Saturday, February 26, 2011

Call 167 : ORANGE VAN

Hello Son,                                   (continue from Call 166)

Tuesday, February 22
Journey from Ipoh to KL

After lunch, Dad and Mom walked back to the car. 

Mom's gotta tell You, she was totally light-headed. :D 

Dad had a perpetual smile on his face. :D:D:D 

As we were approaching the line of cars parked by the road side, Mom noticed the numbers of the parking lots that was on the ground. You must have heard your mother calling out the numbers as Dad and her were walking to the car...





Oh My Gosh ...

Our car was parked right smacked on the next bay ...

How awesome is that? 

24 - Your number. 

Your birthdate. 

A lil sign that brings a smile to our faces. :D

What a coinciDANS, huh ... :D

We got into the car. The time was 3:50 pm.

Mom found herself re-playing the inciDANS that happened that morning, right up to lunch, over and over in her head. 

Unbelievable, what happened today. :D 

Dad turned to look at the back, while he was reversing the car out, and exclaimed, 

"Hey, orange car (just passed us)..."

Mom couldn't tahan (take it?) anymore, and blurted out, 

"OMG, can You believe this??? The rainbow, the numbers, the feather, the bird cage, the 24, and now, ORANGE??? What are the chances??? I mean, seriously, what - are - the - chances???"

"Dansy-Boy..." was all Dad could say, and a thousand words more since he had a smile on his face... :D

"Can You believe this? OMG, can - You - believe - this???" Mom repeated incredulously.

Just then, Dad's handphone beeped.

A text message had come in. It was from Justine. 

Your parents could not have known this but about the same time that the lunch-inciDANS were happening to your parents in Ipoh, Justine was having her own inciDANS back in KL. :D

Your sister's text message came in at 3:58 pm. 

Mom read the message out:

"coming back from lunch with amah (grandma). at traffic lights. behind orange van pos laju (express post). song on radio 104.9 - Angel, then If I Die Young..." 

Oh My ...

Get the attention first with the orange van, then ZAP with the 2 songs. :D How timely, your 21st was just the day before... (your 13th month in Heaven).



Wow ...

That was nobody, nobody but chiu. :D 

See Call 109 : Nobody Nobody

Mom said, "Jus would have taken a few minutes to type the message out, which means, at the time when You saw the orange car, that must have been about the time she saw her orange van..."  :D

Awesome ... :D

Totally awesome ...

A coinciDANS, no doubt! :D

We were soon on the highway. 

At one point, Mom will not be able to explain this satisfactorily, but it wasn't long before she reached out for the radio and click on "seek track." 

The next station was 106.4. 

A song was on. 

Dad raised his eye-brows, his mouth fell open. 

He gave Mom that statue-look.

The time was 4:10 pm.

Mom paused to listen ... OMGosh ...

If I Die Young ...

Zzzzaa -- pppp!!!

Justine had just mentioned this on her text message. Your sister had created a If I Die Young music video for You, and had sung the song at your garden on your 10th month with Jesus and Mary. 

By Justine.

Lyrics on screen.

"Oh, the next one will be Angel then. It's the same station Justine was listening to," Mom said. Cute... How cute (she means, what a coinciDANS!) that Jus had sms-ed 10 minutes ago and for some strange reason, your mother knew when to change the station...

Yeah, Dad couldn't believe it ... :D

That was incredible. The timing was immaculate.

Yup, right after If I Die Young

Angel came on... :D

Words will not be able to fully describe those ZAPs and inciDANS that day. You would have thought that, that was the end ... but ohh nooooo, something incredible was about to happen. :D:D:D

(continue on Call 168)