Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hello Son,

Monday, February 21
Your 13th month with Jesus and Mama Mary

Dad and Mom were driving up to Penang this morning, and coming back the day after. Justine will be with Grandma and Aunt Carol. :D 

And Kish, of course. :D

Before leaving the house, Mom grabbed her note pad. The A4 size one. Monday 21st was your 13th month in heaven. Mom was pretty sure we'd be encountering some inciDANS. Yes, especially today. They would be awesome, being your 21st, your mother just had a feeling. :D

At the lobby of the condo, Mom hopped in the car. Dad was putting some stuffs into the boot. The time on dashboard showed 10:18am. The radio was on. Mom's station 105.7.

Zzzzaa -- ppp !!!

Awww ...

1. Glory Of Love was on ...

Theme song for Karate Kid (1984).

A favorite song and movie of your mother's whilst in college. The boy in the main role was called Daniel LaRusso (played by Ralph Macchio). Daniel-San, his master would call him. This name must have stuck in your mother's head as she named You 10 years later...

Daniel-Son ... :D

We were driving out of the condo. 

Mom said to Dad, "Enter car only got zapped dee..." :D

The next song that came on... Would You believe it?

2. Tears In Heaven. The time was 10:21am.

Beyond the door
There's peace I'm sure
And I know there'll be no more
Tears in heaven ...

By Eric Clapton.

You remember, don't You, that this song had come on twice during one of our trips up north (possibly 2 months ago with Aunt Hayley)... It had come on at the start of our journey when left KL and it came on again a second time at the end, when we arrived back in KL. 

Yes, You do remember ... :D

Dad remembers too ...

3. The first traffic lights that we stopped at, still in Taman Desa, opposite the Hospital, there was a vehicle in front of us with the number plate: 

7 4 4 5

Mom said, "There's three 4s on the plate..."

Dad said, "There's two, you mean ..."

Mom gave a lil snigger, "You see carefully, there's actually three."

Dad gave a major blur-look. :S

Mom explained, "Carol taught me. The mind shouldn't be too rigid. Be flexible a bit. Add the 7 and 5 and You get 14. So the secret code behind that number is actually 1444."

1 4 4 4

Hehehehehe ...

Dad laughed.

"Wah, You all ah ..." he said.

Grinning, Mom said, "Yeah, we have progressed. We are at PhD level now..." :D 

At the start of the journey, You gave us 2 songs, and then the angel signs. Probably your way of telling your parents, 

"Hi Dad, Morning Mom, I'm gonna be with you guys..." <3

4. We would be stopping by Ipoh for lunch. 

Throughout the journey, Mom found herself gazing at the sky and the wide horizon before us, studying the clouds like she were writing a thesis about them. :D Soon, the radio reception became scratchy. She turned it off. Checking the glove compartment, she found a CD, which coinciDANtally, has the song GLORY OF LOVE

Happily, she put it on, sang her lungs out, and at the same time, wishing she had a mike in her hands. With all the racket she was making, Dad shouldn't feel sleepy at the wheel. 

Chuckle. :D

We arrived in Ipoh just before 1pm. Dad drove to town. Before long, we arrived at that famous hor fun (rice noodles) coffee shop. Yeah, the one that has mirrors all along the wall. It was lunch hour. Yet, we were so not surprised at all by an empty parking space just right by the side of the coffee shop. We have been pampered, as You can see. :D

Thanks Son. :D 

Anyway ...

Drama Minggu Ini is about to begin ...

Mom got out of the car, and walked to the coffee shop. It was barely what - 10 steps away. She was on the five-foot way when she suddenly ...

Zzzzaa -- ppp!!!




What's that on the ground? 

Why, it was a tiny white feather! 

Mom stopped abruptly in her tracks. The feather was beside her left foot. She wasn't sure if she should pick it up. There were pedestrians walking to and fro. On top of that, there were 3 side stalls around her, two in front and one behind her. Somebody's bound to see her picking up the feather.

That would be weird ...

Should she? 

Or should she not? 

Should she?

Oh, forget it ... 

She can't be behaving like a lunatic each time she sees a feather.

She took two steps forward ... reluctantly, and then ...

Heck, she made an abrupt turn, retraced her steps quickly, bent down, picked up the feather, turned around, walked straight into the coffee shop, sat herself down at the nearest available table (in the middle of the eatery) and hoped that nobody saw her. O.O

Dad came to the table after ordering two bowls of noodle soup. Opening her handbag, Mom showed Dad the tiny white feather. You must have seen the joy and delight that radiated from your mother's face as she did so. 

The feather was pure white. No, no dirty stains on it. You would have thought that at least one person among the many people who were walking to and fro the five-foot way would have stepped on it... but no, this one was pure white. Completely free of foot-marks.

It was similar in size to the white feather that zapped your mother before midnight on your First Anniversary last month (January 21st).

See Call 128 : White Feather

Mom said, "Today is his 21st. See what I found? It was right in my tracks..." :D

It could have been anywhere ... but it had to be at a spot that was obvious to your mother. Right beside her foot. Dad raised his eye-brows. Either he couldn't believe what he saw, or he couldn't believe that Mom picked up a feather from the ground, in public.

Mom knows what Dad's thinking. We were in a chicken noodle shop. There's bound to be feathers here.

So, Mom scanned her eyes slowly around the eatery. As far as her eyes could see, there were no feathers in sight. Mom said to Dad, "Look around the shop and see if You can find any feathers on the floor..."

Dad looked around ...

First on one side, then on the other side ...

No, no feathers ...

Ahah! This feather-inciDAN was meant to be ... :D

After lunch, we were walking out of the coffee shop. Mom turned to look around the five-foot pathway, just to see if there were any other feathers on the ground.

There were none. She smiled to herself. Smugly, she asked Dad to take a quick look around.

Dad did, and immediately said, "There's one there." 


He pointed to the step at the edge of the coffee shop. 

It was a(nother) white feather...


Darn ... That wasn't supposed to happen. 

She shouldn't have asked Dad to look.

Two feathers??? 

(continue on Call 165)