Friday, February 18, 2011


Hello Son,

Tuesday, February 1

New Year's Day ...

This morning, Justine came out from her room and showed Mom a small lil leaf in her hand. Mom looked at it and wasn't sure what she was supposed to respond to that.

Justine prompted impatiently, 

"Look at the shape. It's a heart..."

The length is about an inch.

Mom looked again ... 

Ohh ...

O --- kay...

"This leaf has been in my room since his 21st (she means your First Anniversary Jan 21) but I didn't bother about it. Today, I picked it up and I just noticed it's a heart-shaped leaf..."

"Aww Jus, your brother sent You a lil heart. 

That's so sweet." <3 

Justine smiled before taping the leaf down in Mom's diary. Then she went back to her room. Mom didn't think much about the leaf, to be honest. There was no ZAP...

No OMG ...

Despite the doubt, Mom couldn't help but smile to herself as she thought of the heart-shaped leaf. That lil leaf was so broken - yet, it stood for something special to your sister.

Your mother continued with her reading. 

About half an hour later, she was distracted by a bright yellow butterfly that fluttered in through the window. It perched itself on the carpet. It was so bright in color that Mom found herself yelling for Justine to come out quick to take a look.

Justine hurried out.

Mom pointed, "Look Jus. A butterfly."

Jus asked, "Is it orange?"

Your mother said no, but it's a vibrant yellow.

Justine took the camera and snapped some photos at close range. It was a good butterfly. It cooperated by staying still in one position as Justine went down on her knees and elbows with the camera. 

While your sister was focusing on it ...

the top left of the wing is torn ...

she said, "Hey, the wing is broken on one side, 

like the leaf..."


Jus repeated, "Eh, the leaf is torn on one side and this butterfly's wing is also ripped on one side..."

W-what??? Mom bent down to look at the butterfly. You must have whispered to the butterfly to stay still and to open its wings. It stayed motionless, with its wings spread out, for quite a while.

Oh yeah ...

Oh my ...

How strange ...

What a coinciDANS ... :D

Zzzzaa -- pppp!!!

You must have sent that yellow butterfly for your mother's benefit... to clear her doubts. Somehow, after seeing the broken wing after the broken leaf, it was easier to see... 

... a coinciDANS ... :D

Does that make sense to You? :D

Anyway, after Jus took the photos, Mom asked her to download them on the computer. The next minute, when we turned to look at the butterfly, it was gone. Oh my ... how dramatic. It just came in long enough for us to take some photos and to notice that its wing was torn, and then it flew away.

Don't You think that was strange? 

Of all days, Justine had to pick up the torn leaf today. It had been in her room for the past 10 days, and she was not bothered by it, but today - today, she picked it up to show Mom? It was just a crumpled dried leaf, yet she held it in her palm like it was something precious. Then, a few moments later, a butterfly that was unusual enough to catch attention, made its entrance to show us its torn wing?

You must have whispered to your sister, "Jus, here's a heart-shaped leaf for You..." :D and then, sent the butterfly to ZAP your mother. :D Or maybe, your message to her was, 

"Jus, I'm right here in your heart..." <3

Whatever it was, we felt your presence very much, Daniel. :D

Anyway ...

Aunty Diana came over shortly and Chris came over in a bit to chill at our place. After a while of idle chat, your mother decided to tell Chris about the red backpack inciDAN, how she thinks You had whispered to Chris to help Mom pick up a present for Mom's cousin's newborn baby.

See Call 110 : Red Backpack.

Chris listened thoughtfully ...

Mom mentioned that the name "Christopher" is a special name in our household. She explained that whenever we lose something, we would call out to Saint Christopher to help us find our misplaced stuffs - and he always does. Always - even though strictly speaking, he is not the saint of lost and found items.

Mom related an incident where You lost Dad's thumb-drive in the park, an area as big as two football fields. Mom remembers how You called out to the Saint in a sing-song manner, 

SaiNT CHRisToPHeR, HeLP Me FiND...

Your family was giggling as You started chanting. 

If You remember, we were following the jogging track when your mother, in the middle of it all, suddenly experienced a leg cramp / sprain. As a result of the discomfort, we couldn't go the full way as originally planned, and had to take a short cut. It was there, at the short cut that You stumbled upon the thumb drive. You were literally dancing when You found it! 

So yes, Saint Christopher has been a big help to us all.

Also, during the bleak days when You were not well, we would call Uncle Christoper to pray for You. He was at the hospital each time You were admitted, and was with You from the beginning of your journey with the naughty cell at 7 years old, right to the end. 

Right to the end, Daniel ...

Right - to - the - end.

So, yes, once again, the name Christopher has certainly carved a special place in our hearts.

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