Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Call 141 : EMIL's MOTHER

Hello Son,

So where were we? Let's see ...

1. Thursday, Jan 27 : The bird cage inciDAN.

See Call 134 : Bird Cage. 

Your family didn't know then, but that bird cage would soon be a sign... to ZAP us with your presence and to let us know You were with us during and throughout the wedding weekend.

2. Friday, Jan 28 : We continued to receive OMG - 

signs that told us You were right with us...

See Call 135 : Missing Shoes.

3. Saturday, Jan 29, at the wedding reception in Ipoh...  

Your mother couldn't believe her eyes as she walked in to the reception hall, to see a giant overhead structure over the main wedding table, that had on each end of the table, a bird cage structure ..





Zzzzaa -- PPP!!!

Call 138 : Bollywood Night 

You were so with us, Daniel ... :D There was a reason why You had zapped us on Thursday at the Bridal Studio.

 Justine with Aunt Diana at the Ipoh reception ...

4. On Sunday, Jan 30, we had the reception in Kuala Lumpur. 

See Call 139 : Chinese Dinner.

Mom needs to remind You here that Emil's mother had said to her after your mother sang The Wedding Song during the Bridal Entrance that Sunday night, 

"This is your second time singing to him..." 

You must have whispered to Emil's mother to say something weird to Mom so she would be like - 

OMG, why did she say that? and all ... 

Mom was meant to remember that small inciDAN because believe it or not, but Emil's mother showed up at our condo the next day...


Honestly, your mother hardly knows the lady... Mom only knows her as Emil's mother ... Emil being your mother's college mate who's also now in heaven. She is apparently a church friend of Grandma's.

So, that's where we left off from the last call after the wedding...

Monday, January 31

Thank God, the wedding is over. 

Everything had gone smoothly.

The house was in a mess, like it had gone through a major hurricane. That morning, your mother had spent some time clearing up the condo. 

When she was about done and about to start with the laundry, Aunty Diana came rushing in, found your mother in the kitchen, and said quickly,

"Eh, there's an aunty coming. She's looking for mom (Grandma) but mom's not at home. She brought her disc of photos she took last night..."

It was about 2 pm.

You must have whispered to your mother to clean up the condo for this unexpected visitor. :D 

You're a good boy, Son. :D Thank You for the lil warning.

Mom followed Aunty Diana to the door ...

Oh, it was Emil's mother ...

The lady who said that weird line to Mom at the dinner last night.

Welcoming her into the house, Mom couldn't help but feel that an inciDAN was about to happen, though she had not the faintest idea what. It was just strange the way this lady spoke to your mother the night before, and then today, Mom saw her standing at our door. 

An inciDAN would happen, Mom was sure. :D

What have You got up your sleeves, Son? Mom wondered silently to herself as prepared a cup of hot chocolate for Emil's mother, before cutting her a slice of Aunty Diana's yummy wedding cake. 

Emil's mother was on the sofa. Aunty Diana and Uncle Chris were with her in the living area. Your aunt had put on the disc and the photo-slides were playing, one after another.

Mom put the tray of drink and cake down on a side table before Emil's mother. 

We were not sure what her name is, and we casually addressed her as "Aunty."

Have a drink, Aunty ...

Try the cake, Aunty ...

Thank You for taking the photos, Aunty ...

You shouldn't have Aunty ...

"I was glad to do it," Aunty said.

Anyway, Mom left them to view the photos on the TV screen. She continued with the laundry and then decided to clear up some dirty dishes at the sink.

At one point, it's difficult to explain this, and Mom's going to say this just once, so You had better listen carefully, kay. Mom's not gonna repeat this because it's gonna sound weird.

So... at one point, Mom suddenly dropped the sponge and left the plate she was half-way cleaning at the sink. 

On hindsight ...

Your mother's thinking, couldn't she at least rinse the plate, dry it out on the rack and keep the sponge in the soap bowl and not drop everything all of a sudden, leave the kitchen just to join the rest in the living room? 

Like - What was the hurry???

Anyway, she went out to see how their guest was doing.

Joining them, Mom stood by the sofa, looking at the photo (below) that was on the television screen at the time ...

 Grandma with Father Daniel ...

See how You get your mother's attention first before zapping her? The next photo that appeared, is the one below.

Dad with the Groom's parents' and sister.

Then, would You believe it ...

As your mother stood there, not really expecting anything when ...

ZAP -- PPPP!!!




Your mother could not believe her eyes.

Aunty Diana swung around instantly and we 

exchanged an O -- M -- G look ...

Are You serious?

You called your mother out to see this photo???


Zzzzaa -- PPP!!!

At the Kuala Lumpur reception ...

A bird cage???

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