Monday, April 11, 2011

Call 187 : THUMB UP

Hello Son,

Friday, April 8

Justine and Mom were in the car in the morning. Jus was driving to college. 

Mom was recalling the inciDANS that happened the day before (Thursday) and commented, still in disbelief ... 

"Can You imagine, that a Jason and a Daniel called me yesterday, and both times I was with Aunty Jessie?"

See Call 186 : Meow Meow

There are a million names out there ...  

What are the chances of getting a call from a Jason and a Daniel, both your names, on the same day, and both times when Mom was communicating with Aunty Jessie? 

How incredible is that???

Your aunt has been asking You to give her a sign as to what she should do to and which option she should take. Mom thinks the phone calls from Jason and Daniel was your way of reminding us that You are near and You know what's going on ... and perhaps, also an assurance that -  

You hear her ...

I hear You, Aunty Jessie ... When the right time comes, I'm gonna give You a big sign and tell You what to do ... :D God and I ... We've err, had a discussion about this ... :D I saw the Master Plan ... It's all good, Aunty Jessie ... All good ... :D

At noon time, Dad and Mom went to college to pick Justine up. Justine wanted to drive, so Dad went to the back seat. Dad was meeting a friend in PJ, so we decided to have lunch there. 

On the way, 21 GUNS came on the radio.

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

See Call 168 : Say Nothing

Mom pointed to the time on the dashboard. 

It showed 12:27 pm. (Decode : 444)

Station 95.8. (Decode : 1444)

Her angel signs ... telling her that her son is so very near. You must have seen your mother smiled ... a secret smile.

See Call 43 : Angel Sign

It was past 3 pm when Dad finished his meeting.

On the way home, we stopped by the bank for Dad. Justine and Mom waited in the car by the road side. Mom was about to ask Jus to turn off the engine when she heard the song FIREWORK coming on the radio. It was 3:35 pm.

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

See Call 151 : Major Fireworks

Listening to Katy Perry, Mom found herself silently agreeing to the lyrics ...

Yeah ... she sometimes feel like a plastic bag ...

Drifting through the wind, wanting to start again ...

And yeah ... she does sometimes feel, so paper thin ...

Like a house of cards ... one blow from caving in ...

That evening ...

Dad and Mom were in the car. We were heading to church to attend the Stations of the Cross and Mass. After the reminder from You, she wouldn't miss it.

See Call 184 : King's Cross

There was a massive traffic jam on the Federal Highway. Vehicles were literally crawling from bumper to bumper. Everything was just in slow motion. Yawnnn ...

Then, it started to drizzle.  

A song had come on that caught your mother's attention. It wasn't one of your songs ... but a line had zapped her :

"Don't You forget about me ..."

(At this point, IF I DIE YOUNG is playing on Justine's cell phone ... )

Mom listened quietly, trying to hear the rest of the lyrics but she couldn't quite get the lines until she heard :  

"Rain keep falling, rain keep falling ...

Down down down ... "

At that moment, she pounced on Dad. 

"OMG ... You gotta be kidding me ... Did You hear that??? Look! It's raining ... and the song just went, rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling, down down down ... OMG!"

Get the attention, give the message ... that's your style. You've got her attention, now what's the message???

"He's saying, don't you forget me ..." 

Mom said, singing the last 4 words.  :D

Believe it or not but right after she said the sentence, a motor-cyclist appeared from the right side of our car, cut across in front of our car to the left ... remember our car was almost stationary due to the traffic ... 

Dad and Mom were both looking at the rider and his pillion. In front of us, the pillion raised his left arm and gave us a thumb-up! It was only after the rider rode to the left side of the lane, meant for motor-cyclists, that the pillion dropped his hand. 

"OMG ... that's Daniel ... he's always giving that sign. Did you notice - after I said, don't forget about him, the pillion showed the thumb-up ... OMG ..."

What a coinciDANS ... :D

Super - awesome ...

Right on ...

Check out the timing ...

Instinctively, Mom glanced at the number plate (6865) in front of her and found herself mentally decoding the numbers. We had been driving behind that car for quite a while then, but your mother had not reason to decode before that thumb-up sign just now. 

Deep deep down, she knew it would show her angel numbers. 

She just knew. A mother's instincts.





She was right!

OMG ...

And who is Number Four??? 

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

The Bond. 

The Zap.

The Fireworks. :D

You're always on our minds, Son ... There is not a moment when we are not thinking about You ...

Don't You forget about me ... <3

How cute is that ... :D

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