?" Mom had asked.

Aunty Di said, Grandma liked the sparkling, glittering tiny stones that were on the heels.

Ohh ...

That figures ... :D

Anyway, we started our shoe-search at Metrojaya, our first outlet. 

Mom walked around the shoe department for a bit. She was politely refusing the salesgirl's invitation to try on some shoes when she spotted a pair of high clog-sandals in matted orange leather. 

Orange clogs??? 


She couldn't resist the temptation.

Mom asked the salesgirl if she could try on those clogs in her size. 

While waiting for the salesgirl to return from the store-room, your mother couldn't help but wonder if You had whispered to her to walk to the direction of those orange clogs.

Maybe You did ...

Maybe not ...

She wasn't sure ... 

One thing's for sure though ... 

Mom didn't want to appear like she was desperately linking every orange thing to You. 

Ah yes ...

She can see You shaking your head and protesting, 

"Aiyoh Marmmm, not everything orange is me la..." 

Of course, of course ... Mom knows. 

Some inciDANS are clearly connected to You, 

and some are just - pure coinciDANS. :D 

Both and all are totally amazing and wonderful. 

Didn't see that coming, did You? :D

It's a mother-whose-son-is-in-heaven's prerogative to make the rules.

Say what You like, Daniel, but Mom thinks You brought her to those orange shoes. It just felt like You did. Don't ask her to explain it. She just knows.

It's a feeling ...

Her God-given instincts are pointing sky-wards ...

Aunty Di saw Mom with the clogs and said, 

"Eh, that's the one la, I saw the other day. I told Carol You'll like it."

Mom put on the clogs and paraded around. 

Aunty Di followed suit. She tried on the same orange color, with an X - strap. Soon, we were both walking around, here and there, round and round the display shelves. :D

You must have seen us ... :D

The heels were pretty high, yet surprisingly, quite comfortable. That was the first pair of shoes your mother tried on that morning - and my, were they perfect ...

On top of that - 


What a bright sign ... :D

Mom checked the heels and asked the salesgirl, 

"How high is this?"

"about 4 inches," the girl replied.

Did You hear that???

4 inches, she said ... 

Your mother's heart must have skipped a beat...

Anything to say, Son? :D

(Note that Mom is staying very still now and straining very hard to listen...) 

Hmmm ...

Okay ... alright ... 

Silence is powerful anyway ...  >.<

So far, since the beginning of time, Aunty Di and Mom's platform-shoes have always been 3 inches high - max.

Mom said, "We're progressing. We're going up an inch. From now on, we're promoting ourselves to 4 inches." 

Aunty Di giggled.

Hehehehehehehe ...

In the end, Mom decided to take a pair, and Aunty Di too. The salesgirl issued an invoice for each of us, and stuck it on our shoe-box, before handing the box to us. Aunty Di also bought another pair of elegant shoes for night wear.

Whilst heading towards the cashier counter, Mom happened to look down on the invoice and ...


She couldn't miss it even if she wanted to...  



Gosh ...

Your mother stared at the invoice, in disbelief.

The Bond. The Zap. The Fireworks. :D

The large printed handwriting on the invoice stared back at her...

4 8 8 4 4 4

See Call 43 : Angel Signs

O--M--G ...

"Eh, look ... look at my invoice," Mom said excitedly, like she was looking at a winning lottery ticket. Aunty Di turned to look at your mother's invoice, then at hers.

"Hey, mine's the same. It's the item code," said Aunty Di.

"Yours is the same? With all the 4s???"

Aunty Di said, "Yeahhhh..."

Woah - DouBLe HaPPiNeSS... :D

How about that???

"He's shopping with us. He wants us to know that," Mom must have been smiling from ear to ear.

"Ya la ... It's so obvious..." Aunty Di said, grinning.

Wow, that was awesome. What are the chances? 

Think about it ... 

At the mall, we came straight to this shoe-place. There are like what - 20 - over shoe outlets at the mall, and we came here first. Those clogs were the first shoes Mom tried on. Your mother is not known, as far as she can remember, to find shoes easily.

Don't You remember - whenever Mom goes shopping for shoes, she would have to hop from one shop to another, try on at least a dozen of them, and in the end, complaint that she...

just - cannot - find - anything - suitable.

Why, stumbling upon these clogs was just too good to be true. You must have led us straight here, like You did with the wedding gown...

See Call 89 : Perfect Dress  

... and the bridesmaid outfits.

See Call 89 : Name Strap 

And now the invoice ... with the angel signs ... 

Let's talk about that ...

You'd think that was the end?

At the cashier, the boy handed us an orange paper bag each with orange angpow packets. :D

Oh My ...

Orange paper bag? And orange packets? Why, that was practically YOU wishing us Gong Xi Fa Cai! :D:D:D

Aunty Di and Mom exchanged a secret glance. We felt your presence at the cashier, Son ... :D

Totally. You made sure of that.

If Mom had any doubts, she didn't kay... but if she did have any doubts at all that You had led us to the shoes, they were cleared the instant she saw the invoice. Her angel-signs told her, her Son was shopping with them. :D

It's not like your mother wants to link every orange inciDAN to You, but this orange shoes incident - hey, excuse her but... 




coinciDANS. :D

Double the Shoes. Double the Joy. <3

Thanks Son, for the orange ZAPPPPP!!! :D

First eviDANS : The Angel Signs.

The cashier issued the above receipt and kept the invoice.
The written invoice showed 488444, without the 000.

Second eviDANS : the color of subject-matter. :D

Picture of shoe box.

Two circumstantial eviDANS : orange paper bag ... :D

 and orange angpow packets ... :D

Finally, all her legal training and barrister-at-law qualification is put to good use ... :D 

We had fun today, Son ... Honestly, we cannot imagine how a shoe invoice can create so much excitement. On top of that, the orange clogs, the orange paper bag and orange packets ... You really know how to make your presence felt. 

Tell Jesus Mom says Thank You for allowing You to shop with us today, and for dropping those orange signs, to let us know You're near. :D

You were, and continue to be, so with us, Daniel ... From the day You followed Jesus home, till this day, and beyond, You have shown us in more ways than one, each and every day, little signs that You are near. :D We cannot explain it, we just know ... and knowing - just knowing - that You are right beside us is enough for your family ... <3

Which brings Mom to this song ...

It's amazing how You can speak right to my heart

Without saying a word, You can light up the dark

Try as I may, I can never explain

What I hear when You don't say a thing

 Justine and You at a souvenir shop in Lourdes, France (Sept 2009).

 By Ronan Keating

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