Sunday, February 27, 2011

Call 168 : SAY NOTHING

Hello Son,                                 (continue from Call 167)

Tuesday, February 22
Journey from Ipoh to KL. The day after your 21st.

Mom was scribbling on her note pad, when little drops of water began to drippety-drop on the windscreen. 

The time was 4:23 pm. 

Mom pointed that out to Dad, 

"See? He knows we sang The Rain Song for him 

for his 21st..." 

She began to sing :

How gentle is the rain ... 

That falls softly on the meadow ...

Birds high up in the trees ...

Serenade the clouds with their melodies ...

The rain stopped... at 4:25 pm. Yeah, completely.

Or perhaps, we were driving in an area that was not raining. Either way, there was no more rain at 4:25 pm. The showers were brief - they lasted only two minutes!

Mom said to Dad, "Wow, Dans is referring us to The Rain Song. That wasn't a storm, or pouring cats and dogs. It was gentle rain falling softly... He's definitely referring to that song... He really knows what's going on..." :D

Your mother stopped talking at the music - introduction to the next song.

It was 4:26 pm. Mom jotted the time down.

Dad heard it too. We shot each other a knowing look.

Zzzzaaa -- pppp!!!

The lyrics came on... Mom was almost hugging herself!

It's amazing how You can speak right to my heart

Without saying a word, You can light up the dark

Try as I may I could never explain

What I hear when You don't say a thing

Oh My Goodness ... 

You - don't - say ...

By Ronan Keating.

This is the song that Justine was supposed to sing for you at your garden on Saturday 19th, 3 days ago. You know right, that Mom wanted her to sing this Say Nothing song because the first 4 lines are just so amazingly true. 

Talk about a coinciDANS! 

The song aptly describes our current connection, don't You think? :D 

Anyway... would You believe it, but when the song came to an end, 





Mom scribbled the time down. It was 4:30 pm. Something was happening - she could feel it. <3 It's a mother and son thing... it's hard to explain...

Mom was mesmerized by the soft, gentle raindrops from heaven ... <3

Just so it would be all OMG - weird, the rain stopped again completely at 4:31pm. Mom pointed out to Dad that the gentle showers of blessings lasted for about one minute. <3

Oh, that's enough, yes enough, to make a statement.

Pause ...

That was unbelievable! 

The timing was so PRECISE! First, the gentle rain... then, it stopped after two mins... song came on... song ended... soft rain again... and the rain stopped after one minute.

Oh Boy ...

That was incredible!!! Did You see that??? Right before and right after the Say Nothing song, there were gentle, pitter-patter of lil rain drops? How awesome is that??? You must have whispered to your mother to jot down the details because Dad saw Mom scribbling down every lil observation like she was writing an evaluation on a science experiment. :D

After our pulse calmed down, and all the OMGs were over, there was a wonderful, peaceful silence in the car. Dad continued driving, munching on some cashew nuts. Mom found herself deep in her own thoughts... Dad and Mom both had a big, silly grin on our faces, did You see? :D 

Well, can You blame them? C'mon on... That moment was unbelievable!!! Did You notice? There was a beginning, an ending and a message in the middle. :D

Like a good story...

As Mom is writing your entry (Feb 26), 

she recalls a time when she was explaining to You how to write a good composition. You were in Primary 6 then and Karangan was one of the examination papers.

Write one or two lines for the opening and closing paragraphs will do, Mom had said... Don't waste too much time on that, she had reminded... Spend time on your isi (contents) instead, was her firm advice... the middle part is the most important... You will score marks for your substance...

Later that year, You surprised yourself and your family by scoring an A for your Karangan paper. :D

Interestingly, on hindsight ... looking at your mother's scribbles in her notebook now, she can't help but notice the following crucial information that points to one glaring conclusion:

Opening rain lasted 2 minutes. 

Closing rain lasted 1 minute. 

The Say Nothing song seems to be the "isi" that is packed with substance.

Oh Wow!

You must have seen your mother's EUREKA smile all the way from up there. :D

That was an A+, Son ... :D 

A brilliant masterpiece! :D 

God is good. God is faithful. :D

Anyway, Dad drove on ...

and on and on and on ...

until the next inciDAN ...

21 Guns came on at 5:12 pm. 

This is Aunty Diana's favourite song and is still her mobile's ring tone. We first heard this song on her ring tone at the hospital, about 10 days before You left us. Remember? 

Listening to the song and recalling the events that happened in the hospital, Mom could not believe her eyes when it started to rain again. Picking up her notebook from the floorboard, she mouthed the words:

"OMG, what - is - going - on???" to Dad.

The time was 5:14 pm. 

Your mother turned to Dad, expressing her utmost disbelief. The rain stopped after a while. Mom noted the time. It was 5:17 pm. Short, brief showers. The same sign. From her son in heaven.

One, 21 guns ...

Lay down your arms, give up the fight ...

By Green Day.

CoinciDANtally ... 

You breathed your last breath at 5:14 pm on January 21, 2010, according to the digital clock that was by your bedside. 

Your mother remembers that moment like it happened this evening. She had written your time of departure as 5:15 pm on the formal documents because at the time, the number 4 was not exactly her favorite number in the world. 

It is so now ...

The same reason why she described your birth date on your headstone as "Christmas Eve, 1994."

It's strange that Aunty Carol should enlighten her about the PhD manner in de-coding numbers, only recently. Yeah, Mom is owing You that entry. 

So, Your birthdate : Christmas Eve, 1994 would read:

24  12  1994

44 8 8 4

Your date of birth : 44 44 44 4

Your time of birth : 4:41 pm

Your weight at birth : 6.14 lbs

Your time of departure : 5:14 pm  (44)

Mom would lose her child at the age of 44.

How overwhelming to see all the angel-signs, 


Number 4 s.

See Call 43 : Angel Signs

We were approaching KL ... 

Dad had changed the station back to 105.7. Mom's station. At one point, Mom heard an unfamiliar song that was on, which lyrics caught her attention. She quickly jotted whatever she could gather from the song onto her notepad, enough info to check on youtube later.

When you're in doubt

Or when you're in danger

Take a look around

I'll be there

Mom said, "Heard that? After all the inciDANS and coinciDANS that happened during the trip yesterday and today, at the end of the journey, he says, when you're in doubt, take a look around, and he'll be there..." :D

Dad listened and nodded ...

Then, to prove a point ...

We were around Midvalley / Gardens Mall area, and there was a traffic jam. Cars were inching away slowly. 

Mom pointed to the car in front of us and exclaimed, 

"See? He says, take a look around and he'll be there. Look at the car number - 2114. That's 44 for us..." 

Our angel sign ... :D How heartwarming to see that.

Thanks Son ... <3 for always being there ... :D

Everywhere we are, there You'll always be ... <3