Friday, April 29, 2011

Call 204 : SONNY SONG

Hello Son,

The Royal Wedding is on telly right now. 

1:30:21 seconds to go before the wedding begin ... :D

While waiting for Kate to arrive, let Mom tell You about the inciDANS that happened on Thursday, the day before ... as well as what happened this morning for Dad. :D

Thursday, April 28

1. Cookie Jar          By Gym Class Heroes @ 92.9

Justine was driving out of the condo. 

Mom was by her side, as usual.  

Cookie Jar came on the radio. Mom heard. 

Jus said, "Cookie Jar ..."

Yes, Cookie Jar ... 

Mom glanced immediately at the dashboard. Excitedly, she pointed to Jus.

The time was 7:33 am.

Decode : 4    

Call 43 : Angel Sign

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!

First thing in the morning, You made your presence felt. :D How wonderful. You must have seen a big smile appear instantly on our faces. 

We felt You with us. 

We just knew You were near. :D

Your mother had a smile as she remembers how you would bounce bounce bounce your body in rhythm and do the hand action at the line :

Can't keep my hands, my hands, my hands, 

out the cookie jar ... 

Justine said that one of the boys from church, your friend N, said that You came up with that hand move.

Aww ... Did You really? :D Were You bouncing then with your angel friends when the song came on? :D What did God say? :D

2. Sunny         By Boney M @ 105.7

Whilst Mom was driving back from the college, she switched to her station. A song was coming to an end. The next song came on shortly and slowly filled the car. Mom found herself listening to the lyrics intently after she heard the very first word :  

Son - ny  ...

...  yesterday my life was filled with rain

Sonny, you smiled at me and really eased the pain

The dark days are gone, and the bright days are here

W - wait a minute!

Stop --- right --- there ...
What was that again?


Then ...

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

OMG ... Did - You - hear - that???

The dark days are gone, and the bright days are here???

Oh My Gosh ...

Are You serious???

The dark days and the bright days???

Aren't You referring to the blackout at the condo last night? 

You are, aren't You? 

The dark days - the blackout ... 

The bright days - the lights came back on ... 

Call 203 : Condo Blackout

OMG - How awesome! Last night, we had a blackout at the condo, and this morning, Mom hears a song about the dark days and the bright days?

What a coinciDANS ... :D

Sonny, thank you for the sunshine bouquet

Sonny, thank you for the love you brought my way

3. Headache

Mom was overwhelmed, as You would have seen. It was incredible. Anyway, after the song, the next thing that came on was some kind of an interview. A caller called in to talk about his headache symptoms. Then, a doctor gave his opinion and some medical facts about migraines and headaches, and like when You should take the symptoms seriously etc. 

Mom was not paying much attention ... not at first, no ... she was still very much blown away by the Sonny Song. However, after hearing the word headache mentioned on the radio more than 10 times (or maybe even 15 - 20 times), Mom suddenly found herself zapped once again.

Oh My Lord ...


Right after Sonny???

You really do know how to make your presence felt, Daniel ... 

You first said this word, hee - dake, when you were two years old.

Dot 1 : Hee - Dake

Honestly, what are the chances of hearing an interview about headaches right after a Sonny Song

No chance.

Angel chance ...

4. Chapel

Around noon time, Dad and Mom went to church. We wanted to spend some quiet time in the Chapel today. A relative would soon be facing a possible challenge the next day (Friday) and we wanted to pray for God to give the family strength, wisdom and faith to carry on, make the right decisions etc. Needless to add, Mom also wanted You to "do something."

Later, Dad suggested we walk over to the shops nearby for a quick lunch. It was about 100m walk. 

Good good ... It gave Mom plenty of time to tell Dad about the dark days and the bright days ... Don't forget, at the same time we experienced the blackout the day before on Wednesday, Mom was preparing an entry about Easter on her Silent Thots Blog.

Call 203 : Condo Blackout

"That blackout was our reminder about Easter," Mom had said to Dad ... "It reflected the darkness that fell when Jesus was on the cross, when He died, when He was laid in the tomb ... then when the lights came on, it's like Easter Sunday, Jesus has risen ... weren't we all happy when the lights came on? We were happy, right?" Mom repeated to make a point.  

An important point.

Indeed, we had rejoiced somewhat like the celebration of Jesus' resurrection. 

"Not only that," your mother was mindful to add, 

"the blackout lasted almost 3 hours ... THREE ... Jesus died at 3 pm ... Can you believe it? Son definitely knew I was writing about Easter ... he knew ... he knew ... I know he knew..."

5. Mamak

We arrived at the Mamak shop. It was lunch time. The restaurant was quite packed. We walked to a table, which patrons had just left. A waiter came to clean up the table. Mom ordered a roti canai and Dad called a tosay.

The waiter came back later with a small handwriting note of our orders. Mom glanced at the piece of paper, and pointed to Dad in disbelief, one hand over her mouth,

"Look at the table number ... OMG ..."

Dad looked ... and smiled.

How incredible! We had been talking about You and your inciDANS, and now we see our angel number. :D

"I think he likes my interpretation of the blackout," Mom grinned.

Yes, You must have seen that grin throughout her roti canai. You were so with us at that moment, Son ... :D 

It was totally amazing ...

After our lunch, 

Dad walked to the front of the shop and stopped by the cashier. 

6. Ice-Cream

Mom waited outside the shop. She was by the ice-cream fridge (?). For some reason, she found herself sliding the fridge door open, picked up a Kit-Kat drumstick cone, and waved it at Dad. 

Dad said to the man behind the counter, "Ice-cream..." and pointed to Mom. 

The man looked over at your mother's Kit-Kat cone and said, 

"Three Ringgit."

Mom heard that, from where she was standing.



Dad came out. 

Mom prompted eagerly, "You heard that?"

"Yeah, three ..." Dad nodded. :D

A perfect coinciDANS. :D

7. Do Something

Back at home ...

It was about 5:30 pm when Mom received a phone call from the relative. The one that your mother had asked You to "do something" for. Without revealing too much, suffice to say that Mom was surprised to learn that something had come up, and could turn the situation around for the relative.

Oh Wow ...

You really did do something, didn't You?

Thank You Son ... You're a good boy ...

Tell Jesus, Thank You for answering our prayers, will You please? ... <3 

8. American Idol

That evening, American Idol was on. Your mother was doing her work while waiting for James to come on. Yeah, she's found her favorite in James. He reminds her of Adam (Season 8) and our time watching that season together.

Anyway, James came on ... and OMG ...

Would You believe it but he sang ...

By James Durbin.

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

OMG ...

Mom couldn't believe it ...

She instantly recalled the text message You wrote to your Aunty Diana the day before your very first surgery. 

You said in your text, "They are going to shave me. Will u still love me when I am botak?"

Mom had searched for the song Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow and had uploaded it in that Dot 26 entry.

Dot 26 : Botak

8. Orange Moth

Later that night, Mom saw a moth that flew in through the window. 

Justine said, "Hey, it's the orange moth." There was a moth of the same species that visited some months back. Yup, the exact same species.

Call 60 : Orange Moth

We watched it perched on the mirror for a few seconds, then it flew to the chair, then on the floor, and then ...

It finally flew to your parents' wedding photo frame and rested on the edge for quite a while, long enough for Dad to snap a few shots. :D

Mom wanted the moth to open its wings so we could snap a picture of its orange body. 

The moth refused to spread its wings ...

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